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Satisfying friend's sexy wife
Hi, friends. At the outset, let me tell you, it would be better if you take a printout of this lengthy but single story and read it conveniently at your leisure, imagining the sequences really happening to you, whether you are a male or female. I assure to give you an overwhelming and delightful reading from beginning to end.
Well, you must have got my introduction from my story titled "Satisfying friend's sexy wife". In this story, I shall describe my amazing encounter with a lady who was my e-mail/chat friend. Her name was Neha (name changed to keep anonymity and secrecy) from Vishakhapatnam. She was 34 years old, married. Our acquaintance on the Internet originated as friendship, turned to romance after developing faith, trust and confidence on each other spread over two years. The ultimate inevitable was to happen one day as we craved to meet discreetly for intimate physical relationship.
I and Neha had planned to meet at Puri in Orissa and I had already booked a double-bed a/c room in a good hotel at the beach side for us, obviously as husband and wife. Due to different arrival time of our respective trains, I had also informed the hotel that my wife would check-in first. Neha reached Puri one hour before me. She went straight to the hotel, told the reception about our booking and collected the key. She told the reception that I, her husband, had gone to attend some urgent job and would be joining her soon. She went to the room on the second floor. As I reached the hotel one hour later, the reception told my wife had already arrived and gone to the room. I reached the room, gently pushed the door which was not bolted from inside. I went in and looked around. There was no sign of Neha. But I found a small suitcase on the rack. I smiled to see some clothes lying thrown on the double-bed. I thought she must be taking a bath, so I wanted to give her a surprise.
I kept my suitcase hidden behind the rack. I heard Neha humming a song and water splashing. I went near the bathroom door, turned the handle to open it slightly. But she had bolted it from inside. I inspected the door for any opening to peep inside but I could not find any. Disappointed, I went to the bed and sat on it. I saw on the bed the salwar-kameez, bras and panty she wore and removed before she went to bath. Then I remembered her fantasy, as expressed in one of her mails including throwing her bras and panty at me to make me hot. I took the bras lying on the bed and inspected its cups. They were big and I smiled imagining how I was going to treat relishing myself with those beautiful things which were covered by the bra- cups till a few minutes ago. I held the bras with the cups rubbing on my face. I kissed both the cups and sucked the nipple-portion of the cloth. I got the sweet smell of a perfume. Then I softly held one of the cups as if squeezing.
Then I took the panty and kissed it madly as if it was a precious treasure. Next I turned the panty's inside to outside. I inspected the portion which covered and touched her pussy. I found some faint stain marks and wetness on that portion. The very sight of it made me crazy. I brought the wet portion to my nose and smelt it deeply. What I could smell really made me intoxicated. In extreme madness, I began licking the wet portion of her panty the way a thirsty dog licks milk from a bowl. Not satisfied, I took the entire portion into my mouth and began to chew the cloth. My madness did not end there. I took the front portion of the panty and rubbed it on my cock over my pants. I knew my actions were crazy but then there was absolutely nothing a man would stop at when excessive lust goes into his head.
At this time, I heard Neha unbolting the bathroom door. Throwing the panty to the bed, I rushed to hide behind the almirah just in time she opened the door. I peeped to look at her coming out of the bathroom. She really made quiet an entrance!! What I saw of her made me catch my breath sharply. I missed many of my heartbeats. She wore a new pink- colour panty and bras only. Her fair, fleshy body looked electrifyingly sensuous as if made of marble. She literally appeared like an enchanting temptress from head to foot. Her nonchalant steps made her hips swaying to either side mesmerizing me. Water dripped from her long, untied hairs. With water drops still on her body refracting light through them, she appeared like a live dazzling diamond. While walking to the room, she wiped her hairs with a towel. Any creative art director or photographer of an Advertising agency would love to shoot her for a cosmetic or toiletry item. She looked stunningly beautiful and sexy from head to foot than what I saw of her in her picture she had sent to me earlier. I felt an inexplicable and uncontrollable urge to rush and take her in my arms.
I found her suddenly fumbling, so I took my guard. She hastily looked toward the front door. I heard her curse herself. She rushed to the door, nearly running, and bolted it. I imagined she had forgotten to bolt the front door before going to bathroom. I saw her return to the dressing table, now in a relaxed mood. She stood in front of the full-length mirror, smiled and admired her own reflection. She hummed another song under her breath. She began to wipe and dry up her whole body with the towel. Then, to my pleasant surprise, I saw her hands reaching her back and unhook the bras. What I saw nearly petrified me. Her big boobs now released from the clutches of the bra- cups charged out menacingly. I felt a chill run up my spine. I could see parts of her white beautifully shaped big melons. The bras still hanging on her shoulders, she ran the towel beneath the bras and over the boobs wiping. I shook my head sharply to bring me back to senses. Then she hooked back the bras neatly placing her boobs back into its cups.
Next, she pulled down her panty up to the knees. Oh..My Goodness!! That was a real testing time for my willpower. I felt sudden gush of hot blood all through my veins and into my head. I felt being inundated by wave after wave of sexual desire. I nearly took a step from my hiding place behind the almirah to outside to rush and jump at her like a cat in ambush pouncing on a rat. I became aware my hot cock kept confined under my clothes was writhing inside unable to stand fully erected. With much difficulty I controlled my rising erotic feelings and watched her intently. I could see her beautiful naked ass, buttocks and reflection of her love triangle on the mirror. She had shaved her pussy removing all pubic hairs and it was glazing like crystal. She adjusted her standing posture keeping the legs widely apart. Then, bending a little, she began to wipe her pussy with the towel. When the cloth touched her pussy, I saw she closed her eyes and released a soft moan as if imagining about the sweet coming events with me. After that, she pulled up her panty to place.
I found her applying talcum powder all over her body. Then she took a bottle of perfume and sprayed on her armpits. Later, she raised both the hands up in the air and made a stretch of her whole body. It was at this time I made a foolish movement which made a sound. She turned sharply, made a hiss sound in fear as she held the towel across her body to cover whatever nude she could hide. She looked towards the almirah and demanded in a strident voice " Who is there"? I thought for a second and came out from my hiding place fearing she might call the hotel staff. Seeing me, she released a soft shrill in fear. As I smiled and waved at her to relax, I found her recognizing me soon.
"Oh...Jai, my darling...was it you? When did you come? I didn't know? You gave me a shock and nearly killed me", she said.
Soon she came running to me. In the melee, the towel fell off her body leaving the bras and panty only on her. I felt as if I consumed a bottle of raw scotch whisky when I saw her boobs bouncing and dancing as she came running towards me. But then she did not care either. She hugged me tightly with her big boobs pressed on to my chest. Then she stood on her toes, circled my neck with her arms and kept her face upward looking at me. I found her mouth opened with rosy lips parted. I noticed her lips trembled while she implored:
" sweet Jai, kiss me, kiss me is our first kiss".
As I was bringing my face down on yours, she could not wait any longer. She held and brought down my head and rammed her lips into mine locking in a long passionate kiss. 'Pplleeuuuuu" our kiss produced a long sweet sound. I heard her hissing while she sucked my lips hungrily often chewing them. I held her tightly clasped to my body, her boobs crushing on my chest. While I was trying to suck her lip, she inserted her tongue into my mouth playing with my tongue.
Later, I brought her to sit on bed, saying: "My loving Neha, I am too glad and excited to meet you in person. I am blessed with your love and presence in my life". In reply, she said: "Jai, that makes two of us" .
While we sat on the bed side-by-side and talked, my eyes wandered and hovered on her bosom and pubic areas, visibly thrilled. Seeing this, she grinned and told "Hey naughty Jai, are you giving a treat to your eyes probing my body? It is not fair you remain dressed up while I am semi- nude". With this, she shoved me to the bed. She stood up, removed my pants, shirt and banian and threw flying to the corner of the room. I was in my underwear only. She eyed the bulge in front of my underwear, touched it as if it was made of egg-shells and remarked: "Jai, it seems this sharp weapon of yours would rip my velvet pussy into pieces. I was dying to be stabbed repeatedly with this". I said smiling: "Me too".
There was sudden silence between us as we remained in a long gaze looking intently into each other's eyes. We were panting slightly and knew our bodies had boiled up. We could see the lust, libido and hunger for each other building up. My hands went around her body, found the metal on her bras and unhooked it. The bras remained hung on her shoulders and her melons popped out threateningly. I said: "Neha darling, why are you keeping my these two lovely assets in captivity?". To this she said "No, actually I wanted you to release them by yourself as they are all yours now". As my hands began to caress all over her big boobs, she leaned onto my body moaning slightly. My palms ran all over the mounds of flesh in soft massage. I titillated her by squeezing her soft nipples and aureoles. Soon, the brownish nipples became erect and hard. While moaning, she whispered: "Jai, you know, I have been waiting for these beautiful moments and experience for months together. Please don't feel soft not to hurt me. Squeeze your assets and take out the entire milk from them and enjoy". I sat behind her, removed the bras and brought my hands to her boobs from under her arms. My legs remained at either side of her. I cupped both her melons and began to squeeze them simultaneously with heavy pressure. While doing so, I licked her back and shoulders. She turned her face towards the ceiling and moaned softly. I continued to squeeze the boobs for more than ten minutes.
Later she turned to utter in sexy voice: "Darling, I think my milk is almost oozing. Do you want to waste it?"
I knew what she wanted me to do. I made her sit facing me. Bending a little, I brought my mouth to her left boob. I took it inside greedily and began to suck mildly for two minutes. Then I stepped up my force and began to suck very hard. She began to moan fiercely. Then I began to squeeze her right boob while sucking the left one. After five minutes, she said: "Look, my right boob is complaining now" . So, immediately I left her left boob off and took the right boob into my mouth and began to suck it very hard. At this time, I noticed she made gyrations with her pelvic while she continued to moan.
She said: "Jai, while you enjoy these two assets, your most precious asset is complaining now". I smiled at her and said "Yeah, it is the turn to take care of that asset".
I got off from the bed, made her legs hang down. Then I pulled down and removed her panty. I went on looking at her love triangle for few minutes. I felt thousands of volts of current pass through my body. I made her lay on her back with her legs hanging but widely separated. I placed myself between her legs, standing on knees on the floor. First, I ran my hand on her velvet pussy. With the touch of my hand on the pussy, her body writhed in pleasures and titillations. Her pussy lips were throbbing and pulsating a little.
I said: "Neha darling, my most valuable asset within you was waiting to be robbed and assaulted mercilessly" She replied " Yes Jai, what are you waiting for?"
I brought my mouth and touched her pussy in a hot kiss. The touch of my lips on her vulva made it throb violently. I showered on her pussy with hundreds of incessant hot kisses. I found her pussy began to dampen a little. I kept my nose close to her hole and smelt it deeply. The odour emanating from her pussy made me reach Heavens. I inhaled so deeply in order that the aroma was imbibed by each and every drop of my blood and carried to every parts of my body. I wished if I could get this sweet smell all through my life.
I separated her pussy-lips with my hands and brought the clitoris visible. I ran the tip of my tongue all over it. She wriggled in pleasures. Suddenly I took the clitoris inside my mouth and began to suck it violently. This made her release a wild shriek in utmost ecstasy. She yelled: " Darling, eat it fully". In response, I began to suck it vigorously the way a child sucks a lollipop keeping it inside his mouth. Also, I bit the clitoris with my teeth painlessly at several places. Her pussy lips contracted and expanded involuntarily.
Later, I turned my attention to her pussy orifice. It was now palpitating more. I found it wet, rather fully drenched in juices. I divided the outer and inner labia wide apart. Now I could find the slightly reddish pussy hole. I remained looking at it for a long minute. So, she urged me: "This is the most precious possession you have with me. What are you waiting for Jai? It is all yours now. Give no consideration and treat it as roughly as you can". Her words pierced like welding sparks into my head. Since I found her hole a little tight, I wanted to make it accessible for my tongue. So, I slowly inserted my middle finger into it. She yelled in pleasure with every inch of its penetration. My finger slid through her pussy flesh the way a hot rod passes through a lump of cheese. I finger-fucked her and churned my finger inside her tunnel in circular motion. Later, I took the finger out and examined it. It was fully covered with her oily pussy juice. I sucked my finger and enjoyed the juice smeared on it the way a child sucked his finger dipped into a bottle of honey.
I brought my mouth close to her hole now. I extended my tongue and touched it. Then I pressed my tongue with force the way one drills a hole on a plate. She moaned and bounced on bed as my tongue touched her G- spot and further traveled into her tunnel. Soon, my tongue began to work. It probed, twisted and licked inside. The sensation of my tongue touching the inner walls of her tunnel was too much for her to sustain as she bounced and wriggled on bed like a fish taken out of water. Suddenly, she jumped out of the bed to stand on floor in front of me while I sat on the floor. She stood keeping the legs wide apart in such a way my head was between her thighs and my face close to her pussy. I found her panting heavily in uncontrollable sexual urge. I knew she wanted to feed me in standing position so that she can also make thrusts with her pussy. As I began to mouth her pussy again, she bent forward a little and grabbed my head with her hands. She guided my tongue into her hole pressing my head very hard on the pussy. While still holding my head tightly pressed to her pussy, she made forward thrusts with the pussy onto my face and said: "Here you enjoy my pussy darling. I am going to open my dam now and you quench your thirst with all my juices. Don't stop sucking till it is drained out completely". While I sucked, she trembled like a person possessed by an evil spirit. As my sucking continued for more than five minutes, she shivered violently and I felt a spasm between her thighs. I found a trickle of colourless oily liquid oozing from her hole. I knew she reached orgasm. Madly, I sucked and gulped her juices down my throat as if I was thirsty for a month. She was watching my action merrily. I ran my tongue wiping her pussy to enjoy the last drop of juice when something I could not imagine happened.
