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The other day, I finally got up the guts to try something I've always
wanted to. Now first off, anyone who's read anything I've said before knows
that I'm not a newcomer to Zoo Sex. I love getting fucked by dogs. To me,
there is nothing in the world to compare to the feel when a dog grabs you
by the waist, and proceeds to fuck the living daylights out of you. The
feel of that cock pumping in and out of me, the sensation of the knot
starting to swell up inside my ass. The knowledge that very soon, I'm going
to be locked to this animal and be unable to do anything until they have
finished fucking me. Nothing can compare to that.  

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Anyone who has never had a dog
cock locked inside of them has no idea of the sensations you go through. I
can honestly say that I know what women are talking about when they say
they love to get fucked. I even have a small bench I bought that allows me
to lay down on my back. Then I get my dog to mount me from the front. The
absoloute eroticism of that position, the unflinching view of my dog over
me, his paws hooked into my waist so he can get a good position to push his
cock as deeply into me as possible. The look of utter concentration on his
face as he proceeds to slam into me. Fucking me. Driving his cock into my
ass. My legs wrapped around his back as I arch up to allow him to fuck me
better and get even more of his cock into me. The moment his knot gets in
and gets locked in place in my ass how he slows down because he knows I
cant get away now and that until he's finished fucking me and impregnating
me, his bitch isn't going anywhere.  

While he's fucking me, I'm not his master. I'm his bitch. Nothing more. And
he's going to fuck me whether I want to get fucked or not. The feeling when
he begins to cum as he lays there on me while he spurts his cum deep inside
me. The feeling of his cock pulsing in my ass as I stroke his head as he
plants his sperm deep inside me. Sometimes he'll lick my face as he lays
there, the feeling of his cock moving inside me as his wagging tail causes
the knot to rub back and forth inside my asshole.  

A surprising thing has happened in all of this. I've come to realise that
I've taught my dog to like fucking. Remember to animals, this is just a way
of procreating. But to my dog, I now realise that he's gotten to like
fucking me up the ass. There have been times I'll just be laying there
looking at television and he'll come up to me and start pulling at my leg
with his paws.  

The first time, it took me a while to understand what he wanted. Now, the
moment I get up and start taking my pants down, he starts jumping around
and making these excited little yipping sounds. There have been times that
I'm still in the process of getting down on all fours and he's trying to
mount me in the process. I have to try and calm him down to allow me to get
down so he can mount me from behind. Then, the moment he's on my back,
there's no need to prompt him. He immediately starts thrusting forward,
trying to get his cock into me. Sometimes I have to guide him into my
asshole. Sometimes he hits the mark right of and I can just crouch there
and enjoy the sensation his cock. The moment his cock goes into my ass, he
immediately humps forward and begins frantically thrusting up into me.
Trying to get as much of his cock into me as possible and to make sure he
gets his knot into me.  

Lately, I've taken to walking around the house naked. The great part of
this is that I get to tease him by playing as if I getting down on all
fours, but instead, I'll just pick up something and move on. That drives
him NUTS! By the time I actually let him fuck me, he goes at me with a
vengeance. Almost as if he wants me to pay for making him wait. Slamming
into me so hard I have to brace myself so as not to fall over. Other times,
I'll come home and immediately undress as I walk in the door. Then I get
down on all fours and let put that beautiful dog cock up inside me. Nothing
gets rid of all your stress than to get fucked the moment you walk into
your door. No small talk. No remarks. Nothing. Just pure fucking on the
floor just inside the door. My shirt riding on my back. My pants strewn on
the floor any old how. Reveling in the knowledge that people are passing
not more than fifty feet from me, unaware that there I am, on all fours, my
dog busily fucking me up the ass.  

But the one thing I've always wanted to do is let a large breed dog fuck me
and tie with me. Now you have to understand. Dog's knots swell according to
the breed of the dog. Well, one night, I went online and downloaded an
mpeg of a woman getting fucked by a Great Dane. The moment I saw that dog's
cock, I knew I had to have it in me. The size of the knot made me shiver as
I tried to imagine that huge piece of meat locked inside my ass.  

A friend of mine who knows of my preferences, and who I've allowed to watch
me once or twice, had helped me set myself up as a dog watcher. Basically,
what you do is look after people's dogs when they go away on vacation or
business. It's not a thriving business, but the side benefits are that you
get to have differing breeds to fuck you. Finally, last week, after months
of yearning for that huge cock, I got my wish. A family who has a Dane were
going on vacation and had heard how I watched dogs for people. And
according, the people they spoke to avowed how their dogs loved me and I
got along with them really great. This was a huge selling point to them
and finally, they approached me with the request. I agreed, and the next
day, I went over to meet the dog.  

