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Sweat was dripping down my face as I turned the corner. Two more miles to go. It was starting to get dark. These five mile runs seemed harder and harder ever since I turned forty.  

Wendy should be home by the time I get there. It was getting hard to think of her as my daughter anymore. She had become a beautiful and sensuous young woman. It didn t help that she always wore such revealing and sexy outfits, ones that stretched tightly across her well formed tits and around her shapely ass.  

Her friends were just as sexy and delicious looking, particularly Toni. There was something about her that made me want to throw her up against the wall and fuck her each time I saw her. More than once I sported a hard-on staring at her ripe young ass through a pair of tight shorts.  

It wouldn t have been so bad if I had a sex life of my own. My wife, Beth, had become the ice princess. We used to fuck like rabbits when we were younger, several times a day, wherever we were when we got the urge. Maybe she was porking some guy at work. All I knew was that in the last five years we could count our sexual encounters on our fingers and toes.  

I had a few flings to help ease my frustrations, but I just wanted to fuck and the women wanted to get serious. Why not? After all, I was good looking, physically fit, educated and semi- successful... and a good fuck if I do say so. It would have been easier to buy some first class hookers, but I was too proud to pay for it. Lately I mostly lusted after young girls like Toni with a limber hand nearby in case I needed it.  

I reached home and paced around the yard to cool down. I noticed a car in the driveway I didn t recognize. Must be one of Wendy s friends, I thought to myself.  

I went inside, then to the kitchen to get a drink of water. Where was Wendy, I wondered? I decided to take a shower and started up the stairs when I heard noises coming from Wendy s room.  

Oh baby... that s it.... suck it... suck my cock... oh yeah... just like that... oooohhhhh...  

I cracked open her door. I couldn t believe the girl on the bed was my little Wendy. Wearing only a pair of white panties, she on her knees bent over some boy naked from the waist down. Her lips were wrapped around his hard cock, sliding up and down his shaft. Her shapely tits swayed from her chest.  

I should have been outraged, but all I could do was stand there and stare while my cock grew to hardness. She was attacking his fuck stick like a meal, slurping and sucking with an expertise I had never experienced. And she obviously loved what she was doing.  

Wendy peeled off her panties and climbed on top of the boy she was with. He was certainly well endowed. She straddled his cock, grabbing it with her hand and rubbing it across her pussy, then slowly inserted it into her hot cunt. I watched his cock disappear into her as she slowly impaled herself.  

My own cock was about to rip through the front of my running shorts. I pushed them down on my thighs and wrapped my hand around my throbbing girth. The sight of Wendy s tender young ass bouncing up and down on the glistening pole of flesh between her cheeks had my head spinning. I began to stroke myself with my eyes fixed on the erotic scene before me. I couldn t believe I was actually jerking off over my own daughter  

Oh god Richard... I love your cock... love the way it fucks me... so deep in my pussy... I want your cum, baby... want to feel it shooting into my belly... oh yeah... that s it... fuck me... fuck me... harder... ooohhhhh...  

I was so wrapped up in watching Wendy getting fucked that I didn t hear the front door open.  

Toni: Wendy had asked me to come over after school but I had been detained by Mr. Ross so I was late. He caught me fingering myself in class again and wanted to counsel me. I could still feel his cum oozing into my panties when I finally arrived. I knocked but no one answered so I just entered. Downstairs was empty. I figured Wendy must be up in her room.  

I was surprised to see Mr. Rogers peeking into Wendy s room when I got to the top of the stairs. Was he... my god, he had his cock in his hand, was stroking it. My first thoughts were to run before he saw me. Then I heard the noises. His daughter was getting fucked. And he was watching her.  

I had known Mr. Rogers since I was a little girl and never thought of him as anything but Wendy s father. Standing there I realized how hot and sexy he was. The sight of his cock excited me, made me want to drop to me knees and put it in my mouth. My nipples got hard, my pussy began to twitch.  

I slowly walked towards Mr. Rogers until I was right behind him. Through the crack in the door I could see that Wendy was stuffed full of some guy s cock, bouncing up and down, gasping, moaning and screaming out nasty words about how good it felt. Looking closer I realized it was Richard, the boy I had danced with on my birthday.  

I shoved my hand into my jeans. My fingers dug into my hot pussy still slick with the remnants of Mr. Ross cum. I rubbed my swollen clit. I leaned forward to get a better look, careful not to touch Mr. Rogers. He was really stroking his cock hard and fast. It was so big and thick, bulging and throbbing against his tight grip.  

I stopped watching Wendy and found myself staring at his swollen tool. I wanted so much to touch it, to rub it over my face and tits, to put it in my mouth. My pussy was leaking like crazy. I shoved my hand into my jeans burying two fingers inside and squeezing my legs together.  