I was really taken unawares. She gave me a heavy push sending me sprawling on my back on the floor. In one quick jerk, she pulled down my underwear and threw it flying aimlessly. To my utter surprise and disbelief, I found her eyes glowing and burning like ember with lust and libido. She eyed my hot cock now standing fully erect freed from the imprisonment of underwear. As she sat beside me and grabbed it with her right hand, I said smilingly: "Neha, this is your most valuable asset I was keeping for you. This is not a knife but a hot gun spraying milk. I wanted to kill you by drowning you in the ocean of its milk. Also, I wanted to fill all your holes with it. Come on...don't wait any longer...pull its trigger by yourself".
She held my cock and began to kiss it the way a mother frantically kisses her long-lost baby. Then she ran her tongue all over its length wiping it madly. Next, in one quick jerk she took it inside her mouth as if to send it down her throat. She moved her tongue over my cock for a long time and smeared it with her saliva. Later she took my cock in and out of her mouth repeatedly in quick succession. I was getting pleasure indeed. Then she took only the head of the cock inside her mouth and began to suck fiercely as if she was trying to suck my life out of the body. It was my turn to moan now. She sucked, often shaking her head sideways as if a dog struggles with a long bone. Then she did something marvelous. Still sucking my cock holding it by one of her hands, she began to play with my balls (testicles) with her other hand. I felt as if going blind out of the extreme pleasures I derived. As this continued for 3-4 minutes, I felt I was nearly reaching climax and ejaculation. So, I jerked my cock out of her mouth. This made her go wild as she could not enjoy my cock milk. She demanded sharply: "Hey, darling, you are behaving like selfish. This is not fair. You had my juices. Now let me drink and enjoy your milk and quench my thirst too. Give me your cock soon".
But I was in no mood to listen. I was raging and trembling with hunger for sex. I pushed her to the floor sending sprawling on her back. As I tried to mount on her to fuck, she gave a heavy shove sending me reeling to the floor. As she attempted to grab my cock to thrust it again to her mouth, I grabbed her with my hands. I made her lay forcibly on the floor by holding both her hands pinned down. Though both of us knew we were enjoying this love- play very much, yet we were not willing to surrender to each other. As I was trying to insert my cock into her pussy, suddenly she rolled over sending me fall on the floor. Immediately she sat and tried to grab my cock again to suck. But I got up and grabbed her with my hands between her thighs. As we wrestled with each other, both of us fell on the floor. Still, she was struggling to suck my cock as I was fighting to fuck her. While trying to dominate each other, we clasped our bodies and rolled over and over on the floor like a barrel mounting on each other's body alternatively.
At one stage, she found she was about to lose as I was overpowering her with more force. So, she stood up and ran across the room. I enjoyed watching her nudeness. She looked like a deer running for its life escaped from the jaws of a hungry tiger. I too stood up and went after her. As she began to run helter-skelter across the room, I willingly gave her more space to evade me. It was a splendid sight of her big boobs bouncing rhythmically as she ran. We took 4-5 rounds of the room, running. Lastly, I caught hold of her long untied hairs and jerked it. The effect made her head bend back and she stopped. I reached her and held her tightly circling my hands around her body from behind. This made my hot erect cock rub over her big beautiful ass. Though both of us were getting pleasures yet we were enjoying the struggle between us. I lifted her off the ground and carried to the bed. She began to hit me painlessly with her hands and legs. Once, she bit my shoulder with her teeth. But I did not give up and shoved her to the bed lying on her back across the bed. Both of us were gasping and panting out of the wild run and chase.
I looked at her nude body and admired for a long time. In fact, both of us were boiling in the heat of sexual hunger. I separated her legs and thighs and drew it upward using force. She was not cooperating, but playfully. I told her sarcastically: " Look Neha, I am going to shoot and kill you with my gun now. Let me see how you can protect yourself". As soon as I finished saying this, I sprang on her body. In the same action, I held both her hands, stretched it side ways and pinned down to bed. I manipulated and adjusted my pelvic and tried to penetrate her pussy. Smilingly, she struggled under my body not allowing my entry. I applied more brutal force. My cock touched her hole. Since her pussy was already wet and juicy, my cock slipped into it. She moaned and writhed in pleasures though she felt a little pain while my cock pierced through her soft pussy flesh. It was a real treat to my ears as she moaned ah..aahh..aaahhh...a extended rhythmic sounds with each inch of my cock's penetration. Once my cock went fully inside, I began to fuck her savagely and incessantly using more brutal force. I ploughed the entire length of her tunnel nearly making it in a mess. Each time my cock went through her juicy tunnel, it produced slush...slush...slus h...sounds. In utmost lust, I pressed my chest hard on her big boobs. I licked her entire face while I continued to fuck her. Then I crushed her lips with hard kisses often biting them.
This was too much for her to resist. The show of acting faded from her face. Suddenly, she brought up her legs, wrapped it around my body and held me tightly pressed to her body. Simultaneously she released her hands from my clutches and hugged me tightly over my back. In a fierce manner beyond the strength of any lady, she began giving upward thrusts with her pussy by bouncing and jumping on the bed. Every time she thrust upward, she heaved making deep huuh....huhhh....huh hh...sounds. Each time our thrusts coincided, it sent my cock deeply buried inside her up to the hilt. I felt as if she wanted to send my testicles also inside her. We continued fucking like this for nearly five minutes.
Suddenly, she released her hands and legs off my body and rolled over sending me off balance to bed. I found her get up and run again. I felt like a wounded tiger whose prey slipped out of its mouth by injuring its face with nails and sped away. I too got up and went after her. She made three rounds of the room with my chasing her. Once I again caught her by her loose hairs but she suddenly turned to face me. Both of us stood looking at each other with hands extended as if two wrestlers about to fight. It was very exciting to look at her nude body and boobs swaying rhythmically to her palpitation and deep breathing. I enjoyed watching her naked wet pussy remained exposed due to her standing position with legs apart ready to pounce on me. I knew it was difficult for me to grab her from the front.
So, I adopted a trick. I looked beyond her shoulders at the window and said: Hey Neha, why don't you draw the curtains or else somebody may see you from outside through the open window". She failed to remember the curtains were already drawn in place, but my trick really worked. Suddenly she panicked and turned to look back towards the window. I sprang on her at the same moment. I grabbed her from behind and lifted her off the floor.
The commotion made my cock placed between her asses. Though I could not make any penetration into her anus, yet I made forward thrusts with my cock. As my attention was shifted toward her anus, my grip on her body became a little loose. She struggled making violent movements, freed herself from my clutches and ran again. I went after her. Lastly I caught up with her near the wooden table. I shoved her to the table sending her upper body sprawled on the table, face downward. I went behind her and clasped her tightly with my hands. She pretended to struggle savagely. Still holding her from the back, I used my legs to separate her legs and thighs so that her pussy was exposed. Once I located her hole, I released my right hand, caught my cock and guided it into her pussy. Once it went fully inside, I brought my hands from the sides of her body and cupped her big boobs. I began to make thunderous thrusts forward fucking her savagely while I squeezed both her boobs heavily. While fucking, I thrashed and stabbed her pussy the way Robinson Crusoe would have fucked a beautiful girl in the deserted island after many years he landed there. It would not be any wonder if my cock had crushed her pussy to cause bleeding injuries. The most interesting thing was both of us were getting pleasures and a little pain too due to such brutal fucking. Besides, in utmost ecstasy, we were hurling dirty and slang words at each other. Due to my rough handling and squeezing, my finger- nails dug into several places on her big boobs making tiny red marks.
As I continued with my heavy onslaught of thrusts, the table moved inch by inch. As her body also moved, I too moved forward fucking her. Lastly, the table reached and touched the wall blocking further movements. At this stage, she too kept her pussy thrust backward to welcome my fucking. Both she and I felt painful burning sensation due to mad fucking which was simply mind-boggling. I was not contended yet, so I garnered strength from all parts of my body collectively accumulated on my cock and fucked her in a crouching manner exactly the way a dog fucks a bitch. At this stage, she moaned like the whistle of an electric hooter. I wondered if I could ram her to send the table to push the wall and collapse it. I felt my cock as if its outer skin had peeled off and burning inside an electric oven. At times, during my fucking, she looked at me over her shoulders and cried: "Oh..Jai, go on fucking me, harder, deeper, give no mercy to me, injure me, pulverize me, crush my pussy, make it are really a marvelous fucker...How I wish to get such fuck every day and night.."
Her face showed great admiration for my wonderful lovemaking. My immense fucking caused accumulation of sweat-buds all over her face in spite of the air- conditioner running at maximum. She struggled to take deep breaths and gasped with each of my murderous thrusts. Yet, she yelled in requesting me not to go slow and continue punches with my cock. It was amusing to hear her words " Jai....please...plea se don't stop....please continue.....go on fucking me.....I wish to be killed by you fucking me like this...this is the best fuck I have ever got in my life....".
Lastly, I felt she contracted her vaginal muscles tightly gripping my cock inside her. She made some violent gyrations and deep moans. I knew she was reaching climax and orgasm. Her body shivered for a few seconds and went limp collapsing on the table. But she was quick to yell at me " Darling, please ejaculate inside my pussy, spray your cock-milk deeply inside my uterus, please make me pregnant, I want to give birth to your baby, I want to become the mother of your child". Her words made me mad with love and lust for her. I accelerated further making blasting thrusts. Within a couple of minutes, I attained climax. I felt my cock pumping out a lot of hot molten lava flooding her tunnel. At this point, as desired by her, I kept my cock thrust very deep inside her and deposited all my cock-milk inside her body. I remained lying on her body for a few minutes. Then I slowly made her stand up and brought her to the bed.
Both of us were dead tired and exhausted by the vigorous lovemaking and sank to bed like two fallen tree-trunks. She exclaimed: " Jai, this is the best lovemaking I ever had in my life so far. You are a wonderful lover". I said: "For me too". We rested for half- an-hour while we talked. After ordering the hotel staff to send our breakfast to the room, I went for a bath. Over breakfast, we talked again. At this time, Neha indicated she needed to return home the next morning due to some unavoidable circumstances and to avoid any suspicion in the minds of her family. That meant, we had only that day and night together. Since I cared for her safety, security and reputation, I did not force her to stay longer.
The time was 11.30 AM and we decided to go to the beach for a swim. She had no swim suits but salwar- kameez only. I gave her one of my T-Shirts and half- pants and I too wore one of the same pairs. I did not allow her to wear bras and panty. She looked stunningly beautiful and sexy in the yellow-colour T- shirt and blue half- pants. Her big boobs threatened to come out tearing the T- shirt.
Reaching the beach, we went to waist- deep water with waves hitting our bodies. There were very few people on the beach at that hour, mostly couples and honeymooners, a little far away from our place. None of them bothered to look at us rather immersed in their own way of pleasures. I and Neha engaged in playing merrily splashing water at each other. Her shirt fully wet now, stuck to her body, giving out sexy contour of her big boobs with nipples jutting out. I hugged her tightly, her boobs pressed on my chest. Then I kissed her passionately on her lips. Next I went behind her standing close to her. I slid my hands under her T-shirt and cupped her melons squeezing them. She moaned softly. I tweaked her hard erect nipples holding them between my thumbs and index fingers. Next I unbuttoned her trousers and slid it down. Squeezing one boob with my left hand, my right hand went to her pussy and began to play there. She giggled in pleasures. I separated her legs and thighs and inserted my middle finger into her pussy hole. Then I started finger-fucking her. She yelled out of pleasures. She turned to look at me with lips trembling. I kissed her madly while I continued to finger-fuck her pussy. She whispered: " Jai, you are making me hot again". "That is exactly I wanted to do", I replied. Her hand was searching for my cock now. I slid my trousers and kept the cock exposed under water. She held my erect cock and began to massage and squeeze it tightly. The temperature of our bodies was shooting up and the cold water could not bring it down.
I frantically looked along the beach but could not find any hiding place where we can make love. So, I decided to make it under water itself. We went to chest- deep level of water. I removed our trousers and kept them on my shoulder. Then I lifted her holding under her buttocks. She hung on me circling her hands and legs around my neck and body respectively. Guiding my cock with my hand, I inserted it inside her pussy. Then we began to fuck, still under water. She began to moan loudly as our thrusts accelerated. I lifted her T-shirt exposing her big boobs. I sucked her boobs while I thrust my cock forward in quick succession to fuck her. She too was bouncing and jumping, still clinging to me. While sucking her boobs at water level, some salty sea water went inside my mouth and often I had to drink it. After five minutes of our vigorous fucking, both of us reached climax simultaneously. I could find some of my seminal fluid oozed out of her pussy floating on the water surface. She quickly collected it on her palms and swallowed it down her throat.
Feeling exhausted after our fucking, we put on our trousers again and came to the shore. We rested on the sandy beach keeping our hands wrapped around each other's body. After fifteen minutes, we went to the waters again and took bath. Wiping up our bodies and changing to new pair of dresses kept at the beach, we returned to the hotel room. We took bath in nude together once again in the bathroom playing merrily. After a sumptuous lunch, we slept for a couple of hours hugging each other. Later, we took a cab and went around the place for sight- seeing. After dinner in a restaurant, we came back to our room around 11 o'clock in the night. Do I need to tell more? The story was to repeat again and again with our engaging in erotic foreplays and lovemaking in various positions at intervals and rest throughout the night. At the end of it in the early morning, we felt we never had such exciting and wonderful experiences even during our respective honeymoon days. After breakfast, we packed up to leave. We locked our bodies in a tight embrace and passionate kiss lasting three minutes. We thanked each other profusely for the magnificent happiness and pleasures given to each other. Boarding the train at railway station, we bid goodbye and I saw her off. I still remember her face brimming with emotions and sentiments as she continued to look at me through the window when her train moved.
Well friends, how did you enjoy reading this experience of mine? You are welcome to mail me your views. Ladies desirous of making decent friendship or for erotic mails/chat or for real experience are welcome to contact me to my e- mail ID: n
Hi to all readers of Kerala Erotica sex stories. I am Jairaj from Kerala, now working in Calcutta. I am 43 years old, but energetic, enthusiastic and very young at heart. As good luck had always smiled on me because of my charismatic nature, I had a stream of relationships with girls and ladies in my life which I would like to share with you. I am going to describe one of my best experiences in life with the wife of my friend.