Have you ever seen a woman; a beautiful, stunning gorgeous woman who has a
perfect body and the first thought that goes through your mind is "MY GOD!!
I would LOVE to fuck her forever."? That's how I felt when I saw that dog.
The only thing I could think of when I saw him was that I couldn't wait to
get his cock inside me. It didn't help that he was a really friendly dog
and kept trying to lick me face. Dogs know whether you like them or not.
Anyone who has ever owned a dog would understand that. How many times have
you seen people that automatically get along with a dog. That not because
of the person. Rather, it's because the dog can sense the true affection
you feel for them. They may just be animals and unable to articulate like
us, but that doesn't make them stupid. I left that house with a promise to
bring him over that weekend and the thoughts of the fucking to come.  

I swear I spent the rest of that week in a daze. I must have let my dog
fuck me at least ten times that week. One night, I woke up at around three
AM and made him fuck me, I was so horny. To me, Friday couldn't come fast
enough. But finally, it arrived. They came over and dropped King off at my
house and I stood there and waved them off, all the while wishing they
would PLEASE LEAVE so I could get this dog inside me.  

Finally they drove off and I got King inside. I had already put my dog
outside in preparation. I REALLY tried to go through the motions of getting
to know that dog better, but all I could think of was getting him to fuck
me. I soon stared undressing, feeling hornier than hell as King sat there
watching me. I could see his sheath as he sat there and the thought of the
cock that was soon going to come out of it and drive into me was making me
shake. Finally, I was undressed and I got down on the floor and called him
over to me. He came over wagging his tail and I played with him for a
while. Finally, I couldn't resist any more and I reached down and touched
his sheath.  

This is usually a moment of truth. If a dog isn't comfortable with that, he
sometimes immediately jump up and move away from you. If he does, don't
force him. I've never forced a dog to fuck me and have had occasions with
one or two that didn't. That's their choice. Not mine. To my joy, King
started wagging his tail and , to my joy, I started to see the pink tip of
his cock slide out of his sheath. I immediately got on all four and tuned
my back to him. He naturally started sniffing my ass and gave it a lick or
two. I whined at him and wiggled my ass in the air and moved off. He
immediately followed me and continued to try and lick my ass. Finally, he
shoved his nose up between my ass cheeks and gave my asshole a good hard
lick. I crouched there and just enjoyed the feeling of him wiggling his
head in those short sharp jerks as he tried to get at my asshole to lick it

After about a minute of this I couldn't take it any more and reached back
to stroke his sheath. He immediately started pumping his hips forward. I
reached back, pulled him up on my back and reached back to stroke him
again. He started thrusting even harder and, heaven, I felt the tip of his
cock probing at my asshole. This was the moment I had waited for. This is
what I had spent the entire week dreaming about. This beautiful, monstrous
beast was going to fuck me at last. I grabbed his cock and guided it into

The moment King felt his cock slip into my ass that dog flipped. He tried
to grab me with his front legs and hump forward at the same time. The
result was that he couldn't get a good grip because of his height. He was
too tall and every time he took his legs off the floor, he fell on my
back. His cock was teasing my ass and I was also going crazy. I immediately
lifted myself higher to allow him to grab me properly and raised my ass
higher in the air. That was all he needed.  

The only way to describe what happened next is to say that that dog BLASTED
his cock into my ass. I felt every inch of it slip into me and it felt
great. King immediately started humping as hard as he could and I felt the
entire length of his cock sliding up into me. I swear I could feel his cock
all the way into my stomach. I was whining and freaking out as that cock
slammed into me. King was grunting as he fucked me, hoarse guttural sound
coming from him as he thrust his cock into me as deep as he could. I could
feel his cock swelling up inside me and it felt great. My other dog shave
had big cocks, but King's cock was HUGE. I could actually feel it sliding
up and down my inside wall as he pumped it in and out of me.  

Then I felt it. The knot. It went in and STAYED IN! That was the first time
that had ever happened. It felt great to feel the knot inside me as it
started to swell just inside my ass. It felt just as good as when my dog
was fucking me. Then my eyes flew open as it started to get even bigger. I
started to actually feel the knot swelling up inside me. At this point, I
started to feel pain. I felt like I was going to burst. I could feel the
entire length of the cock inside of me. Sliding up and down inside my ass
as it probed me to try and get as far as it could into me. My ass was being
stretched open by the size of the knot locked inside me and at that point I
tried to move off a little to ease some of the pressure. But that didn't

King just humped forward and continued fucking me. He didn't care that his
cock was too big. He didn't care if his bitch was too small to accommodate
him. As far as he was concerned, he had his cock locked in his bitch and
there was no was she was getting away until he was finished. He immediately
grabbed me even tighter and started fucking me up the ass even harder. I
started whining for real, shaking my head back and forth as that cock
continued to swell inside me. At one point, I think I started grunting from
the size of the cock and the force of the strokes. Now I was the one making
guttural sound to complement the slapping of King's ball against my ass as
he continued to fuck me.  