Wendy had climbed off Richard and was getting fucked from behind while propped up against the headboard. He was really slamming her hard, jerking her head upwards on each thrust. She was squealing and gasping as she pushed back against his cock driving him deeper and deeper.  

I couldn t stand it anymore. I had to get my hands on Mr. Rogers swollen fuck stick. It didn t look like he would mind a little help. I leaned forward until I accidentally brushed against his arm. He jerked around and stared at me like a deer in the headlights. I put my hand over my mouth.  

Mr. Rogers, what are you doing, I whispered while staring directly at his throbbing cock.  

He looked down and saw my hand still moving in my jeans.  

Oops. You caught me. But I couldn t help it Mr. Rogers. Wendy looks so hot with that cock stuffed in her pussy. I just had to touch my little peach.  

I pulled my hand from my jeans and wrapped my sticky fingers around his swollen manhood. . And... and you re so big, Mr. Rogers. My pussy got all wet just watching.  

He didn t make any effort to stop me as I started to stroke him. He closed his eyes and let it happen. With my other hand I guided his into my jeans. His fingers quickly found the slick folds of my pussy and my swollen clit. I humped against his fingers while continuing to stroke him. He looked a little confused with all that was happening.  

Toni, um... I... I don t...  

I kissed him on the lips to quiet him.  

It s okay, Mr. Rogers. I won t tell. Would you like me to give you a blow job?  

Without waiting for an answer, I dropped to my knees and flicked my tongue across his swollen crown, tasting the precum that had drooled out. I stretched my lips around his girth and sucked him into my mouth. I swirled my tongue across his cock feeling every ridge and vein sculpted into the throbbing flesh. Holding him with my hand, I sucked him deep into my mouth, then bobbed my head up and down his rigid length.  

I couldn t see Wendy anymore, but I could hear her getting fucked. The bed was slamming against the wall while she continued to moan, gasp and shout obscenities. Then she said something that almost made me choke on the cock in my mouth.  

Put it in my ass... hurry... fuck my asshole with your big cock... right there... that s it... uuuuuuhhhhhh... oh god... mmmmmmmmmmm...  

Jim: I panicked when she brushed against me. I thought it was Beth who told me she wouldn t be home until late. It was Toni, Wendy s best friend. She was sure to tell Wendy. Busted. But why did she have her hand in her jeans? How long had she been standing there?  

She whispered some words about pussy and cock, then wrapped her hand around me. I was confused. She shouldn t be doing this. We shouldn t be watching. It was all wrong. But her hand felt so good on my cock.  

I started to say something, but Toni kissed me, then dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth. The sensations caused by her warm mouth shot through my body. Every nerve ending was alive and tingling.  

I continued watching Wendy getting fucked while Toni s mouth worked its magic on me. Wendy couldn t get enough, loved the feeling of the cock pounding her pussy. Her head was jerking back and forth, her tits bouncing up and down. The headboard crashed into the wall each time he slammed his cock into her dripping pussy.  

I could feel my own release near. Toni s mouth and tongue knew exactly how to stimulate the right spots, just how to move against me and bring me to the brink and then back away before pushing me over the edge. Then Wendy did something so nasty and so hot that every ounce of energy suddenly rushed to my groin.  

Put it in my ass... hurry... fuck my asshole with your big cock... right there... that s it... uuuuuuhhhhhh... oh god... mmmmmmmmmmm...  

My head throbbed, my cock swelled, my ass cheeks clenched. I grabbed the back of Toni s head and did the best I could to stifle a grunt. Hot creamy cum exploded from my cock in a steady gush against the roof of her mouth.  

Somehow I fell from her mouth. A second jet of cum blasted up the side of her nose, across her forehead and into her hair. A third blast splashed against her lips and chin before she was able to get me back into her mouth. She continued to suck me even after I was completely drained. I quickly grew back to hardness. She took me down her throat. And then I realized we were going to have to find somewhere else to finish this.  

I m gonna cum, Wendy... oh god... so tight... here it cums... aaaarrrggghhh... uuunnngggghhhh...  

Oh fuck yes... cum in my ass, Richard... fill me with your hot seed... oh god... I can feel it squirting up my asshole... ooooohhhhh... aaaaahhhhhh...  

Toni: I wasn t prepared when his cum started filling my mouth. And so much of it. I started to choke and pulled him from my lips so I could swallow his creamy seed. I got two blasts of cum all over my face before I was able to get him back into my mouth. I swallowed the rest of his cum and continued to suck him after he was completely drained.  

I could feel him grow back to a rigid hardness inside my mouth. I loved the feel of his warm flesh, the contours of his throbbing shaft. I keep slurping and sucking, then took him deep into my throat and held him there.  