Once, my friend went to another city far off on an official assignment for a couple of weeks. He requested me to keep in touch with is wife in case of any urgent need or help which I gladly agreed to. The very next day of his leaving, I got a phone call from her. She wanted to come over to my place on Saturday evening for a confidential talk in privacy. I said she was most welcome though she told to let me know the exact time of her reaching later. Before hanging up, she giggled meaningfully asking me to wonder about what she wanted to talk to me.
On Saturday, two days later, in the evening I got another call from her to tell she would be reaching my place at about 10.00 in the night. She requested me to keep the front-door of my flat unbolted. She had given me sufficient hints and I could easily guess the purpose of a lonely lady visiting a man in the late hours of night.
Here, I would like to give a description of the lady. She was around 35 years old, fair and good-looking. Adding to her sensual vital 36-30- 36 statistics, she exuded sex-appeal from body and appearance. She looked a seductive temptress from head to foot. I could guess she must be very hot and horny. Besides, I had reasons to believe she was not sexually satisfied with her husband.
I had taken my dinner early and was looking, through the window, at the night sky heavily clad with dark clouds. It was brightly lit with occasional serpentine lightning followed by roars of deafening thunder. Interestingly, what was going on outside was exactly happening in my mind too. My mind was excited over the thoughts of what was possibly going to happen in my flat that night starting from next 10-15 minutes. Soon, the nature unleashed heavy storm making trees sway their heads menacingly. As expected, heavy downpour started, each drop of rain measuring like a bucketful of water.
After about five minutes, I heard a faint sound of my front door being pushed open gently. I was expecting that anytime. Luckily, the apartment opposite mine was vacant. I went to the door to welcome and let her in. Her condition was really pathetic. She was completely soaked in the rain and her wet sari stuck to her fair body like a second skin showing off the contours and curvature of her silky body in a voluptuous way. Worse, the " anchal" (pallu) of her sari was off place and her big bosom was heaving heavily with the nipples jutting out provocatively. I thought she was either running or walking quickly with long strides in the rains to reach my place without being noticed by anyone. The transparent sari, blouse and light pink bras which became see-through being wet, gave a semi-nude appearance of her big, well- shaped breasts. No wonder, if her electrifying appearance in that sensual and captivating manner made thousands of volts of current pass through my nerves, I was not to be blamed for. She had known very well I was a well- mannered gentleman. Though I was trying hard to keep my own self and composure, she noticed a sudden sparkle appeared in my eyes when I shot a quick glance all over her body for once. She knew it was human and natural. She knew too it would have been difficult even for a saint to resist his burning temptation looking at her provocative and sexy body in the drenched condition.
The nature continued with its furious onslaught of torrential rain, storm, lightning and thunder. She gave a sexy smile and excused herself to request me to show my bathroom. I led her indoors and bolted the front- door. I took a pair of my kurta and pyjama and gave it to her for changing. I ushered her to the bathroom attached to my bedroom but quickly told her that its bolt was having a little loose fitting. I sat on my bed paging through a magazine.
She shut herself inside the bathroom. A few minutes later, I heard the shower running. I was trying to imagine how she looked like in nude under the shower. I lost all interest in the magazine and kept it aside.
A few minutes later, the bathroom door was opened carefully a little and she called at me requesting to hand over a towel. I went towards the door with a towel. She hid her nude body behind the door and extended her hand to outside. I placed the towel on her hand and apologized for forgetting to give one before. When my fingers touched hers, I felt a chill run up my spine. As I turned to walk back, the Mother Nature played the naughty trick. The strong wind that rushed inside the room through the open windows of bedroom, gained access through the half-opened bathroom door as cross- ventilation and pushed it ajar with huge force, sending her unbalanced and tripping to the bathroom floor. In the melee, she released a suppressed scream spontaneously. I turned back, went running to her rescue. I held her, made her stand up and inspected if she was hurt or injured. But she was fine. But, alas! The situation was really inexplicable and indescribable. Both of us became suddenly aware she was stark nude. As I glanced over her wet, sensual, naked body, my mouth opened in the shape of a big 'O'. Both of us became aware, our respective mental equilibriums were being lost. The mysterious chemistry began to work. History was going to repeat once again. Our eyes met for a few seconds which spoke to each other in an unknown language. We also became aware our bodies were boiled up. She became a bundle of shyness and blush. As she hurriedly tried to cover up her bosom and pubic area with the towel, I went near her, like a somnambulist. All hell broke loose as I touched her and hugged her tightly keeping my face buried on her neck. I did not know if I was kissing or licking her neck, as both of us were in another world. When my searching mouth covered her lips, she came to her senses. My hot breath was all over her face. My kisses were very soft but sensual. My hands were caressing all over her naked back. The temperature generated inside her was so much that her wet body dried up in no time.
I led her to the bedroom, still holding her close to me. She seemed to please me with her obedience. I made her lay on my bed. I sat on the bedside, looking at and admiring her nude body for a long time. She felt shy and blushed when my gaze fixed on her bosom and her love triangle. Slowly, I went closer and began to kiss her from head to foot. She moaned when my lips touched her thick lips, nipples and inner thighs. I was careful not to touch her pussy. I planted hot, sensual kisses on her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, neck, armpits, breasts, nipples, navel, thighs and foot. Then I began to lick her body, again from head to foot. I made her lay facing down and kissed and licked her nape and back. On completion, I turned her over and concentrated on the erotic zones of her body. First I took her each lip into my mouth and began to suck - first softly and later hard. Then, I took her tongue inside my mouth and sucked it hard.
Next, I moved to her firm, protruding breasts. Her boobs were fairly big, may be 36"C size. I wanted her to sit on bed and milk me like a baby. So, she squatted on the bed, keeping my head on her left hand rested on her lap. She held her left breast with her right hand and slowly thrust the nipple into my mouth. I took it inside and began to suck it, first delicately and then hard. I cupped her right breast with my left hand and began to play, fiddle and squeeze it while I continued to suck her other breast. Though her nipples were soft and tender, but they became firm and erect as I began to suck it. Due to my squeezing, the flesh of her large breast seemed to spill out through the gaps in between my fingers. After sometime, I exchanged with her other breast for my sucking. As I sucked, she kept her upper body bent a little backward in extreme pleasure. Her eyes were closed out of the pleasurable sensation she derived while I sucked and squeezed her breasts. This went on for nearly twenty minutes.
Once both of us were satisfied, I made her lay on her back on the bed again. Now, my mouth was making its downward journey from her bosom. As my mouth touched her cleanly-shaven pussy, suddenly she arched her body a little with a shrill moan. My mouth probed her entire pussy with frequent hot kisses. Occasionally, I rubbed my chin and cheeks on her pussy giving titillations and pleasurable sensations. Then I began licking it madly. This made her squirm in bed in utmost ecstasy. She admitted her husband never mouthed her pussy before and she was enjoying this pleasure for the first time. I licked her entire pussy the way one wipes the floor with a cloth. Then I separated the outer and inner labia with my fingers. I found her clitoris, took it inside my mouth and began to suck it. Ohhhh.....aahhh.... she released a wild shrill and yell out of extreme pleasure of ecstasy as I continued to suck her clitoris hard. After five minutes or so, I observed her pussy became very hot, wet and secretions almost oozing and dripping out. I separated her vaginal walls and slowly inserted my tongue into her love- tunnel. I began to twist my tongue and lick the inner walls of her vagina in a wild way. This made her go out of her head as she moaned and bounced on the bed involuntarily arching her body frequently. She held my head with the hairs, pulling them apart and pressing my head very hard to her pussy encouraging me to suck more hard. I was enjoying myself by sucking and gulping her pussy juice, now secreting profusely. I seemed to be thirsty for a month or so by the way I sucked her pussy eager to quench my thirst, as my wife was in the native place. I think the more I sucked, the more juice her pussy secreted. Sometimes, my sucking was so intense and hard, it made whistling sounds. And the wriggling of her body was so wild I thought she may nearly topple out of the bed.
Suddenly, I had a change of mind. I lay on bed on my back and asked her to sit on near my face. She understood what I wanted. Mounting and sitting on my face, she separated her legs and thighs as widely as possible and thrust her pussy on my face and mouth. As her pussy found its way into my mouth, she closed her thighs covering my face in a suffocating manner. As I began to suck, she bounced and jumped in sheer ecstasy and pleasure thrusting her pussy very hard onto my mouth. As she wanted to suck my cock, I stopped her. She didn't know the reason why I declined for the same, till we reached the final stages of our lovemaking later. As my sucking continued for more than fifteen minutes, I became aware her body was completely gripped with lust and libido. I knew she could not sustain any longer as she wanted the real thing soon and fast. I observed the burning desires reflected on her eyes, understood her expressions and body language. She lay on her back keeping her legs and thighs widely apart and raised, inviting me to penetrate and bury myself inside her body.
We stood up and she began to undress me. Once I was fully nude, she observed my hot and erect cock curiously. Perhaps she was trying to imagine what mayhem my menacing monster may make once entered inside her love- tunnel. As she was unable to restrain any more with the burning desires, she wanted me to make love to her soon. But, I excused myself and went to my adjacent drawing room. I returned after five minutes or so while she was still in bed. I mounted on her, but not exactly sitting on her body, taking care not to put any weight of my body on her. She pressed her boobs together with her hands. I inserted my cock in the cleavage, between the breasts and started making thrusts. She must have felt my cock very hot and rock-like. I continued to fuck her breasts for nearly five minutes. Then she caught my cock, placed its tip on one of her nipples and drew the outer skin of my cock to cover her nipple. I made delicate thrusts with my cock to her nipple. It looked as if her boob was milking my cock or my cock feeding her boob. We were getting pleasure, indeed.
I suggested to her to have different positions, both of us having individual choice alternately. She wanted me first to have my choice. So, I made her lay on her back keeping her buttocks close to the edge of the bed. I kept a soft pillow under her buttocks and widened her legs and thighs maximum possible apart keeping the toes resting on the bedside. Yeah, this position made her large, velvet pussy elevated and very much revealing. I placed myself between her legs and kept the head of my erect cock at the opening of her vagina. Her pussy was slightly palpitating and throbbing, welcoming the entry of my cock pronto. I made delicate thrusts and pushes. She reciprocated releasing soft erotic moans. As her pussy was already wet and juicy, my cock penetrated smoothly, inch-by-inch, inside. Once fully inside, I made slow thrusts then increased my force and speed. She was fully enjoying my thrusts. As the momentum gained up, in extreme pleasure, she locked my body with her legs tightly around my hips and bounced to give upward reciprocating thrusts to match mine. She looked as if immersed in the ocean of sexual pleasure as she released wild shrills out of sheer ecstasy. Each time, when our thrusts coincided, my cock was driven fully inside her love-tunnel shaking her body. She moaned fiercely each time I entered her, swaying her head side ways releasing ecstatic moans. Every time my hot cock went deep inside her pussy, it made soft plushhhh...plushhh.. plushhh.. sound. In utmost ecstasy, she moaned: " Oh...dear....fuck me more eper... plough my pussy....tear it apart....make it bleed.... quench my thirst....kill me... extinguish my fire of lust inside my pussy with your cock- milk sprayed all over.... Aaahhhh..... ooohhhh... I am getting extreme pleasures....You are a marvelous lover....You took me to Heaven for the first time. How I wish this thing to happen every night. Unfortunately, my stupid hubby is incapable to give it...". I responded and really accelerated, my cock now working inside her like the piston of a steam- engine running at 1000 kilometers per hour. I shook her body and the cot each time I entered and withdrew in quick succession. This went on for nearly ten minutes. I knew, she was about to reach climax as she made spasmodic movements and gyrations with her body, her vaginal muscles gripped my cock tightly crushing it inside her vagina. I also enjoyed it and in another few seconds, she made a loud shrill and cry and went limp. Yeah, she attained orgasm.
As she opened her eyes a little later, they reflected her fullest satisfaction. I was still licking her pussy juice from the vagina as an After-play. She frankly expressed she experienced the pleasure of reaching orgasm while fucking for the first time in her life. We rested for a few minutes. I told it was her turn to dominate now. So, I lay on my back. She seated herself on my body near my thighs keeping her legs folded backward at each side of my body. She held my cock with her right hand and with the help of her other hand, she slowly guided it into her pussy. With a little pull and push, it went fully inside. Then, she speeded up with violent and vigorous thrusts sending my cock deep inside her. She was bouncing and jumping in the act. The pleasure was too much for her as she leaned her upper body backward keeping her hands at the back of her buttocks, as a support, so that she could thrust her pussy forward with more brutal force. While she fucked this way, I cupped her boobs and squeezed them. She was reaching the pinnacle of sexual pleasure and ecstasy indeed. Later she bent forward, hugged and kissed me passionately on my mouth as she continued her onslaught of vigorous lovemaking with her pelvic in a crouching manner. While she did so, I lovingly caressed her back. In another five minutes, she reached her second climax. It was too much for me to control and I also burst out flooding her love- tunnel with my cock milk.