Nothing! NOTNIHG had ever felt like this before. This was a cock unlike I
had ever imagined. I had thought that my dogs had made me their bitch. I
was wrong. That was nothing. They had just fucked me. Now, I understood,
truly, that I was a dog's bitch. I was getting fucked with the largest cock
I had ever had in my life and I was going to continue to get fucked whether
I wanted to or not. I felt like I had a football stuffed up inside my
ass. My sphincter was going nuts and driving me wild. My boy felt like I
was being electrocuted. Every time he pulled back, the knot would rip at me
inside and I felt like I was dying and coming alive at the same time  

Tears were running down my face as I felt the cock pushing up inside
me. Part of me wanted to get it out of me. At one point, I think I even
tried bearing down to force it out of me. But another part, a more primal
part, wanted that cock to plunder me as much as it wanted. Part of me
wanted that cock to go on fucking me for as long as it wanted. To rape my
ass and fuck me until I screamed with pleasure. That's when I realised that
I was actually pushing back into King. Trying to get even more of his cock
into me. I wanted nothing more than for that dog to FUCK MY BRAINS OUT!!  

I started begging him.  

"Please...oh god, yes .oh god.oh my god.fuck me.yes.please fuck me.oh my
god..ohhh godddddddd.fuck me King..yes...fuck your bitch.make me
yours..fuck me hard...please fuck me...pleeease."  

King paid no mind to anything I said. He just kept fucking me. Hunched over
my back, his beautiful cock swollen to it massive size inside me, thrusting
into me. Slamming into me. Plunging deep into my ass. Taking me. Making me
his. Fucking me to the depths of my soul. Truly taking his bitch. Locked
inside me as until the fucking was finished.  

I was groaning and crying and wriggling my ass. I was losing my mind. All I
wanted was to get getting fucked. I wanted more of that beautiful cock in
me. I wanted King to slam into me forever. I needed him to continue fucking
me. Nothing else mattered. All that had to happen was for this dog to keep
fucking me as long as possible. For him to keep that cock up inside me and
keep pumping it into me.  

Then, just when I thought it couldn't go any further, King started whining
and hopping forward. Almost as if he was trying to bury himself inside
me. He was cumming and wanted to get as deep inside of me as possible to
make sure he impregnated me. All I knew was that I felt like I was being
torn open. I think I screamed at that point. I arched my back let out a
high pitched scream in the back of my throat as I felt that his cock go
even deeper into me for a moment and his knot rasp on my insides. I could
feel the entire length of the cock twitching inside me as it continued to
pump inside me. King kept thrusting and trying to fit even more of his cock
up in my ass.  

At that point I started to black out a bit. I don't remember everything
that happened there for a few seconds. All I know is that the next thing I
remember is that King had stopped fucking me and was just standing over me.  

Then I realised two amazing things. First, during the entire time King
fucked me, I had, not once, tried to masturbate. The thought of reaching
for my own cock had been sublimated in the sensations rampaging through me
as that dog fucked me. The second thing was that I think I must have
actually blacked out because I realised that I was actually HANGING from
Kings cock. I was no longer properly supporting myself on my knees and the
only thing that had stopped me from falling to the floor was King's
cock. It was locked so solidly in my ass that I was literally hanging from
it. It was holding me up in the air as King continued to empty his sperm
into me. The incredible tugging sensation of that knot tugging on me; the
feeling that I was actually hanging from a dogs cock, the feel of the
entire length of his prick inside me, and I could swear, the heat from his
sperm spurting in my belly; the combination of these things made me cum

I started jerking about, grunting and twitching, feeling the knot tugging
inside my ass as I literally swung from King's cock. The force of my orgasm
made me black out again. I came back to myself to realise that King had now
turned about and, as a result, I really WAS hanging from his cock. The pain
was INCREDIBLE!!! But the funny thing was, I loved it. I am not into any
form of S&M, but the combination of the powerful tugging inside me, the
overfull feeling, the tearing sensation, everything was driving me wild. I
finally got my feet under me and managed to take up a position with my ass
higher in the air. This relieved some of the tugging. But the at that time,
all I could think of was getting to my cock. I immediately started jerking
off. Every time I jerked on my cock I felt the knot tug inside my ass. I
dove me over the edge. I came again. I groaned as my cock started spurting.
I had to release my cock and put my hands down to support myself from the
force of my cumming. As I slumped down, I felt the knot tug on my asshole,
securely locked in there until King was finished with me. Keeping me
suspended in the air. No way off of it until all the King's sperm had been

After I came, all I could do was stay there, hanging from his cock and wait
for it to go down. I stayed that was for almost fifteen minutes, hanging
from his cock, feeling every bit of it anytime either of us moved even the
slightest. It was the most intense feeling I have ever had. I could feel it
pulsing deep inside of me as it continued to spurt Kings seed.  