My pussy was leaking in gushes. The thought of a big cock up my ass like Wendy had in hers was really exciting me. I squeezed my legs together, trying to put pressure on my pussy, but it wasn t enough. I needed a cock, and soon. That was when I heard Richard shoot his cum into Wendy s asshole. Mr. Rogers pulled me up and said we had to get out of there.  

We went into his bedroom. He closed the door and locked it while I stripped off my jeans and panties. I put my hands on the wall and stuck my ass out with my legs spread.  

Fuck me, Mr. Rogers. Please. I need your cock in me... right now... please, Mr. Rogers.  

Without hesitation he stepped up behind me, rubbed his cock briefly across my juicy pussy, then split it open wide as he shoved his hot meat into my steamy cunt. He started fucking me hard and fast with his big cock, filling the hungry void in my belly.  

I rubbed my swollen clit. I could feel his hard cock against my fingers, coated with my juices as it slid in and out my pussy. I was on fire. I could feel my release building in my tummy.  

Oh god yes... fuck me Mr. Rogers... You big cock feels so good... fills me... oh god... oh god... yeeeeessssss... aaaaaaahhhhhhh...  

The fire in my belly spread through my body. I stiffened then jerked, reaching behind me to grab anything my fingers could sink into. His cock continued to pound into me. My orgasm seemed to go on and on. My legs were weak and I was whimpering in whispers.  

Please... no more... can t stand... oh god... no more... oooooohhhhhhh... aaaaaahhhhhh...  

Another orgasm washed over me draining whatever energy I had left. He finally pulled out. I slumped to the floor, completely drained. Mr. Rogers picked me up and carried me to the bed where he took off the rest of my clothes. He spread my legs and started licking me with his tongue, pressing his lips over my sex.  

The stirrings in my loins slowly came back to life, the juices flowing from within me. I put my hands on the back of his head and enjoyed the pleasure his mouth and tongue was giving me, pushing up into him. My sexual hunger slowly returned. I knew exactly what I wanted, what I needed to feel completely satisfied.  

Mr. Rogers, would fuck me in the ass? Please.  

Jim: Toni had incredible sexual energy. Her pussy was so hot, so tight, squeezing my cock as it slid in and out. Her orgasm was so intense. Juices poured from her cunt and dripped down my balls. I continued fucking her, looking down as I watched my cock move in and out from between her ripe young cheeks. She had a second powerful orgasm, then collapsed onto the floor.  

I carried her to the bed, then buried my face between her legs and feasted on her young juicy peach. I licked the nectar from her gash, sucking and slurping with my lips around her swollen mound. She responded to the ministrations of my tongue and started humping her pussy against my mouth. Then I heard her words.  

Mr. Rogers, would fuck me in the ass? Please.  

I thought to myself... yes, sweet sex starved friend of my daughter s, I will fuck you in the ass. But first I need to get you ready.  

I pushed her legs back and licked down her pussy to the tight little nub of her sphincter. I bathed it in saliva, teasing it with pressure from my tongue. I took my forefinger and pressed it against her until it popped inside her ass. I twisted and continued pushing until it was buried to the knuckle.  

I drooled more saliva onto her asshole and worked a second finger inside her. I fucked her ass with my two fingers, digging them around inside her to loosen her. She was stiff at first, but I could feel her relax then begin to enjoy the pressure of my fingers up her ass.  

I reached over to the bedside stand and found a bottle of baby oil. I lathered up my cock and poured some onto her tight little asshole. I pushed her legs back by her shoulders. Her pussy lay open, her pink lips glistening in a forest of soft curls just above the dark nub of her sphincter.  

I pressed the tip of my cock against her ass and slowly pushed until it popped inside. I let her get used to my size before pushing deeper. She slowly relaxed as I moved in and out, going deeper and deeper until I was fully embedded inside her asshole.  

I looked down at her, looked into her eyes. She nodded her head letting me know it was okay. I started fucking her, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Toni reached down and rubbed her pussy. I watched as my cock fucked her ass, burying itself deep inside her on each thrust.  

She was so tight. The pressure on my cock was unbearable. I could feel another orgasm rapidly approaching. I Slammed into her harder and faster. Toni was looking up at me, rubbing her pussy rapidly with her fingers. Her breathing became faster. Her mouth was open. She was going to cum.  

My mind went blank. I could feel my cock swell against the tight walls of her ass. I buried myself deep inside her and grunted loudly. My cock exploded, spewing hot cum into her bowels. I pulled out and slammed back in releasing another jet of cock cream into her.  

Toni stiffened and bucked up against me. Her fingers dug into my arms. She screamed in a piercing shriek as her whole body shook with orgasm. We bucked together in a wild, uncontrollably frenzy, finally crashing as I collapsed onto her, completely drained. My cock slowly deflated in her twitching asshole until I fell away and rolled off to catch my breath. That s when I heard the knock.  

Daddy, are you okay. Daddy.

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