We lay side by side and rested for nearly twenty minutes. Now, it was going to be my turn next. I had known watching the images of lovemaking reflected on a mirror, gives extra pleasure to the lady. Both of us stood up and came to the big dressing-table having a full-length mirror. I placed a writing table in front of the mirror and made her stand on the floor touching the table, facing the mirror. I made her bend forward, the upper body facing and resting on the table, keeping her legs and thighs widely separated. I stood behind her and tried to penetrate her pussy with my cock. Yeah, I had difficulty. She helped by keeping her thighs maximum possible apart and separating her vaginal walls with her hands. With a little adjustment of our postures, my cock went half inside her. It was then I made a thunderous thrust with my cock. It pained both of us, but my cock went inside fully the way a hot knife cuts through a lump of cheese. I bent forward lying on her back, embracing her body with my hands. I clasped my legs with hers. Then I started fucking her while I cupped and squeezed her breasts. This posture was more or less the way a dog fucks a bitch. I made vigorous thrusts with my cock ramming it deep inside her pussy and taking it out in quick succession and force, simultaneously squeezing her boobs with my hands. She held her pelvic thrust backward, each time I made forward thrusts. This way, I hit her uterus violently. She moaned and yelled, a little with pain and more with pleasure while we both enjoyed seeing our nude, clasped bodies and lovemaking reflected on the mirror. She liked this position very much and told me if the lovemaking could continue throughout the night. In fact, we were enjoying this doggy position the most as with my each thrusts, her body was moved a little forward along with the table. In another five minutes of my vigorous fucking, she reached her third round of climax. She expressed her admiration by licking my whole face with her tongue.
We came to the bed again hugging and kissing each other, now a little tired and exhausted. I asked her if she would like to have a cup of hot coffee to replenish our energies. She readily agreed on the condition that she would make the coffee. So, I showed her the kitchen, gas, utensils, sugar, milk, etc. While she was making coffee, still nude, I went behind her and started caressing and playing with her ass. I tried to push my cock into her anus knowing it won't go inside in standing position. Then, I knelt in front of her and started licking her still wet pussy. She was enjoying my sex-play deriving maximum pleasure while she made coffee though she patted my head and told lovingly...." Oh... naughty lover, there is a time for everything... why can't you wait till I finished making coffee"?
After a cup of good, steaming coffee, we came to the bed. I sat keeping my back resting on the side-rail of the bed, while she sat in front of me keeping her back resting on my chest and her legs and thighs separated. My one hand was busy squeezing one of her boobs while my other hand played with her pussy. It was really astonishing for me, but my play turned her on very soon as she turned to look at me hungrily. I welcomed her _expression with a smile and nod and said it was now her turn to dominate again.
So, as suggested by me, we stood on the floor, facing each other in front of the mirror. I kept her hands circled around my neck tightly. I held her at her buttocks with my hands. Then she made a big jump mounting on to my waist-line circling my pelvic with her legs. The attempt was to insert and drive my erect cock deep into her pussy at one go. But we did not succeed. We tried 3-4 more times, yet we failed. Lastly, we could manage it by inserting it inside her pussy with the help of her hands. Now, she clung on to my body with her hands and legs while I held her tightly at her buttocks with my hands and my cock fully buried inside her pussy. Once the penetration was full and perfect, she started bouncing, still clinging to me and sending my cock deep inside and a little outside. We both looked at our own reflections on the mirror while we made love this way and enjoyed to see it. It was uncomfortable for me to hold her entire body weight for long, but as I saw she was enjoying it the most, I told her to continue as long as she wanted. Luckily for me, within another 4-5 minutes, she reached her next climax.
As she offloaded herself from my body and glanced at my still erect cock, suddenly something seemed to crystallize in her mind as if she had not thought of it before. It really made her wonder that in spite of our four rounds of lovemaking spread over nearly two hours now and each time she reaching climax, yet, I ejaculated only once. She wondered how this could be possible! She knew men normally reach climax, ejaculate and pump their seminal fluid within 5-10 minutes of the fucking. When she asked me so, I smiled at her but did not say anything. As she persisted with her mounting curiosity, I told her that before our lovemaking, I went to the adjacent room to practice the yoga technique to control my mind and body so that I can continue lovemaking withholding my ejaculation for longer periods. Suddenly she showed her respect and admiration for me for sacrificing my own pleasures for her sake. But she was determined to give me my share of enjoyment. Though she told me so, I thankfully refused as she was visibly very tired and exhausted. I felt that she would be unable to sustain for another round, may be for next few hours. She was not going to give up but determined to give me entire satisfaction of our union and lovemaking.
Yielding to her request, I again went to the adjacent room. She peeped through the window to see me sitting on the floor in the " Padmasana" posture of the Yoga Asana, in meditation and deeply breathing. After a few minutes, I stood up and went to her. To her query, I said I practiced yoga once again to relax my mind and body so that I can reach climax now and ejaculate.
So, as the last round, we went to the bathroom. We stood under the running shower hugging and kissing each other. After both of us were fully drenched, I took her to the bathroom wall and kept her back leaned and resting on the wall. I widened her legs and thighs so that her pussy became visible. I inserted my cock inside her slowly. With a few pull and push, it went nearly full inside. I moved my right hand and caught the flexible shower turned to spray water on our bodies. Then I started my real assault inside her pussy, sending my cock deep inside her. She found me a marvelous lover as I ploughed her entire pussy with my cock and nearly made it in a mess. Though she was getting pleasure, perhaps it went exponential by the thought that she was submissive to me now to help me get my climax and sexual satisfaction. And, she told me that for the first time, she enjoyed lovemaking under a running shower. Within a few minutes, I attained orgasm and I kept my entire cock fully thrust inside her deeply at that moment. She said she could easily feel my cock pumping and spraying my cock-milk deep inside her. Though she wanted her body to absorb every drop of my fluid, but being in our standing position, it oozed and dripped out of her vagina. As soon as I completed my ejaculation, for the first time, I limped and my body fell on to her like a fallen tree-trunk. She caressed my head, now resting on her bosom. She kissed and licked my entire face passionately. She seemed to have developed great admiration and respect for me. A few minutes later, I woke up from my slumber, slowly withdrew my cock from her vagina. We bathed together under the shower and soaped each other. While we still stood under the shower, I knelt in front of her and began to drink the water flowing through her body and dripping out of her pussy. Smilingly, she asked me: "Hey... naughty lover....are you still thirsty"? I did not reply, but gave her a smile which spoke volumes.
We wiped and dried up our bodies and came back to the bedroom. We sat on the bed and talked for some time. Then she put on her clothes which were still little wet. She combed her hair and got ready. I glanced at the wall-clock which showed 2.10 AM. It was still drizzling outside. Though both of us wanted to spend more time together, but she insisted of going back to her house soon to avoid risk of being noticed. I thought it was okay as some people used to wake up around 3.30 AM to pluck flowers from shrubs around for their morning pujas.
We came clinging to each other, to the front door. Then we hugged and our lips glued in a hot, deep and long passionate kiss. In a low voice, she profusely thanked me for the most wonderful and unforgettable pleasures given to her. I thanked her too in reciprocation. She added it was for the first time she experienced orgasm, that too in multiple. When she got out of my house, she looked over her shoulders, smiled and waved at me in a gesture of goodbye. I too waved back.
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This is not a story but can be called an event in real life. This event centers around a family whose daughter happens to be my very close friend. For reasons of privacy, the names are replaced by some fictitious names. But the other things remain the same. Nair's are a close knit family with three members -the father, Mr. Y.P Nair, the mother, Mrs. Nair and my friend Ms. Anita Nair. They happen to reside in one of the metros of India (city not disclosed for obvious reasons). The family is very graceful and somewhat conservative. The want of space for lavish residence has resulted in Nair's opting for Two-bed roomed flat at a complex in the southern heart of the city.
Nair's have brought in Unni from their native place in Kollam, some eight years back when Mr. Nair has been transferred to this city. Unni, a ten-year-old lad then, has been brought in to help Mrs. Nair in the daily chores. Thus, Unni has found, then, his space on the floor of Anita's room. This accommodation, in no way, has hampered Anita's privacy then, because Unni at Ten years of age is too young to be of any concern. My friendship rolls eight years back, when Anita at Twenty (20) has come to enroll in the final year at our college. However, years have rolled by and Unni reaches the adolescence stage. Naturally, the stage brings with it all the evil yearnings to know and discover.
Unni in no way can be an exception. Unni, in the mean time has made a few friends in the residential complex and outside. Some of his friends are of his age while few are older to him. Most of his friends are domestic helpers in category. But, Unni has never been treated as a domestic helper as such. Perhaps, the enjoyment and thrill he derives from nasty talks on sex has made Unni come closer to those friends. But, this in no way has bothered the Nair's from letting Unni share Anita;s room because they have felt the phase of inquisitiveness to know on sex shall pass over in good time, Moreover, five years have rolled by since Unni has slept on the floor of Anita's room and no such necessity has been felt to ask him to sleep in the dining space, However, Anita has felt some changes in the looks of Unni which is so apparent, which a woman can easily identify. However, looks of Unni never appeared to be threatening.
Though Anita has noticed that these days Unni takes personal care in washing, drying and ironing her clothes, specially her under- garments, along with others in the house, she has preferred to ignore it altogether. Anita has said that she has found nothing sinful in his taking interest in her. Anita has said that may be Unni has been trying to impress his loyalty towards the family. Once, Anita has been pedicuring her toes at bedtime before going to sleep, that Unni asks her whether he will help her in washing her feet. Pedicuring at bedtime is nothing new to Anita, but obviously Unni's voluntary help in this regard is something new and brow raising. Normally, if her parents have had been awake, and has had the time not been past mid-night, Anita may have given a second thought to his offer.
But, Anita's senses having found nothing sinful in Unni's offer, asks him to bring the tumbler to her bedroom, where she can be able to relax while Unni shall be washing her feet. "Unni, please put-off the lights at the dining and the corridor, and bring the tumbler at the bedroom" , Anita says. "Yes, Ma'am." Unni replies. Unni comes with the tumbler and asks "Ma'am, where shall I keep it?" . "Oh, Yes... keep it over here... yes, yes... near the bed... will it be easy to clean if I recline on my bed, Unni?" Anita says. Unni nods his head in affirmation. "But Unni do one thing... do close the door... if Mom or Papa gets up and see you cleaning my feet,... something shall be in store for you as well as for me too... "Anita says. Anyway, Anita sees nothing wrong and stretches herself on the bed with her half of the body, from toe to torso, remaining outside the bed. "Unni, will it be alright?" Anita asks.
Now, when Anita has narrated upto this point, I have asked her whether she has thought by such posturing, the mercurial temperature of Unni's body may have soared. I am full ten years elder to Unni... and by the way, Unni is only fifteen... i have never thought it can happen" Anita has replied then. Anita has worn a sleeveless knee- length loose attire. Obviously, while stretching on the bed, Anita's hem of the dress has stretched above her knee. However, Unni on meticulously cleaning the toe and the heels of her feet, has used a towel to dry her feet. After that, Unni has asked Anita " Ma'am, please push yourself up on the bed... i have cleaned you feet... do you want me to apply any cream on your feet... ". Anita, by now, must have some sensual organ shaken that has left in her an awkward feeling of sensation. She has opined within herself that Unni's hand must have some role to play in tickling her sensation in such vigorous manner.
Obviously, while thinking about the ticklish feeling that she is enjoying and trying to reason out the cause, Anita mechanically follows Unni's appeal to move up the bed and nods her head in affirmation to the application of any cream on her feet. Anita is a hairy woman. She has fine silky hair down her legs and up on her thighs. Those hairs are sparsely knitted on her thighs and her legs in plaited form. Although, Unni has not revealed his feelings while applying the cream on her feet, but his questions and statements are too apparent to ignore; moreso such statements are far too inciting for Anita to ignore. "Ma'am, will you let me apply some lotion on your legs... by the way, your legs are so hairy... i like it (Unni murmurs)" . Anita, by now, has been transfixed in an absolute sensation; her innerself yearning for some physical pleasure. But she cannot dare reveal her feelings for certain unexplained fear. Mechanically, she nods in approval. Anita feels in a few moment, Unni's hands massaging the legs upto her knees. "Ma'am, you are hairy too up your thighs... "Unni says
. Anita asks Unni "But how do you know... ?... no you are wrong... "But Anita starts feeling his hands moving slowly up her thighs as Unni speaks" Ma'am, if I am wrong, then what are these... "as Unni moves up caressing his hands through her outer thighs up to her waist. Anita's chubby thighs are all revealing for Unni's looks. Perhaps, Unni has never imagined himself to be in such a situation. The hem of her dress has very little left for the ultimate revelation, when Unni stops (perhaps out of fear of reprimand from Anita). He withdraws his hands from Anita's thighs and perhaps to bring parity to the whole situation, he says" Ma'am, I am more hairy than you are... "Anita, shamefully acknowledges that fact of her being hairy... and without even trying to adjust the hem of her dress, she crosses her thighs while reclining on one hand on the bed, thereby revealing her hairy armpits, and says" Unni, it is true that I am hairy... but I cannot tell anything about you" . Unni asks for permission to open his long loose cotton dress, which reaches upto his toes from the waist.
As Unni opens up, Anita sees Unni in a front crotch-open brown underwear. From legs to the thighs, Unni is really too hairy. Anita asks Unni to sit closer, while caressing her hands through Unni's thighs. Unni, perhaps with excitement and desperation asks Anita's permission to open his underwear and let her see his ultimate hairy culmination... "Ma'am, I am more hairy up here... will I open it" . Anita is in absolute directionless state, as she feels Unni's hands massaging her inner thighs and trying to move up, cutting through the creamy cross of her thighs, the reclining position in which Anita is in. She says, at-least to stop Unni's exploratory hands for the moment, "Yes,... but... are you sure... ". As Unni opens up his underwear, not only Anita looks at the hairy stuff below the navel, but also at the thick and long penis .
Anita' s hand instinctively moves through the hair around the penis and touches the heated rod . As Anita has been slowly massaging the balls of the penis and jacking it to and fro, she has actually parted her legs and changed her position to have a better look at it. Now, Unni lifts the hem of her dress over her head to make Anita completely nude. However, a mild objection from Anita in the form of murmur cannot be heard in midst of heavy breathing. Heavy boobs, with black bushy cunt have made Unni's penis more stiffer and thicker. With both hands, he has sucked through the dark, thick nipples, to make them grow longer. Anita has by now, reclined her head on the hairy thighs of Unni and close enough to the penis to give it a gentle lick. At the same time, she has spread her legs wide for Unni's discovery. Anita has felt that Unni has parted the lips of her cunt and enjoying a lick at her Clit. The clit of Anita is not only long but thick as well. The sensation at the clit, has made Anita to lick at the bulb of the penis for the first time.