Finally, I felt it start to go down until it got small enough to slip out
of me. Immediately, what felt like a ton of cum, and a blast of air, came
gushing out of my asshole. I collapsed on the floor and couldn't move for
while. My ass felt like it still had King's cock inside it. It was pulsing
and I was almost afraid to reach around and touch it. I finally did and
immediately jerked my had away. It was so sore that just touching it sent a
jolt through me. I turned to look at King and was amazed to see that his
knot was still fairly large. I then forced myself to reach around to my ass
and, bracing myself for the jolt of pain, was amazed to find that my
asshole was still somewhat open. It had been stretched open and was only
now trying to return to it's original size.  

I gave up and just lay on the floor for a while, watching as Kings licked
himself clean over in the corner. As far as he was concerned, he had
serviced his bitch and now was his time. All I could do was lay there, the
cum running out of my ass, as I tried to collect myself to get up. After he
was finished, he got up and came over to me. He immediately went to my ass
and started sniffing it. He proceeded to lick at my asshole, cleaning up
the cum that lay there. I jumped and twitched on the floor as he started
licking my asshole, but the sensation of his tongue sliding on my asshole
was relaxing me and helping ease the pain. Only when he started burrowing
his head into my ass to try and get a better position on my asshole to lick
it did it start to hurt. I stopped him and crawled to my knees. He started
wagging his tail and came over to lick my face.  

I eventually got to my feet and made my way to the bathroom to try and
clean myself up. I spent the next ten minutes in the shower, allowing the
cool water to run into the crack of my ass to try and ease the sensations
there. When I eventually came out, King was waiting at the door and greeted
me with a half bark. I was glad that he was happy. All I wanted to do was
lie down for a while. I put out some food for him and immediately went to
bed. I got up about two am and lay there in bed and jerked off. When I
came, I felt my sphincter tighten and the sensation made me cry out. And
made me cum even harder.  

The next day, I swore I could still feel that dog's cock inside of me. I
spent an embarrassing moment or two when I realised that I seemed to have
lost the ability to control my sphincter for a while. The moment I needed
to go the bathroom, I had to IMMEDITELY. I couldn't stop it. The next two
days were spent in a daze around the house. The dogs were introduced to
each other and got along fabulously. My dog tried to let me fuck him, but
there was no was he was getting access to my ass for a while.  

I did, however, something I don't normally do though. That Sunday
afternoon, I gave King a blowjob. I just HAD to see what it would feel like
to have that cock in my mouth. It felt wonderful. It was so big I just lay
there under him and gently sucked on his cock as he tried to fuck my
mouth. I took a little time to lick his knot, but the majority of the time,
I returned to the head and sucked on it. I even got up and got a cushion so
I could get my head in the right position to be able to use my hand to
stroke him as I sucked him. I tried to get as much of it into my mouth as
I could. Stretching my mouth open to allow him access to my mouth.  

To understand the effect this dog had on me, when he came, I actually
swallowed his cum. I just lay under him and milked his cock for all it was
worth. Stream after stream of his cum hit the back of my throat. And I
didn't care. I grabbed his back with my hands and hung from him. My mouth
locked around his swollen cock, making sure I got as much of his sperm as I
could. I wanted him to fill me with his seed. It felt great to hang there
and milk his cock that way. Needless to say, he got two more blowjobs
before he left. For the first time in my life, I actually fell in love with
a cock.  

The end of the weekend of experimentation came when the family returned on
Sunday to collect their dog. The funniest part was when King tried to come
back into the house while they were taking him away. Everyone seemed amused
that he wanted to stay with me. I only smiled along with them. The best
part, however, was that they were so pleased that they asked me if I could
look after him again in about three weeks. I immediately said yes and
started making my plans.  

Only three more weeks for some more of that beautiful cock. I couldn't
wait. But never fear, my dog was there. Not to mention my friend, who I
took shameless advantage of and managed to get him finally to fuck me AT
LAST!!!!!!! And I even managed to swallow his cum and all. Guess you can
teach an old dog new tricks after all..

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