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I am now an adult but love to reflect back on my wonderful teenage years
during the time I enjoyed my brother's cock. . . .  

Pat's brother Rich is only 11 months older and all of their life they have had to
sleep in the same bed. At times, some people even thought they were twins.
All through the years of growing up they were able to see each other naked
many times and had even taken baths together. Around the age of 11, Pat
discovered the joy of playing with his boy cock from a neighbour boy, Jim. He
loved to experiment with what he had learned from Jim on his older brother's
cock. Rich never really initiated any sex sessions, it was always Pat that was
the horny boy and wanted Rich's cock to play with every day. Hardly a day
went by that Pat did not jack both himself and Rich off. Some nights, when
they slept naked, Pat kept Rich's cock in his hand all night long, enjoying it's
hot silky smoothness.  

Neither Pat nor Rich are cut and Pat loved to slowly ease Rich's foreskin back
then bring their cocks together, piss hole to piss hole. Both boys shivered
with anticipation at the intimate contact. Pat would slide his long moist
foreskin forward to cover Rich's purple cock head. Taking a firm grip of both
cocks, Pat would wank the two cocks slowly, until they both were able to
shoot their cum inside Pat's foreskin. Jet after jet of hot boy spunk would fill
the skin as the boy's moaned and rubbed their glans, one against the other.
Eventually they would part and the thick white cum would drip from each boy's
softening dick.  

Three years had passed; the boys were now 14 years old. While cumming
with Rich was good it has also getting pretty boring to Pat so he decided that
it was time to try something new. One night the two boys were alone at home
and Pat was extra horny as he thought about his plan. He wanted Rich's cock
again but this time he wanted to have more fun and try some thing different.  

Rich, even though he was the older brother, was more of a follower than
initiator and usually did what Pat asked him to do. On this warm summer
night Pat told Rich that he wanted to explore his cock, balls, and ass and
wanted to see everything he had in his boy crotch up close. Little did Rich
know that Pat had a secret plan to seduce his older brother and give him an
experience like he had never had before.  

Pat got in the 69 position with Rich under him and started to play with his
brother's cock and balls. Rich did not move and just lay there enjoying Pat's
soft hands stroking his rigid cock. Pat's cock was directly in front of Rich's
face, Pat had hoped that Rich would take the hint and stroke his cock but
nothing happened. Pat looked at Rich and told him not just to lie there but do
something. Pat went back to playing with Rich's crotch and to his pleasure
Rich started doing exactly the same movements to his crotch area.  

Pat was now excited with his new found game and his hands were busy
exploring every inch of his older brother's cock, balls and crotch. His
excitement grew as every move he was making on Rich was being mirrored
by Rich on his crotch.  

Pat gently pulled Rich's soft velvet foreskin all the way back to get a close up
look at the lollipop head of his teen cock. At the same time he could feel Rich
pulling his all the way back. This felt so wonder because whatever Pat
wanted his older brother to do all he had to do was do it to Rich first and then
the action would be returned to him. Pat decided that this was a wonderful
game that was making the brothers feel real good, per-cum dripped from the
rock hard teen cocks. Pat felt that since the game was going so well that it
was time to start his first cock sucking session with his older brother and was
excited to find out if his brother would follow his actions.  

First Pat licked the inside of Rich's thigh with his warm wet tongue and
immediately he felt his brother's tongue sliding up the inside of his smooth leg.
Pat went to work licking and washing the inside of his brother's legs working
his tongue up to his crotch and Rich was busy licking the same on Pat. Pat
lifted Rich's balls and started working his warm wet tongue all over the area
behind his balls and running the tip of his tongue closer and closer toward his
beautiful pink rosebud virgin asshole. At the same time Rich's warm wet
tongue was busy washing Pat's teen crotch. Pat was now poking Rich's
asshole with the tip of his tongue and licking at his tight pink hole like it was
an all day sucker. Rich immediately went to work licking on Pat's boy cunt

This was driving the two young brothers wild with the wonderful feeling of
sexual pleasure. Pat licked his way back to Rich's balls and then sucked first
the left ball inside his mouth and massaged the soft skinned ball sack well
with his warm wet mouth and tongue and then moved to the right ball and
sucked it inside his mouth and massaged it with his tongue. Rich was busy
sucking Pat's balls in the same fashion. Now Pat decided that he wanted a
mouth full and sucked both of Rich's balls inside his mouth and gave his small
boy balls a thorough work out with his mouth and tongue.  

Pat then let his brother's balls out of his mouth that was now dripping wet with
his spit. He moved his warm wet lips to the side of his older brother's rock
hard six inch teen cock and starts licking his way up the shaft to the top of his
mushroom cock head. Rich immediately takes Pat's seven and one half inch
cock in his hand and starts licking and sucking on the boy pole. Pat licks his
way to the top of Rich's cock and lowers his mouth around the soft velvet
foreskin, spending some time sucking and enjoying his foreskin, running his
tongue in and out of his foreskin tunnel.  