Hi am Vinod from Adoor. Once my mother got transfer to a distant college in northern Kerala. The only problem was my father and myself. We needed someone to look after us, the house and also to cook our food. The nature of my fathers job was such that he never turned up before 9pm. So someone was needed to take care of me. A frantic search was made in the neighbourhood and long forgotten relatives were given a call. The need of the hour was an elderly lady but as luck would have it none could be found. Time was running out and my mother had to leave. The only available maid was aged only 20, 2 years older than me.My mother showed by her looks that she was not impressed but had to agree to this compromise candidate. Hema as she was called was an orphan living with her uncle in a nearby city. She was introduced by a distant aunt who brought her over to our house, bag and baggage. To my great surprise she was pretty and before I could steal a few glances my mother packed me off to my room. From behind closed doors I could hear mom explaining to her the nitty gritty, such as her duties and where she would have to sleep.
I didnt get to see her the next morning as I had to go to school and she was busy helping mother to pack. That evening before leaving, mom called me to her room and asked me to treat Hema like a sister. She gave me a long lecture on discipline and how I should conduct myself in her absence. She also gave me some money and asked me to take Hema to the nearby garment market in the evening so that she could buy herself some clothes. I went to see her off at the station and only returned at around 6.30pm. Hema opened the door, she must have been told in advance for she appeared ready to go. We took an auto. An elerly woman was occupying the seat and after Hema took her seat there was precious little space left for me. I squeezed in with great difficulty and we set off. After a while I felt something soft against my elbow and to my great shock discovered that it was Hemas breasts. I dared not look. She went from shop to shop intending to buy nighties and few undergarments. She appeared a bit shy in my presence and quietly asked the shop keeper to provide her with the items. She asked for a bra, the attendent look for a moment at her breast. He made me jealous. Shopping over we returned home.
I went to my room to undress while Hema made for the kitchen saying that she was going to make tea. After changing I went to the kitchen to have my cup as was the normal rule of the house- no room service. I received the shock of my life, the tea was an excuse. Hema was changing, she had just removed her skirt and blouse and was standing in her panties. She had her back to me and I could not get a peek at her exposed breasts. She put on a slip and nighty which we had just purchased but I couldnt risk being seen so went back to my room.
Nothing significant happened that evening. She packed all her old clothes and gave them to me to keep in the loft. Father returned and we had dinner and then went to bed. Hema made herself comfortable on the floor. My mother had given her some bedding and this she laid down on the marble floor of the hall. As was my habit, I used to go to the toilet around midnight, that day was no exception. It was dark all around and I took the torch. I had to pass by the hall to reach the toilet and while doing so I happened to point the torch unintentionally at the girl on the floor. The sleeping beauty was in seventh heaven but her dress had ridden up to her waist making her black panty visible. I had never seen anything so beautiful and innocent but feared that the light would wake her up. Still I couldnt but admire her smooth thighs.
The sight haunted me the whole night. The next day being saturday I returned late after coaching classes. On entering the flat using my duplicate key I found the familiar smell of agarbatti and thought that mom had returned. Rusing into the puja room I found a new goddess, Hema dressed only in my mothers red bordered white saree was offering prayers to the family God. I quickly changed took my bath and rushed to show my devotion. I noticed that she was not wearing a blouse or a petticoat as there were none around that would fit her. One look and it became evident that she was not good at wearing the saree for she had tucked it hear and there to prevent it from slipping off. I took my seat beside her as this was a vantage point. The outline of her breasts were visible and whenever she moved her arms to offer flowers of light the diyas the saree moved a little providing a fleeting glimpse of the rounded mammaries. At the end she got onto her knees and bent down to touch the ground before the image when all of a sudden the sari end which had been tucked into her waist came loose and one of her breasts became exposed. Since she was in deep prayer she didnt notice but I had a view of heaven. But since she was so close I didnt want to let her know that I had seen the beautiful sight so I returned to my room. That night I was too tired to remain awake and went to bed early.
The next morning being Sunday was to prove very busy. I was lying in bed contemplating the engagements of the day when Hema entered my room. She was clad in a slip which reached upto her thighs, it became evident that she had been washing the clothes for she was wet. She asked me for my school uniform and I indicated the wardrobe before me. What I hadent realised was that I was to get a treat. My uniform was normally kept on the lower runk and so when she bent down to pick them up, her panties were revealed. Good morning!they seemed to say to me. I watched at leasure. Later on I repeatedly went to the bathroom on one pretext or the other to only look down her cleavage.
She had washed plenty of clothes but unfortunately it rained heavily and none of them dried, not even hers. She had only one dress on and a closer look at the clothes line showed that she had no undergarments save a panty. That evening I thought of a plan. Papa had earlier in the day left on an inspection trip and would return only next day. While having our evening meal I intentionally dropped tomato sauce on her dress but made it appear an accident. I asked her forgiveness for having spoilt her dress and at the same time made it a point that tomato sauce stains are stingy and need to be dealt with immediately. But she said that she would do it later. I feared that she hadent taken the bait. After I went to bed having switched off the light I couldnt sleep. Suddenly I saw a light flicker in the hall. The narrow opening below the door gave me an indication that she had not slept. The bathroom tap was turned on and my heart began to race. Was this the moment I had been waiting for. Sleep went away- from now on it was an endless wait. I heard her come back, switch off the light and then all that remained was the humming of the fan. After waiting a good two hours, the longest in my life, I moved out of bed. I opened the door and moved with jelly legs towards her.Hema was in deep slumber covered by a thin bedsheet - if my calculation was not wrong, she would be partially naked under it. She was lying on her back.With quivering hands I touched the end of the sheet began to pull it. At first it would not budge but with little patience it began to move . As I slid away from her body my heart skipped a beat. That night I had a mermaid before my eyes. I gently touched her breasts and nipples. Not knowing what to do, I gently began to caress them. Hema uttered moans in her sleep making me afraid. Having uncovered the sheet completely I saw the bulge of the panty and tiny hair around the edge of the pink little thing.This was the glorious night I had been waiting for.
The next day school was closed on account of Foundation Day and I decided to stay at home.Hema was busy with her household chores. At around noon she went to take her bath. I was reading a pornographic novel when all of a sudden there was a metallic clang and a crashing sound followed by a scream of pain. Fearing the worst I rushed to the bathroom which was closed from inside, further enquires were answered with moans. Finally the door opened and I discovered the maiden on the floor writhing in pain. She was clad in my mothers red bordered saree. She had probably wrapped it around her body before opening the door. As I attempted to pick her up from the floor it tended to slip off her wet body. Evidently she had slipped. I brought her out with great effort supporting her by hoisting one of her hands on my shoulder and holding her waist with my right hand. She was heavy and her wet body was making it difficult to maintain a good grip. I half supported, half dragged her. She was in deep pain and tears were flowing out of her eyes. As we neared my room her legs gave way and I had to halt momentarily. It was then that I noticed that the sari had slipped off her buttocks. I grabbed her torso and tried to lift her once again. My hand was in a tight embrace under the breast. From the corner of my eye I notice that it was locked firmly under her breasts.
Finally we reached my bed, I laid her down but she lacked the strength to even pull up her legs. On enquiring about the source of the pain she said that it was the lower back which had struck against an iron bucket. Her sari was in a dishaveled condition and to be in her good books I adjusted it a bit, she didnt protest. I reached for the phone to call the family doctor but she adviced me against doing so saying that it would be all right soon. I offered to apply some pain killing cream to which she agreed after much persuation.
I told her to turn over and parted the saree to expose the waist. Starting from the mid back I progressed downward towards her buttocks along the length of her backbone. The sari clad mounds seemed tempting and as I moved my hands up and down her back, each time I advanced a bit further down pushing the loose sari each time. When it was half down her buttocks she reached out and adjusted it again but at the very next attempt I advanced both my palms deep down, all the way, she tried to move my hand away but it was too late, the rounded buttocks were in full view and she did not want to give the impression that she was feeling shy about it. All the while I had maintained conversation to distract her. Now there was no stopping, the hands
were moving all over and her cries of pain were laced with love. Having massaged her waist I went to the shoulders. Turning to face her I ran my hands over her belly up her breasts towards her shoulder blades, but to do so I had to proceed through a path which went below her saree. Now the saree had little function, the breasts were visible from the side.I gave her a pain killer and a digestive tablet. She got up to take the medicines but had to be helped up to do so, when I lifted her off the bed the saree remained behind. She quickly smiled and gathered it around her. She requested me to fetch the clothes that were hanging on the terrace. As I picked up her clothes I touched them to my face to feel her beautiful smell. She recovered partially by late evening. After having dinner fetched from a nearby hotel I gave her a sedative saying it would coure the remaining pain.
I had given a large size shirt belonging to father as she couldnt raise her hands to put on her nightdress. I advised her to wear it front to back so that she would not have to lift her hands. Moreover I offered to massage her back once again before going to sleep. I would be sleeping on the sofa in the hall, this is what I said but didnt mean.
After shutting all the doors and the lights I returned to my room to find her deep in sleep. The medicine was working wonders. She was lying on her side facing away from me. I undid the buttons of the shirt and set about releaving her of it. Soon she was left in her panties which I slid down her legs. She was now in her first birthday clothes.I stripped down to the skin and lay down
beside her caressing her all over.That night I didnt sleep again. She recovered completely within a day or two but the rains played spoilt sport with my health.I had high fever and as I learnt later temperature shot up to 102. The family doctor paid a visit and prescribed some medicines. Before leaving he advised Hema to give me a sponge bath if my temperature crossed 101.
At around afternoon the fever shot up, I was too weak to understand. Hema took my temperature and went away only to return with a bucket of water and a towel. I asked her for some water and as I was drinking it she undid my pyjamas and vest.
I was too surprised to protest. My penis showed signs of excitement. Hema laughed and set about sponging my entire body with the wet towel. She spent a considerable amount of time on my dick holding it in her soft hands. After the treatment she did not let me put on my clothes, simply covering me with a bedsheet. The fever did not subside. That evening Hema remained close to me. After completing her work she came and sat beside me, taking my head and putting it on her lap. I looked up to see her heaving breasts. I thought of a plan. Behaving that I was out of my mind I started calling her mummy and asked her to feed me her breast milk. She was caught unawares and tried not to hear but I persisted raising my hand to touch her mammaries. She let down her guard perhaps thinking I wouldnt remember it later on. She undid the buttons of her nighty which were at the back and lowered the dress to her waist.
The breasts seemed overjoyed to have found freedom. I raised my head and took one of the nipples in my mouth. She supported my head to lift me. I sucked at the brown nipples at leasure, often drawing circles around them and biting them so hard that she uttered a cried in pain.That night after papa had gone to bed I requested Hema to sleep in my room, she speread the sheets on the floor but I persuaded her to sleep by my side. The fever could not subside with such a damsel by ones side even the most powerful antibiotics failed.
Hema remained with us for a little over 6 months and these were the most memorable of my life. She will always remain in my memory.
I am a butt worshipper, a true connoisseur of asses.
Be it a nice roundish cute tight ass of a 16 yr old in a denim jeans.
Be it a sexy hot ass of a working sales in a salwar kameez which
protude as if it will tear apart her salwaar and say, "fuck me ".
Sometimes you see the garment going in the crack of the ass. Be it a
nice full big or plump butt of a hot bhabhi or aunty of 25 yrs -50
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A lovely woman'ass is such a strong addiction to me that I am even
attracted to their farting and bowel movements. I have been fortunate
to be present and feel the fart sound and smell of two or three women
in my life, including two aunty and my girlfriend. Their farts smell
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fart" sound.Only the ladies can let out those " gulrpklpquaarpt"
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Female farts is the most amazing expultion of inner feminine beauty,
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My craze of watching a lovely woman do her potty began when I was a
small kid. Here is an incident which is toilet related which happened
in my village. I had always been fascinated by my aunt. She was a
devout Hindu lady and she was really preety and sexy. She was 23 and
she was my cousin's wife. I loved her enitre sexy figure and her
smallish cute breasts but the hottest part of her anatomy which would
even make a dead man alive beside her cute smile was her lovely big
roundish gand which would sway in a very sexy fashion up and down as
she would go around the house. My cock would always be hard when she
would be around. However there is no sperm in a 12yr old boy's cock.
Even when I masturbated I would not get the white cream out which I
got a year later.
In our village, people had to go to the river or in the bushes for
ablutions as there were no toilets at that time. There was a certain
time and place for men and women to go. Women would go mostly in the
mornings or late at nights. I had a desire to see my aunt going to
relieve herself but I would always miss the chance as I would get up
One morning I had a bad dream and so I got up suddenly. It was barely
6.30 and the sun was coming up. I saw my aunty going out of the house
stealthily. There was no one in the house. My brother was in town.
She took a small pail of water and went to the bushes. I could not
believe my luck. MY aunt was wearing a saree and it accentuated her
carves. She also covered the top of her head with a cloth as is the
norm with village lady, besides it was winter season. I followed her
stealthily all the time, staring at her full voluptuous ass. I knew
that today I will be able to see her in the act and also watch the
object of my affection- her butt in total nudity.
She took her place in a thicket of bushes on top of a small slope
near the river. I was watching earnestly as she set the pail of water
on the ground and pulled her saree up, followed by the petticoat( an
inner wear) and then squatted on the ground. She was wearing green
undies which she slipped down to her ankles. My jaws dropped and I
was hypnotised by her glorious ass. For the first time, I was
watching a grown-up lady's ass in nakedness and there was no more
sexier sight than my aunt' lovely set of bummies. Due to her squat,
her ass protruded all the more and bulged out sexily showing its
roundness,heaviness and velvetty texture. I felt like going and kiss
her buttery ass cheeks. I was already hard in my pants saluting her
posterior. I was just two metres away from her. I saw a lovely brown
hole between her ass cheeks as she spread her butt open slightly to
I could hear a small straining from my aunt's mouth. Then I saw her
preety asshole dilate, expand contract and then open up again. A huge
turd shiny long and thick petered out from her anus. It came out
slowly. The head descended to the ground slowly and surely but a
major part was still was coming out. I heard a crackling sound as the
huge thing fell with a klump sound on the floor. A raunchy, saucy
odor hit the air and I looked at the nasty piece fallen on the
ground. It looked cute and naughty in the shape of a question mark as
if asking me, Why did I come here? I wondered how her anus could open
wide enough to excrete a turd that thick; it was 2 and a half inch
wide and as long as a foot ruler.  

