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This is my first attempt at writing so you must bear with me a
little. My name is Jenna and my husband is a crossdresser. Most women
would leave a man if the caught him crossdressing but I knew about my
husbands little secret when I married him. I thought about it
quite awhile before saying " yes" to his proposal but after hearing his
convincing story that he wasn't gay or BI I agreed and we had a good
little conservative wedding with just a few friends and family. We went
for four days to a little resort in Pennsylvania to spend our honeymoon.
We didn't take a lot of luggage but he had one pretty good sized
suitcase of his own. I asked him why he brought the xtra case and he
opened it to show me some of his feminine clothes. I was supprised at
how nice his stuff was. I had gotten used to his always wearing panties
when we made love but he had some really nice lingerie such as waist
cinchers and garterbelts. His bras were quality and I knew he had paid
quite a bit for them. There were several sexy, expensive nighties from
a leading lingerie company . Most of his clothes were nicer than mine
and I was a little jealous. But I had one thing he didn't and I thought
that as long as I had that little opening nestled between my thighs he
would behave himself. He loved sex and we did it often. I was a little
nieve when we met but in the six months we had been together he had
slowly and patiently taught me about sex. I had only been with one other
man when we met and that had been a one- time episode on the back seat of
his car. He was only interested in sex and he penetrated me quickly and
painfully and pulled out before I even had time to climax. My new
husband had taken his time and made love to me slowly and passionately.
He is very large and penetration was a little painful the first time,
but he finally managed to go deeply inside me and after about four times
I really started to enjoy it. Over the next few weeks he began to
experiment with new things. I never thought I would see the day when I
would take a penis in my mouth much less let a man ejaculate there but
after two months I was down there doing just that and enjoying it. I
had a little problem swallowing his sperm for the first couple of times
but he taught me to leave just the tip of his penis in my mouth as he
spurted and that made it a lot easier. I had expected a foul taste from
his fluid but it was almost sweet and I didn't object to the taste at
all. The first time he asked me to let him take me annally I flatly
rejected the idea as my butt was a very private place and I had heard
from one of my girlfriends just how panful it had been for her when her
boyfriend had done her. He had gotten her drunk and practically raped
her and she had to take a week off from work to recoup. But my husband
is a very persistant man and he finally wore me down as one night he
lubed me up good and started to insert his finger into me. It felt very
foreign and I felt pain as he slipped it up to the knuckle time and time
again. He patiently worked at it several nights and soon he had four of
his fingers inside me and I was relaxing more and more and even
beginning to enjoy it a little as he seemed to enjoy it so much. While I
was performing oral sex on him he would use his fingers on me.
Finally one night before bed he asked me to take a good enema.He told me
it would make it a lot easier as he was going to penetrate my butt that
night. At first I resisted but as usual he persuaded me to go along.
I was very apprehensive as he slowly forced the cold lube into my little
tiny opening. I knew down deep that my little hole had not been made for
penetration but I decided to try it as long as the pain was not too
great. I really love this guy and I guess at that time I would have done
just about anything he asked. He stood on the floor next to the bed as I
doubled up in the "doggie" position just at the edge. He told me to let
him know if he hurt me too much and he would slow down. I felt the tip
of his penis at my little opening and I tensed a little. He insisted I
relax and pushed slowly but firmly as the large bulb went inside. I felt
a sharp little pain as my little ring resisted for a moment but he had
stretched it pretty good with his fingers and I was supprised at how
easily it went inside after that. He slowly and methodically worked in
and out and believe it or not I was getting turned on too and I felt
very sexy and wicked as he violated my most private place. I felt used
but I enjoyed that feeling and soon I was moaning and pushing back a
little each time he went into me. He was delighted at my response and
soon the action heated up and we were going at it hot and heavy. I felt
him start to climax and he filled the condom full as I pushed hard
against him. I heard the little sound as he removed his penis from my
opening. I couldn't believe how aroused I was and he knew it as he
quickly flipped me on my back and performed oral sex on me. My climax
was intense and glorious as I writhed in heat on the bed. It was the
best I had ever had and I knew I had started something that would be a
regular part of our sex life now.
I soon found out that I had created a monster as he got to the point
that anal sex or oral sex was all he wanted; especially anal sex and I
ended up getting mostly oral sex after he he took my butt. Don't get me
wrong, my climax was always intense as a result of his expert tongue but
I wanted it the straight way too. It got to the place where I was taking
an enema nearly everyday as he wanted anal sex almost everyday. I could
feel my litte opening stretch more and more as he was so thick and my
gynecologist even remarked on day at one of my visits that I had better
use plenty of lube to prevent pollups from forming. I was a little
embarrassed but she assured me I was just one of many of her patients
that indulged in anal sex.
I went home determined to slow down a little as I didn't like the
thought of pollups in my butt. At first my husband objected but he
finally eased up a little and things returned to normal. We were soon
discussing marriage and made our plans to be wed.