Rich is enjoying Pat's long cock sock in the same manner. Pat takes Rich's
cock in his hand and gently pulls his foreskin back so that he can suck his
brother's helmet. Pat can feel Rich pulling his pre-cum soaked hood back and
quickly feels Rich's warm wet mouth suck his mushroom glans inside. Both
brothers go to work enjoying for their very first time, enjoying the musky taste
of each other's cock.  

Both boys tremble with the new sensations that cause them to thrust their hips
towards the mouth that is giving them so much pleasure. Two horny boys,
unable to stop themselves face fucking with ever- faster strokes.  

Soon Pat felt that he was about to shoot his load; he could feel the hot jizz
boiling in his balls and up his shaft. Fleetingly he considered telling Rich to
get ready to take his load but he wanted to ensure that he got a full load of
fresh hot teen cum before he could raise any objections. With that thought
going through his mind Pat started pumping out creamy cum into Rich's

At first, Rich could not have realized what was going on because he was still
busy sucking on Pat's cock. Each wad of sperm shot directly down his throat
and it was only the rhythmic pumping of his brother's cock that indicated to
the older brother what was happening. Far from objecting he relaxed and
allowed the cum to flood into him; he was also distracted by the rapidly
increasing feeling that his cock was about to explode.  

As much as he was enjoying his orgasm, Pat wanted to taste Rich's teen boy
cream and renewed his cock sucking efforts, massaging Rich's cock head
with his tongue and spreading his piss hole lips apart to urge his hot creamy
boy juice to shoot out. After a few more licks Rich's cock swelled inside Pat's
mouth and with grunt and one final thrust, Rich shot a big spurt of cum deep
into Pat's throat. Pat eased back on his brother's cock pulling it out of his
throat and into his mouth. He continued to suck and lick on Rich's cock head;
he could tell this was driving Rich wild. Jet after jet of salty spunk filled Pat's
mouth and he swallowed, savouring each mouthful. Pat loved the taste of his
brother's cum; the aromatic, slightly bitter flavour was delicious as he
savoured it in his mouth before reluctantly letting it slide down his gullet. The
taste of teen boy cum lingered not only in his mouth but also in his mind.  

Finally, the two young teen lovers were satisfied. Each had licked away the
final drip of cum from his brother's piss slit, not wanting to waste any of the
precious nectar. They were exhausted and relaxed for a while just holding
each other, occasionally one of the brother's would stroke the smooth ass of
the other and lick his lips to renew the purely masculine taste that lingered

Locked in each others embrace Rich was happy to fall into a blissful sleep but
Pat had other ideas, his plan was not yet complete. After about an hour the
boys still had not fallen asleep and Pat was hard again, he need to cum again
and Rich was going to enjoy helping him. Pat reached behind him and started
to play with Rich's soft cock. Despite his efforts to thoroughly clean Rich's
cock the glans was still sticky with cum. He looked directly into Rich's deep
blue eyes that opened wide as his brother took a tight grip of his cum coated
fuck stick, and ordered him to fuck his asshole.  

At first, Rich appeared reluctant to fuck Pat's tight virgin boy pussy but Pat
kept jerking his brother's dick and soon he was rock hard and throbbing with
lust. Pat directed Rich's cock head to his eagerly waiting young asshole and
pushed his ass back toward Rich as his older brother was slowly entering
Pat's boy cunt. Pat was so desperate to be fucked that his hole relaxed and
opened to the probing glans. Rich was pumping out pre-cum providing ample
natural lubrication. Inch by inch, deeper and deeper, soon Rich had his entire
cock buried inside Pat's asshole. It felt so good, so hot so tight. Pat felt the
rigid organ open him wide and it felt good, no! it felt fucking wonderful!
"Rich! Fuck Me, Fuck Me".
That is all it took, Rich went in to overdrive fucking his younger brother's
asshole with everything he had. Reaching around, Rich's hand wrapped
around Pat's cock, hard and spitting out pre-cum, he wanked it in time to his
fuck stroke.  

At each thrust Rich's cock punches Pat's prostrate and his hand milks out
more dick honey. Pat is in heaven, his sex organs being stimulated inside
and out. His climax is near and he grips Rich's cock with his ass muscles.
Rich lets out a moan; his body tenses and Pat can feel his brother's cock
shooting its load of cum inside his bowels. At the same time Pat cries out as
spunk starts shooting over Rich's warm soft hand.  

The two young brotherly lovers were exhausted and fell asleep. Rich's soft
cock rested in Pat's ass cheeks as it had slipped from his well-fucked hole.
Pat's cum coated dick still held tenderly in his brother's hand.  

Their lovemaking continued throughout their teenage years until they
graduated from high school and went their separate ways.

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