My hypnotism was awaken by a deep hissing sound.It was a time for her
to release her own special brand of wine called piss. Since it was a
sloppy area, I saw her pee running down the slope and touching my
feet. I was blessed. The sound was that of a sexy whistling as if
someone opened a tap. I stared at her anus, anticipating some more
output. I was rewarded with a long winding fart. The sound was
punctuated in the middle with a deep bassy sound as if of a frog
croaking. Her fart sound fluttered towards the end with a feeble
whhhsssss sound. It made me feel as if her wind was some kind of war
beat asking me to be prepared for the offensive attack. My cock
hardened with enthusiasm. She dropped two more turds which fell on
the first royal one. Both were shiny, brownish and smelly. The second
one was in the form of a lousy coil. Then she released some silent
farts with an eggy odor. Since I was quite close to her ass, her
funky wind hit my nose.Her pile was touching her ass, so she shifted
towards the front. She again dumped some more,turds smaller than
before but smelly ones. This was followed by a couple of shit balls.
She farted once more loudly, it had a sexy jazzy zipper tone to it.
Then she sat for a minute and got up. She went to the river and took
her pail of water and washed her asshole thoroughly. She filled some
more water and washed her anus again. Satisfied and released, she put
her undies,her petticoat and made her saree proper and walked away.
I was alone now and I looked at what she had done. She had dumped a
huge pile,a mountain and a small hillock of shit. I could not imagine
my aunt was such a sexy shitter. Even her turds and farts were so
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with me if you have such interesting incidents.....
Once my aunt of 35 yr old. She does not have kids. She had come to my
place to stay. She always wore a gown. She has a voluptous body with
the curves and flesh at the right places. I would do anything to fuck
her. When she would stand at the door, due to the sunlight at our
verendah, I could see her shapely legs, her fleshy full thighs and
her panty covered butt through the transparent dress. I would desire
to push that gown up, pull down her chaddi and see her naked ass. It
was huge massive big and shaped like the backside of a guitar. She
has a fair complexion and I wondered how much fun her husband would
be having with her ass.
She stayed for a week, she was funny and would laugh at my jokes and
make me laugh. We would crack jokes, not nonveg but other jokes
including toilet jokes. One day when we were watching TV, with my
younger kid brother she broke wind. I complained that she farted. The
smell was sexy instead of being filthy and I was getting a hardon
thinking of her ass and her fart. However, I said, "Chee aunty don't
you have any respect, how come you fart before me?"
She smiled, and it was a lovely smile. She said,"How do you know it
was me? Were you sniffing it?" Sniffing? I was inhaling it. I told
her "aunty you are so pretty, I wish I could stick my nose in there
and breathe that lovely smell." She did not answer, she just smiled
and blushed.
As days passed I used to be very close to her that some times I used
to hug her from back when she is in kitchen and no one at home I used
to rub my dick on her ass with her sari or gown on
. I am addicted to watch her body while moving in the house doing
house hold work. She moved her ass seductively even in the house and
I watch her as she walks moving my eyes with her body to catch the
glimpses of her fleshy 36-D boobs when she bends. I loved her ass
more than anything in the world and am stillfascinated by it.
One night the day before she left for her native place, I began to
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lips very lightly so that she would not get up. I touched her braless
soft pulpy tits lightly. I Squeezed them and lightly touched her
nipples as they began to grow, and she began to stir and move. I hid
under the bed. She again got sleep. I waited for her to sleep deeply.
Since she is a deep sleeper, She slept on her side, changed her
position in such a way that her ass was facing me. Her ass looked
like an erotic mountain to me, bulging behind as if telling me to eat
I softly and lightly with shaky figures felt the mass expanse of her
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her feet, her legs, her velvety thighs as I rubbed her ass with my
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She was wearing a black undie which looked beautful which left 75 of
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It was better than how I fantasised. It was truly beautiful and
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It was hard like a rod. The quick urgent lick made her say something
in sleep. She was dreaming.
I decided to concentrate on her ass because that was what I wanted to
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might wake up. So I just stared at her asshole for seconds watching
her most secret area. I sniffed her anus like a dog. There was no
smell, just a very faint soapy odor. May be she had washed her anus
with the soap before sleeping. I knew that I was a naughty boy and
she should punish me by sending a nasty wind from her anus directly
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haste and left the scene. In the morning she was looing sad. I was
scared that maybe she had come to know of the things I did to her
last night. But nothing happened. May be she knew, may be she did
not. I was scared that she might see the dry semen stains on the back
of her underwear. I was also sad that she was leaving for her town
that day. Before taking the bath, she told me to iron her clothes.
She went to the loo for her morning chores. I asked her
playfully," Aunty where are you going?" She said,"To do no.2". I loved
the way she said it. She was taking time and I could hear the sound
of her pissing, a nice buzzing sound and silence. Then after five
minutes, I heard the sound of the flush running. She came out and
gave me a smile. I was getting a hardon and then I masturbated in the
kitchen when she was dressing up. My mom was supposed to meet her at
the airport. So I was preparing the sandwiches for her. A nasty idea
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applied it between the two slices of bread. She relished my cum
filled sandwich bread. I knew that she had eaten my sperm today in
her mouth and taken my sperm in her shithole last night and I was
thrilled. When she left I was in tears and so was she. She said that
I was fun to talk with and I said that aunt I would miss you and your
sexy ass. She said I checked my panties today and saw those stains. I
was scared and said that I am sorry. My heart was beating. She asked
me "when did you do that? I wqas wearing my panties yesterday night."
I did not reply. She took my hand in hers and kissed me and said ,"It
is okay, at this age boys get turned on easily. I understand, don't
worry. I won't tell anybody. Everyone masturbates, even I. I know I
turn you on and you love my ass. But don't mess my panty dear,. I am
your aunt and you can't have a sexual relationship with
me....Fantasing and masturbating is okay. You need to have a
girlfriend. In case my panties turn you on, you can take one. It is a
used one, is that okay?" I had no answer but I was listening to her
hypnotized her. She opened her suitcase and gave her pink chaddi to
me. When she left, she allowed me to feel and touch her ass. I kissed
her ass before she left the house. We still write dirty email to each
other but I have not told her about what I did with her in secret.  

From my school days I used to get hard on seeing the exposing of aged
women. Aged women means those who are in the range of 35 - 50.
Normally most Bengali and Malyali women look hornier in their late
thirties. I noticed that whenever my other pals keep watching young
babes walking down the street, I couldn't stop myself staring at
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rah mein chalte huye auraton ki kafi saren gund dekhte honge pad unme
se kuch gund aisi hoti hai jise dekh ke lagta hai ussi waqt woh ladki
ko wonha pe laita ke gund maar de. Normally aged auraten apne boor
mein baal rakhna pasand karte hain. Whenever there is a crowded place
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woman's gand. Or I touch it with the back of my hand. The pleasure is
This time it was an office going woman around 23-24 age, typical
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buttocks. I was seated when she came and stood next to me. Every time
another passenger passed by her, her ass pushed into my face
mesmerizing me with its soft warmth. Since she didn't apologize or
mind it, I felt she must be another fast girl. I tried my luck. The
bus had got crowded enough for each one to just mind their own
Nobody would observe my moves. So I dropped a coin from my pocket. As
I picked it and was rising up again, I brushed my hand and head along
her leg. I moved my head back in its original position but left my
hand remaining lightly on her upper thigh. She immediately gave me an
annoyoffensive look but seeing that I'm a young sweet looking boy of
18 she changed her mind. She understood my adolescent needs. She
shook her hips gently and smiled looking the other way to indicate
that I should go ahead, but secretly.
Share me with your experiences with lovely butts of gorgeous ladies.
It is the real story of my first experience of having a sexual encounter. I was not married at that time. I had just left my previous job and had joined a company in Chalakudy, Trichur. I was around 27. I was in my full youthfulness. I searched out a paying guest accommodation there, as I did not need a separate house since I was bachelor. It was very hard to find such type of accormodation in a place like Chalakudy. But luckly thru one of my office friend, found it. I started living as a paying guest with one Mr. Nambiar, a retired person. (All names in this story are not real).
They provided me a big room on the first floor. Two other rooms on that floor were kept locked, as there were several miscellaneous items in those rooms. They lived on the ground floor. My room was well furnished with a double bed some chairs, tables, almirah, etc. There was an attached bathroom. Earlier used that room for their guests who visited there for few days from outstations. They themselves lived on the ground floor. Mr.Nambiar had two sons and a daughter, all of whom were married. His elder son was working in Dubai, while his daughter was in Trichur with her husband. There were only four members left there in their family, as the younger son lived with his father who worked as a sales executive in a company. He was married for about five years and had no issue by then. His wife generally used to be at home as she was a not a working woman. Her name was Girija Nambiar. I called her as Girija Chechi. She used to prepare food and did other household chores, and as such she shared much of the responsibilities in the house. Her in-laws were free. They generally took rest at home or go to their relatives for pastime. Many a times Girija Chechi used to be alone at home, as her husband generally went away for his work.
She was a free and frank woman. And it was only Girija Chechi who used to serve me the tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner every thing. So I had more communication and interaction with her than any one else in the house. Girija Chechi used to come to upstairs for hanging their washed clothes or keeping there some other things for drying. Girija Chechi was a very young looking woman. She was in her late twenties. She was an educated woman with a modern outlook and attitude. She was fair enough and attractive looking. She had a beautiful face. Her lips were very pouting.. She looked quite buxom. She had an attractive, appealing and inviting figure, and could easily termed as very sexy figure. Girija Chechi's breasts were remarkably eye catching and were well developed and fleshy. Her full sized breasts were in proper shape. The look of her opulent breasts was such that no young man could afford to resist from staring at them lustfully. Her hips were quite heavy and sides of her pelvis were very wide that made them look prominent. Her breasts bounced and hips shook as she walked. Ever since I got the paying guest accommodation with them I was too much fascinated towards her.
Since I was a bachelor I had some sort of strange and weird desire especially for young women. But I had to suppress my desire and in the case of Girija Chechi also my desire had no bounds. Very soon Girija Chechi came close to me. I observed that she started taking interest in me and intentionally engaged me in talking all to me as long as possible finding the suitable situation. I also wanted to be thus entertained by her. She started talking me directly looking into my eyes. Step by step Girija Chechi came closer to me. She later started coming to my room without any inhibition. I did her small works also that she requested me from time to time, and in course of that she called me to her room, particularly when no one else used to be there in the house. In fact I felt pleasure in it. So I had also chances to go to her room. Gradually I found her gestures progressively transformed, perhaps in a well-intended way. There used to be a kind of thirst in her eyes when she looked at me. It was clearly noticeable. That stirred and enticed me. She appeared to be bold in her talks. She freely and frankly talked about films, heroes, heroines, models, etc. She also started talking with intent about the provocative dresses of actresses, adult films, TV programmes in which young actresses expose generously, etc. I liked such talks by her. Her talks made me hot more and more. That created some sort of lava within me.
Girija Chechi started coming to my room very frequently with one pretext or the other. So for that reason I also used to be in my room as much as possible except for going to my workplace during the daytime, that was five days a week. On holidays I generally preferred to stay back in my room only. I had found an apparent change in Girija Chechi with regard to her clothes and dresses. She used to expose her cleavage generously and also the upper curves of her breasts, whether she was in her sari- blouse, or in her salwar suit, or even in her nighty. While she used to be in my room Girija Chechi intentionally and cleverly let the pallu of her sari or her chinni fall down from her shoulder. She very shrewd to let it fell down regularly and remained on her fore arms, that gave me a glimpse of the exposed and peeping out curves of her fleshy voluptuous breasts and also an overall idea of their roundness, shape and size. That way I was able to have a glimpse of her deep valley like cleavage. So I also wished her to come frequently to my room and remain there as long as possible. Even at other places also she used to expose her cleavage and breasts when only I used to be there before her. Those gestures of her had too much of arousing effects on me. I liked such women who smartly exposed their breasts. I had many times fantasized in my bed about having sex with her. I had masturbated also fantasizing about fucking her. Many a times I felt like grabbing her in my arms and kiss her, press and squeeze her voluptuous breasts.
I noticed that Girija Chechi became too bold as she started exposing much of her breasts to me deliberately as she leaned forward either standing, sitting or half lying in my bed. She even started lying in my bed also while pretending to read some magazines. She looked very sexy in those postures. Since I was a young man my cock used to become rock hard time and again. And Girija Chechi's gestures enhanced my stimulation too much. Girija Chechi used to borrow magazines from me. I was regularly buying many magazines on computer, films, polity, general topics like Computer Today, PC World, Star Dust, Filmfare, Sportstar, India today, Sarita, Grih Shobha, etc. besides some adult magazines like Debonair, Chastity, Fantasy, Fun, etc. But I never gave her those adult magazines. One day when Girija Chechi entered into my room I was in the bathroom. She asked me about the last issue of the Star Dust coming to its door. I told her that it might be on the table. She searched for it, but could not found. She again asked me where it was. Then I told her it might be under the bed. She searched for it under the bed. In fact several magazines were kept there under it, including the recent issues of Debonair, Chastity, Fantasy and Fun. She took out all of them. When I came out after taking my bath I was a little embarrassed to see that Girija Chechi was sitting in the bed keeping those magazines in her lap and was engrossed in looking at the nude pictures of models in the magazine Chastity taking it in her hands. The pallu of her sari was down resting on her hand. She was wearing a blouse that had a wide and low cut neck.