As we unpacked our stuff I was really looking forward to spending a
weekend from work and without anything specific to do. We swam in the
pool and ate good food, going into the quaint little Amish town later
that evening. The first night we were both very tired so my husband
settled for peforming oral sex on each other and afterwards I brushed my
teeth and fell asleep. The next night was one that I will never forget
as long as I live. My husband had insisted on dressing in full lingerie
and he even put on his high heels. I had only seen him in panties and
occasionally a gown and I was really a little curious so I agreed and he
went into the bath to change. He was gone about twenty minutes and when
he came back I gasped a little at what I saw. Then I realized how much
he was into dressing. He looked just like a woman!!! He had all the
makeup and a red wig on. His normally slim body even looked slimmer in
the waist cinching corset. He walked perfectly in his shoes and I knew
he must have been wearing them a long time. He had put silicone breast
enhancers in his lacy bra and they looked very convincing. He had on a
pale pink diaphamous nighty over his lingerie. He stood smiling as he
asked me how I like it. I was speechless for a moment before I finally
mumbled , "You look great." I really meant it as he had done a great
job with his lipstick and his mouth looked very full. I raised up and
sat on the edge of the bed as he pranced around like a sexy woman,
swishing his hips and smiling. Then he sat down next to me and kissed
me. It felt so strange to be kissing another woman but I didn't object
as I knew he was my husband underneath all that female stuff. He then
pulled away a little and said. "I am going to ask you to do something
that will make me very happy!" "Will you do it?" I looked puzzeled I
guess as he looked very nervous. "You have always been good to me so I
guess I can go along with anything reasonable, what is it you want me to
do, I asked? He got up and went to his suitcase in the corner and
opened the flap inside. When he returned I couldn't believe what he had
in his hand!! It was a large dildo about nine inches long and very
realistic looking. It had a harness to enable me to strap it on. He
looked very sheepish and embarrassed as he lay it on the bed beside me.
"I want you to use this on me!" "I was honest with you when I told you
I'm not gay but I do like to be penetated." I have used it many times
on myself before I met you so I am accustomed to it." "I want you to
take me just like a female!"
I sat in silence for a moment as I contemplated what he was asking me to
do. I picked up the large, heavy shaft and held it in my hand. looking
at how realstic it looked. It seemed along time before he said, "How
about it sweetheart, would you do this for me?' He put his arms around
me and my resistance melted as usual . He knew how to work my emotions
and soon I had the harness on and the big rubber phallus stuck straight
out like a hose in front of me. Now I knew how men felt as the prepared
for sex. The big instrumet gave me a feeling of power and as I looked at
my husband laying there waiting to be taken I started to like the
feeling a little. I think every woman enjoys being the boss once in
awhile. He had removed his
panties but still had everything else on, even his high heeled shoes. I
climbed into the bed and positioned myself over his body. He rolled
himself up with his knees on his chest just like a girl. I looked at the
little opening that I was about to breech and I could see the grease
shinning around it. He had taken it fr granted that I would do as he
asked and greased himself while dressing. He handed me the lube and I
rubbed it all over the fake penis. I took him by the ankles and lined
the invader up with it's target. My husband is a small man and I guess
that's why he looks so convincing in his female clothes. I am almost as
large as he is so I had no trouble forcing his legs onto his chest. I
put the large tip against his hole and pushed hard, expecting
resistance. I was supprised as the shaft sunk easily to the hilt insde
him. He moaned and whinned like a little girl as I started to pump in
and out of him As I shoved the big dildo in and out I began to feel a
strange feeling. The combined feeling of power along with the pressure
of the dildo against my vagina was turning me on too!! I climax easily
and often during sex and I was enjoying this feelng that was taking
control of me I leaned over him and asked. "Do you like that baby, as
I made a long thrust deep into his stretched opening?" He maoned " yes"
and begged me to "fuck him" We had never used dirty language in our sex
life but when he said those words it sent a thrill though my body and I
started to really "fuck him" as he called it.. I lost all control now
as I tried my best to "rape" him. I moved the dildo from side to side as
I reamed him in and out . I heard my own self let out a little scream as
my climax rolled from deep within my body. I jerked uncontrolably as it
engulfed me. Each time I would jerk it would send the stiff rubber penis
deep into my husband and he would moan and roll his feminine looking ass
around. I was amazed when he his penis, which was a hard as cement, shot
his sperm almost to his chin and soaked his bra with sticky fluid. I
shoved into him one last time all the way to the bottom and then pulled
out flopping back on the bed as my own sex just throbbed and twitched in
pleasure. We entered a new plateau that weekend and I found that
"Fucking" him was really arousing and I came each time I worked him over
I also fund that I like it when we talked " dirty" and I started to call
him the dirty names he liked. "Bitch" became my pet name for him.
Once we returned home I started to like helping him dress en fem and I
made suggestions about his appearance. My greatest triumph came one day
as we walked through the mall together with him dressed completely as a
female. No-one batted an eye as we strolled together. His short skirt
did cause a few guys to look our way as they afdmired his shapely legs.
As we sat later outside a store on a bench I noticed a young boy across
from us trying to look up my husband's skirt. I quietly told him about
it and he non- challantly pulled his skirt up a little and open his legs,
allowing an unrestricted view of his panties and stocking tops. The kid
was almost sweating as he tried to be cool as he peeked up my husbands
skirt. We laughed about it all he way home and I decided that next time
I would wear a skirt too!!!

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