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"Hey Dad, I think I have been bitten by something" I screamed as I was
coming in the door of his bedroom, still naked, straight from the dam.  

"What are you talking about Scotty" Dad said with a puzzled look on his
face, staring right at my exposed cock and balls.  

I was just 14 and I had an average size cock and balls but that was not
what was worrying me. I had been out in the bush behind our property with
my brother Shane and we were lying around in the field after we had been
swimming in our dam.  

We always swam in the nude cause it was our special place and not even Dad
came down near the dam. We could do anything...and I mean anything, no one
saw us.  

He let us enjoy our freedom to explore the bush and the land and each
other, but he didn't know about that. (Or maybe he did that's why he never
came down there)  

Growing up, Shane and I always swam together, rode our bikes together,
played together.  

We are close brothers as we had no Mum, she left six month's after Shane
was born. We are twelve month's apart in age.  

Dad was always working the farm or in town with his mates having a beer or
trying to chat someone up for a root.  

Anyway me and Shane had been lying in the grass sun baking after a swim and
I had been bitten on the balls by something.  

At first I thought it was just an ant, but then Shane said he reckons he
saw a small spider, so we better tell Dad just in case it was poisonous.  

"What were you bitten by Scotty, do you know, did you see what it was ? "  

He didn't even ask why I was naked, but was staring at my cock that I was
holding, and by this time I must admit was semi erect as running with your
hand wrapped around your cock at 14 was an easy way to get hard.  

"Give me a look " Dad said moving my hand from my swollen dick.  

It was Ok, Dad has seen my cock before and caught me and Shane rubbing
ourselves in bed of a morning, but he still hadn't actually seen me hard.  

He gently fondled my cock with inspection and had one hand around the shaft
and the other hand cupped under my balls for support.  

"Your growing up fast aren't you" smiled Dad  

"I haven't seen you semi hard before, you're hung like me." ...hehe he

"Nothing wrong with that, I think I have a pretty good size cock, so I have
been told" snickered Dad  

"Your alright, I think it was just a green ant or something, nothing to
worry about" said Dad still fondling my shaft....  

"You'll be able to jack off by tomorrow morning I'm sure" he gave me a
squeeze and dropped my balls  

"Thanks Dad, I though it might have been something worse, me and Shane were
having a swim down at the dam and I didn't really see what it was that bit
me " I said blushing as I was getting harder by the second after Dad had
been touching my semi hard cock and balls.  

"It's OK son, you know, to get a stiffy, we all get hard all the time. Even
me, every morning and night, sleeping alone I need to wank most mornings.."
Dad blurted out.  

What the hell, I thought Dad must beat off, thinking, being on his own and
stuff, he must need to wank right.  

"Yeah, I figured as much Dad, as a matter of fact I saw you in the shower
the other morning giving your cock a bit of a work out with the soap" I

"I told Shane not to go into your bathroom, as he wanted you to find his
gym short for school, I just told him you were busy and to give you five
minutes " thought I give him some peace  

He laughed, " You are a lot more mature than I thought you were" he

"Thank god you did, I had a load I need to get rid of that morning, more
than you can image " Dad blushed a little.  

"So go get some board shorts on, and get ready for lunch, I'll be down in a
minute " he said  

I don't know what he did after I waddled out of his bedroom with my tight
arse swinging in his face as I skipped out the room, but it took him a
while to come down stairs and I heard some moaning as I past his room, so I
guessed he was jacking off or something.  

I went straight to my room to get some clothes on and Shane was there
waiting on his bed, "Are you alright man" he said with some concern in his

"Yeah, Dad reckons it was just a ant bite or something " I said "But it
still stings" I winced  

"Well if you put spit on it, that should help I reckon" Shane motioned  

"Let me do that for you" Shane said moving towards me  

He spat into his hand and told me to lie on my bed......  

He then rubbed his spit into my nob of my cock and slowly worked it down my

"So how does that feel, better ? " he asked, trying to be a concerned
little brother.  

I was fully hard by now and just started to moan a little as he worked my

He was tenting out of his boxers as he was working my cock and he moved his
hand down to his balls as he was still working me..  

God he is cute for a little brother, and he sure knows how to jack off by
the feel of his hand wrapped around my shaft..  

Just then Dad walked into our room and stood in the door way...  

"I thought you might of needed some lotion to help the itch or sting, so I
brought you some to put on, but I can see your brother has it all in hand."
he smiled  

I could see the bulge in his short already.....  

He turned and went back to his bedroom and Shane kept jerkin me off...  

I couldn't stand it any longer...I blew all over him - my shoulders - my
chest and kept oozing over his hand as he bought me to the end of my

He blew his sweet load over the top of me and moaned loudly with great
drops of cum spitting out over both of us  

God he could blow for a little dude...  

I can't wait until next time we swim in the dam again....I might ask Dad to
join us....  

I guess even Dad's get horny.

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