Thus the roundness of Girija Chechi's fleshy breasts and deep cleavage were exposed to a great extent. She leisurely and reluctantly closed the magazine. She put down those magazines on the bed. She stood up on her feet in front of me. I was still in my towel only. She looked into my eyes and then to those adult magazines lying on the bed. Girija Chechi gave a meaningful and sexy smile at me. She was still exposing her breasts. She did not take trouble to readjust her pallu. I was getting excited. I had not put on the underwear to hold my cock well and I was feeling some strain and tension in my cock. So it was a difficult situation for me. I got into the bathroom, put on my underwear and got out again. She had gone by that time. From that day on Girija Chechi used to tease me very often by generously exposing her breasts. She also let open the upper hooks or buttons of her blouse or her nighty in her move to tease me. She also used to expose her body down her blouse to her waist where she wrapped her sari. She always tried to expose her sexy body as much as possible. Her boldness was much to my likings. It developed me a strong urge to have her.
I also started eyeing her breasts in lust. And many a times Girija Chechi had deliberately rubbed and pressed her boobs against my shoulder and arms while seeing some magazines sitting in the bed with me. At that same time we were cautious also that no one should watch us in that situation. On two occasions I saw Girija Chechi completely drenched also. Once when I had gone to her room to get back the recent issue of "India Today" magazine that she had taken a couple of days ago. She was washing some clothes in the bathroom which was open. I asked her about the said magazine. She asked me to wait a little. When she came out she was completely drenched. Her nighty was fully wet. It had clung to her sexy body. The material of her nighty was so thin and light coloured that it had become transparent. It revealed her sexy body fully except for the those linings only that were covered by the netted cups of bra and its straps and her small panty. With that the shape of her body had become clear and noticeable. Her fully wet netted nylon bra was not able to conceal the roundness of her breasts. Her pointed nipples were also looking distinctly. The outline of her body had distinctly come to the fore. The roundness of her breasts and hips were looking prominently opulent. The bulge of her breasts was lucid and clear and their curvature was observable. Her crotch and thighs were also distinctly visible. I could not take my eyes off from her sexy body. She was looking too sexy. I went on staring her in lust. She saw me looking at her like that. She smiled sexily at me and remained there in that condition only. She made some deliberate movements that caused her breasts bounce and sing sexily. I could easily guess that she might have poured water over her in order to drench herself. I feeling hot lava within me and was getting excited to see her in that condition.
After getting back to my room I immediately masturbated there.
On the other occasion, she had called me to her room for some help in her work. That day also no one was there in the house except for us. As I went to her room I saw her coming from the other room. She was in her sari and blouse. She was hundred percent dripping wet. Her sari had clung to her in such a way that it was revealing every curvatures of her voluptuous buxom body. Her breasts and hips had come to its full prominence. She deliberately slid her pallu down from her good- looking attractive breasts. The blouse she wore was also of light coloured and had become completely see-through. The straps of her bra were revealed clearly. Since she had worn netted bra the roundness of her plump fleshy breasts were distinct. Her nipples were clearly visible through her wet netted bra and thin fabric of her blouse that had badly stuck to her breasts. I was feeling like taking her in my arms and do every thing that a young man does with a woman in such situations, but I didn't do anything except for staring at lustfully. Girija Chechi again teased me by her sexy smiles and expressions. She let her breasts be visible to me more and more by leaning forward for one pretext or the other. While I stared at her breasts balls, she time and again saw at her exposed breasts and then looked into my eyes. She teased me too much. It was a clear invitation from her, but I some how managed to keep my cool. I very well knew that she had intentionally drenched her fully that time also, just to exhibit her sexy young body to me. I knew that she was trying to arouse me, again and again but could muster courage in me to take a step forward. So, each time I had to masturbate only. On a couple of occasions, on holidays, when I had requested Girija Chechi to awake me during daytime as I had to go some where, she came to my room for that and leaned on me coming to my bed so as to give full pressure of her voluptuous breasts on my back or shoulder and awoke me. That way she used to put full weight of her fleshy breasts. I liked it very much and finding her pressing and slowly rubbing her breasts on my body, I also intentionally took some time to get up to feel the softness and sponginess of her squishy breasts for a longer period and also sense the heat of her sexy smooth body.
That made me fantasize about fucking her and masturbate in my room later. One day while I was engrossed looking at the nude photos of the models in those adult magazines sitting in a chair in my room, she sneaked in and stood right behind me. She took the magazine from my hands and stood in front if me resting with the table. Her legs were touching mine. The pallu of her sari had fell down. She was wearing a very low cut blouse. The two upper hooks were left open. She was looking very much tempting and inviting. Much of the roundness and curvature of her breasts were exposed. She was smiling very sexily looking into my eyes. She told me showing those magazines " eager to see nude women and girls, my dear engrossed with nude these nude photographs......&qu ot; She gave a sexy gesture and asked " dear, only photographs, and no reality......aren't you interested in real things....." She continued " .....oh my dear, would you like to see live...." I was flabbergasted. I kept mum. I just some how gulped my saliva in utter confusion to see boldness and audacity of Girija Chechi. She looked dazzling and inviting. Her words were enough to ignite me. She was taking the lead. In fact I had just fantasized her to be vivacious and potent and forceful. But she actually appeared to be so. She told me sexily " dear, wait for some time......I am just coming.....I will show what all you desire....I also do possess these assets my you would be seeing a young woman in her full nudity....." And she stylishly giving jerks to her boobs and hips went out of the room. I had enough time to make myself prepared mentally for what was about to happen there with me. Meanwhile I was I was too much excited to think if she really did what she was telling me, I would be in the seventh heaven. My cock had stiffened too much. Girija Chechi came back after about one hour. She was looking very sexy. Her pallu had again fell down. Her breasts were being exposed generously. She came closer to me. I was standing in front of her. She put her smooth arms around my neck, pulled me closer. I felt her breasts pressing against my chest. The softness of her breasts was stimulating. She came further closer and kissed my lips.
Ohhh, that was very pleasant. That sent a current in me. She again put her lips on mine and rubbed them. She kissed my lips for a bit longer that time. I was getting aroused. I also held her by her waist. She told me " .....ente kuttaaaa, now be ready for the real might have seen many blue films.......but today you would be seeing your Girija Chechi in her full nudity....yess my dear ......I will show you every thing I possess....." And she stared taking off her sari. In utter confusion I told her " .....Girija Chechi what will happen if some one comes here......" She replied " ......I have more concern about it than you dear.....I myself would not have done it if at all there is any chance of any one coming over here.......every body has gone out, and they would not come back before evening my dear......" So Girija Chechi was well determined to undress herself before me. She started taking off her clothes one after another. She took off her sari. Then she unhooked her blouse. She slowly took off her blouse in style. She was now in her bra and petticoat. She unhooked her bra also and took off in a very sexy manner. Her breasts were now set free. They stood straight while her nipples were pointing me. Finally she took off her last remaining cloth as she opened the string of her petticoat and let it fell down. Now Girija Chechi was stark naked before me shamelessly and openly. It was for the first time for me to have seen any young female in her full nudity. She very elegantly and stylishly made sexy gestures and postures like the young sexy models do in their full nudity in the magazines Debonair, Chastity, Fantasy and Fun. She caressed her body here and there. She stood there in all sorts of erotic postures before me. I was dumbfounded. I felt slight shiver also in by body. The more she exhibited her vital parts in sexy and erotic manner the more I was getting hotter.
I was gulping down my saliva in the state of half bewilderment and half excitement. She was looking much more sexier than ever. Although I had many times fantasized about seeing her in that state yet I did not expect Girija Chechi to be so bold and daring. She looked extraordinary. She gave exceedingly inviting gestures with her sexy facial expressions. Her body language was making me restless. I had only read the erotic stories of sexy women, but that day I was actually having a live show. Girija Chechi asked me in a very sexy manner " dear you have seen me stark naked had many a times looked me do I look completely nude, my did you like me breasts.....and what about my hips....I had seen you staring at my breasts and hips in desire.....I had very well understood that you were always craving for my breasts, thighs, crotch, hips, etc.......don't you feel like taking my breasts in your hands.....oohh, I can very well understand your desire for sucking my nipples......" And while she was telling me about her breasts she exhibited her breasts erotic way. Her voluptuous breasts were looking outstanding. The curvature of her breasts was still maintained even as they were free from the bra. The shape was still remarkable. Although she possessed heavy breasts but they were not so drooping. That was a very exciting site for me. I had seen many nude photos of young girls and women in magazines, or even I had seen girls or women in XXX movies. But it was great to see her in that state. I was getting aroused. Her uninhibited open sexy dialogue redoubled my titillation and excitement. My cock had straightened too much. Its size had remarkably increased. Girija Chechi saw it. She noticed the bulge on my pant. She was sure that I was aroused immensely.
She asked me to undress myself also right then. She said " my dear......will you stare me like that only or do some thing also....why don't you disrobe yourself also.....yess my lovely dear, please take off your clothes also.....come on dear.....undress yourself.....I know you are inexperienced .....I will teach you how to handle a young woman......" With that she kept on giving sexy and inviting gestures. She especially showed her breasts, crotch, thighs, hips, etc. in open and explicit manner. She showed me the opulence and bulge of her breasts from different angles and sides. Now I was looking at her nude body in lust. I was feeling like taking her nude body in my arms and kiss all over. I was yearning for fucking her. Meanwhile, Girija Chechi stepped towards me. She started opening my pant. She unhooked and unbuttoned it, pulled down the zip fastener and let my pant slid down. I couldn't say any thing. Then she unbuttoned my Tee shirt and took off. I was feeling some sort of strange pleasure. Her nearness in her nudity made me terribly stirred and enthused. But I couldn't do anything except for holding her hands. Now her soft hands were caressing my thing from over my underwear. She said sexily ".....dear ....why are you hiding your asset from me.....when I did not hide any thing from you, you should also show me yours....yess dear I am standing completely nude before you and you have see every inch of my young please let me see your it has become harder and longer....." Her caressing of my manhood from over the underwear sent too much of stimulation in my body. My cock got more stiffness. It seems that it was trying to tear off my underwear. Now it was impossible for me to keep it in. I asked her " .....but Girija Chechi, if some one comes right now, what will happen......" She said sexily " ....offfoohhh....aga in the same body will come......come on dear, when being a young woman I have shed all my inhibition and shame, and stood completely nude before you, why do you feel so......after all you are a young man.....I am crazy about you.....please dear let me see your manhood......." Saying that she pulled down my remaining clothing.
I was also in my nudity like her. She held my cock and caressed it. I just held her by her arms. I said in ecitement ".....oohhh Girija Chechi...." My manhood got more erection. It gained more thickness also. She said " .....dear you have got very good manhood......I am craving for also looks like willing to entering into me dear.....please dear try your manhood in me now.....yess dear I want fucking from you......I believe you can fuck hard......look dear, I am thirsty.....I want some one manly.......I want full penetration.....come on dear, your Girija Chechi can not hold any more.....I have become very hot......" She kept on caressing my shaft to make it more and more long and stiff. She asked me to give a good hand to her breasts. I crept my hands over her breasts. I caressed them Ohh, it was a strange pleasure for me. In fact I had so many girls friends and also I had the opportunity of coming near to so many young sexy looking women. But I never had such occasions. I pressed her breasts. My cock was brushing against her thighs and crotch. It got stimulated further. She caressed my hands. She also exerted some pressure on my hands. I further increased pressure of my hands on her breasts. I started squeezing them. She sighed sexily "....oooohhhh my dear .....oooohhhh yess....that's fine....I like it....I like it very much......go on squeezing my breasts like that......aaaahhhhh. .." She sighed. She continued to say " ......uuuufffff..... ...dear squeeze them hard.....yess squeeze by breasts hard......" That encouraged me. I put as much pressure on her breasts as I could. Girija Chechi asked me sighing sexily "....dear how are my did you feel them....." I said " .....Girija Chechi your breasts are very fleshy....these are full sized....these are very spongy......Bhabhi your breasts are round and shapely also....your breasts are still so firm and tight ....I really liked have got very good nipples also ....." She smiled in pleasure closing her eyes. And I kept squeezing her voluptuous breasts hard and hard. She kept on sighing in contentment. Then she asked me to mouth her fleshy breasts " ....dear please mouth my breasts.....don't you feel like kissing my breasts....oohhh please, suck my nipples will like it dear.....please kiss and suck my breasts.....come on dear....oohh do it .....I want it dear ....." She was uttering these words sighing with her eyes closed. I mouthed her breasts one by one. I liked it very much. I licked the roundness of her fleshy breasts. She sighed and moaned sexily " ....aaaaaahhhhhhhh.. ....dear... ....uuuuufffffffff.. .......yesss....that 's fine......I really like it....." I sucked her nipples one by one. Her nipples became harder. I went on sucking her nipples. We were still standing. Then Girija Chechi told me to take her to bed " ....dear, let us go to bed....let us enjoy fully......fuck me in the bed.....I will give you all co- operation in the bed, dear....." We came to bed. We were entwined in each other's arms and kissing each other hotly and fervently. She was very lively.
She asked me to again mouth her breasts. I moved towards her succulent breasts. I kissed them. The softness, silkiness and smoothness of her breasts made me more fervent. Girija Chechi seemed much more hotter and sexier that want I had read in the stories about young sexy women. Girija Chechi was caressing my face and head while I kept on kissinf, licking and sucking her breasts. She was giving all sorts of encouragements. I was enjoying too much. Girija Chechi was moaning and sighing heavily. She was tossing her body in excitement. She asked me amidst her moans and sighs to kiss her thighs and crotch also. I did kiss her silky shining smooth hairless thighs and triangular crotch. She was throwing her legs and was tossing her body in the state of stimulation, thrill and vibrancy. Girija Chechi was in complete effervescence now. She started uttering fervently " .......oooohhhh dear is too much stimulating to I am craving for your manhood inside me.....yess dear come on, fuck me......I am longing for it for quite some time.....I cann't wait any more dear...... come on fuck me.....yess dear push your manhood right inside my hot has become wet now.....oooohhh, I am getting impatient..... now I can not hold myself anymore....I am dying.....oooohhh come on, fuck me....." Girija Chechi was now fully aroused. I came over her. She parted her thighs, took my manhood in her hand and guided it to her love zone. I dived right in side her hot valley. As there was already much fluid inside her wet vagina I did not have any difficulty in pushing my cock in. She said with her half closed eyes "....ooohh dear fuck me...yess, fuck me..... " I started making too and fro movement of my torso. After few strokes Girija Chechi raides her thighs up. That gave me more room to enter. I pushed more into her. Initially I was fucking her gently. I gradually increased my speed. She was just sighing and moaning in ecstasy and pleasure. As I increased my speed she encircled her thighs and legs around my waist. I pushed a little more. Then coming up to my knees I held her soft sexy fleshy hips and lifted a little more.
I was finding it easier to push my cock into her. Now I was able to push my cock fully into her. The more I fucked her the more my cock was getting harder and longer. She was feeling too much of excitement out of it. She sighed and moaned heavily" ....aaaahhhh.....uuu aaaaaahhhhhhhhh..... .yess....aaaaaahhhh. ss dear... that...fuck me like that...I like it......aaaaaahhhhhh h........I was really longing for it dear Dewarjee......
And I was fucking Girija Chechi with all my vigour and strength. In fact I had read about fucking and also I had seen blue films, but actually I did not know, fucking a woman would be so pleasant and exciting. I was fucking Girija Chechi and she was encouraging me more and more. My piston was working well in her bore and as if our engine were creating too much of compression. After some time I ejaculated inside her valley. We both were spent fully. We gasped heavily. We rested there. Girija Chechi said to me " ......dear I never knew you would be so was really fuck well.....yess dear you are vary manly.....I like such persons.......After a long time I had such fact my hubby is more engrossed in his he had hardly any interest in it now...........dear.. ...I would like to have many more fucking from you.....I would come to you for fucking as and when we get free time.....yess dear....I like the way you fucked me...." I said her "....Girija Chechi you have changed me completely. Now I have tasted a young woman......Bhabhi I would also like to fuck you again and again, if you really give me are too good in the bed .....
in fact I had fantasized about fucking you earlier ....
I have been really yearning to fuck you ....but I cloud not muster courage to advance even a little bit....Girija Chechi I am really thankful to you for you have given me chance to fuck you....many a times I have wished to fuck a young woman like you.....I have always been fantasizing about fucking various young sexy looking women.....yess Girija Chechi it is true.... " By then I was aroused again a s she was caressing my cock. I fucked her from behind making her bend forward taking the help of the table in the standing position. She gave me all co- operations by throwing her hips back with my each stroke. I was stroking her fast and she responded very well. My shaft was smoothly going in and coming out. She was moaning and sighing heavily and was just uttering " ......aaaaaahhhhhI.. ...uuuuuhhhhh......t hat's fine dear........aaaaaahh are great......aaaaaahhh hhh.....oooohhhh.... .yess like that.... ....aaahhhh.......uu uuuuufffffff.......o oooohhhhh......go on.....aaaaahhhhh... ..go on my dear....yess fuck me like
That gave me too much of encouragement. I kept on fucking Girija Chechi holding her fleshy smooth sexy hips. We enjoyed fucking in that posture for quite some time. Finally we again exhausted. We took rest in the bed. She kissed me and put on her clothes. She thanked me for the energy I spent for her. And then she went out of my room. So that was my first experience of fucking. Since then I fucked hot and sexy Girija Chechi many times. Each time she demanded vigorous fucking from me. I hope you would like the story.
Jaya : My Friend's Mom - 1  

Jinu K

My name is Satish Nair. I am 18 years of age. I was born in Kerala. Now I am living with my parents in Pune. I was a bit hesitant in writing this in the beginning. But I wanted to share my feelings, deeds and thoughts to like minded. Since this is a long story extracted from my "secret diary" you will get the clear picture of my feeling and dreams with regard to a neighbour aunty, even though it is common for a boy generating erotic thoughts about neighbouring ladies, but no one ever tried to put in diary, here I am trying to publish it with the hope that you will find it for an enjoyable reading and will be a change of `hard core story emotional sex" .
At first I felt it really awkward to publish it. This is an extract from my `secret dairy' with regard to sex with her. It all started two year ago. When a boy named Arun Kumar from our neighboring street admitted in our school as a new student named in a junior class. We came close each other gradually. From him I came to know that they are new to our place and staying in next street. So friends, after a couple of days, he invited me to his house. Upto that time I don't like having visit to other's houses. Because that makes me feel very uncomfortable there. Anyway, I went there that day alongwith my junior friend. I still remember the day like that of `yesterday happened'. As we reached his house a very beautiful lady opened the door. My friend introduced each other. She was Jaya his Mummy. She was soooo hot in physical appearance and in dress that I could feel my erect penis bulging in my jeans. She was 38-28-36. I was shocked when he introduced her as his mom. I was heartbroken. She was a cute girl like- just I felt like that. I couldn't hear also what she spoke at first sight. From that night and every night I used to think about her. She was the heroine of my dreams every night. Gradually I used to masturbrate thinking about her. Not even in my wildest dreams I ever and always dreamt that this beautiful lady would fall in love with me. Yes, within three months she and me are so madly in love. We cannot take our hands off each other. Constantly talking to her on the phone whenever her husband leaves for work. Talking about how we love each other. Having fights for silly matters. I used to go her house atleast once a week. The sex I have with her still excite me especially I did the first time with her. I always think of making this lady my wife and having kids but I know that would never happen.
I still remember the first time I touched her body, we kissed, my first sex attempt with her, the first bath with her, the tricks I applied to get her in line, and more and more. We had together many times and her seductive moves towards me and the naughty games we played each other- I wrote in my secret diary at that time. How it happened ! I think you people are also curious to know about it. At first, I didn't have the courage to speak to her in the beginning. In fact the first time she saw me, she even asked "you don't speak right and why are u so shy?" I couldn't answer her question even. But as days passed, I got the courage to speak with her frankly. In fact I even took interest in her son's studies. He was only an average student. And I was one of the toppers of my class at that time. I helped him out in test papers. I didn't do it with the intention of impressing his mom. Once I was invited to my friend's house for lunch on a weekend evening for the first time. She was wearing a pink sleeveless maxi. She looked damn sweet in that dress. She left her hair untied - just after evening bath. Her face was really glowing that day. Following her to the hall I got a view of her wonderful and well shaped ass and how I wished if I could hug her from behind and kiss her. That day I saw my friend's father for the first time. How jealous I was at that man for marrying this lady of my dreams, I know it was childish to think. But I already accepted her in my mind as my own. But his husband in fact was good natured man.
I couldn't eat the food properly because she was sitting right in front of me. The dining table was quite small. So a slight movement by my toe would touch hers After dinner we sat down for watching a movie. My friend already went in to his room for sleep. She sat near her hubby and their bodies touching each other. And as the movie progressed I noticed his hands feeling her stomach. She was neither too fat nor slim. She was a bit plum, yummy!. Anyway as we were watching the movie in between the movie I noticed her hubby talking to her some thing with his eyes and he excused to their bed room. There me and Jaya Aunty remained there. When she turned towards my side to explain something with regard to the movie I noticed her maxi revealing her thighs I pretended not to notice, but it was impossible for me to divert my eyes from viewing those thighs. How I wished to touch those marvelous thighs of hers. When the movie was over I decided to go home. Both her hubby and my best friend were already slept , so I thought of not waking them up. She accompanied me to the door step I said good night to her and left. Gradually I was getting really comfortable talking to her. Her eyes and smile virtually attracted my attention. During my next week visit - then she said something that made my heart jump up in joy. Both me and Arun (her son) can go for tution together. Our tution timings are from 10:30 to 12pm. "Why don't u come to our house in the morning, so that you and Arun can go together for tution if u don't mind" . She said her hubby's office starts at 9. I told her I would come at around 10. She agreed.
The front door was remain closed. I pressed the calling bell within fews seconds she appeared in the door step As I was entering she started to tie her hair up. Her hands were up to tie her hair her shaved armpits was visible through her maxi hand side. She looked hot even with her hair up. When she said the final bye to me how I wished to lift her up and grab and hug her. From that day onwards I was a regular visitor to their house. Some times I was alone with for just 15 minutes but those 15 minutes was enough to admire her beauty. As I longed for the next day to come and so I can be alone with her. Somedays when I come I would see her fresh after a bath. I would sit there and chat with her not concentrating on what she said. I would just stare at her as she would dry her hair. It was amazing to see her do it. Somedays she would sit on the dining table and read the newspaper, and I would join her. One day our tuition was suddenly cancelled. So me and my friend decided to hangout at their home. We three sat to play caroms. She was sitting near me, and sometimes unknowingly her leg would brush mine, though it was incidental bit it giving me an electric shock.
After a game she excused herself, saying she wanted to take a bath. As she went, I was in no mood to play. I could feel my erect penis hitting against my pants, and how I longed to go and see her naked. I imagined, how much she naked during her bath, how she would be applying soap to those marvelous breasts of hers, how she position for soaping and washing her pooru etc. Also I wished to wash off the soap off her body. But that time it remained only sweet dreams to me. After a couple of weeks, when me and Jyothi Aunty really got to talking, I started to come early by half an hour or so. Now I had 45 minutes of precious time with Her. Now I had the full freedom in their house. I usually accompanied her in kitchen and talking. She had a hobby of cooking new dishes weekly. I remember the first time she asked me to taste her new dish. She took a small teaspoon of the curry and came near me. I could really smell her. She used to lux soap in bath. She usually kept her mangal sutra outside. I never knew that this hubby loving lady had a really wild side in her. Our tuition was shifted to a weekend oneday. My friend still had his another subject's tution at 7:30. So I thought of going at regular time to his house. As I rang the bell excited to see her none was opening the door. After about 5 minutes she opened the door. Her top two buttons of her maxi was open, her hair was not combed and she was kinda gasping. I got the feeling confused and eager as to what she was doing there in privacy. What made her to reach near door step soo late. After some time when her hubby came out to take some water from the fridge my doubts were confirmed.
She and her hubby were having sex in privacy as their son was left to tuition just half an hour ago. In my inner heart I felt so angry at him for having sex with my beloved. One day we both went out together to a shop to buy her son a birthday gift. She wore a lovely yellow coloured salwar, which was really tight. As we were testing I really had the feeling that she was my wife. She would often see how the watch fit on my hand. We were getting really comfortable with each other. After our shopping I asked her if she could come with me to my house as I had forgotten to take my tution book. She agreed. I then was playing host, showing my house. Both my parents were working personal so we were alone. I grabbed her by the hand to show some of my childhood photos. She was surprised to see how I looked when I was young. She was soo close to me that time, sitting together some times our body touching, I could just kiss her rosy lips. We were so comfortable now we would hold our hands together quite often. Jyothi Aunty usually wore an underskirt beneath her maxi. It didn't give me a picture of her butt would look like. I was so curious about. But one day I noticed she wore this blue maxi and no underskirt. I was very excited to see the outline of her panties. Wow that was a sight ! We were sipping tea in her kitchen. I cracked jokes that made her laugh really laugh. It was amazing to see her laugh. She offered me breakfast. She told me to complete the breakfast which I left in plate. I bluntly refused. But she kept on telling me to finish it. She sat really close to me and started feeding me the bread and egg.
I tried so hard not to show any reaction to it. I felt like holding her cheeks and giving her a hot wet kiss. But I couldn't do it. What would she think. I would be dead if her son- my friend- knew I had this feeling to his mom. I quickly got rid of that feeling from my mind for that time only. As I followed her to the drawing room I noticed she was wearing a black bra. From there I started to enjoy every moment of life while with her. I was now a part of their family. I could go to their house any time of the day and there would be no complaint on their part. I was very careful in my flirting with her. When her husband and son were in the house I would try not to speak much with her. I learned to control my temptations as per prevailing conditions. When we were alone I would openly flirt with her. I know that ladies want to hear praising words from others. Telling her how beautiful she was and all. And she liked the attention she got. I knew she carved for the attention. I would just keep staring at her. We became really close now. We would discuss various things in our regular chats at the kitchen. Some time I tried tactics as to not going to their house for weeks. And then when I would turn up at their house after a gap she would be angry at me for the long absence. But I was still not ready to take the drastic step. It often crosses my mind but I would resist it. I liked it the way it was going at that time and I want to know how she consider and care me. Neither her husband nor her son liked to go shopping. So we both would go out together somedays to different shopping.
Once while we were just looking at clothes I saw some nice night dresses for ladies. It was a colourful loose shirt and loose pants. I suggested it for her. She was sceptic in the beginning but when I told her she would look pretty in these, she agreed in the end. I accompanied her to every section. But she avoided me by saying "you wait here" I understand that she was going to purchase bra, panty etc. I felt hurt. Why she avoided me? What is wrongness in it. At first I though I must convey my grievance. But at last I though it was awkward to talk to her about. I couldn't understand why she is keeping barrier lines in our relationOnce when me and Jyothi Aunty was discussing various things, I noticed a big photo album. And when i asked what it was she told it was her cousin sister's wedding reception photos. She then opened it and showed me all the photos in the album. I saw aunty in saree in well make up, she looked very hot in the saree. An orange coloured saree in make up with nice lipstick. She looked hot. No one would say even she looked like a mother of a 12 yr. old. The next day, when me and she was alone, I brought up her beauty in discussion. I told her she looked very beautiful in saree. She immediately blushed. She tried to change the topic, but I kept on getting back to the topic of saree and I even complained as to why she wasn't wearing it. She kept quiet and just kept on looking at me. Sometimes giving me a smile always. And then atlast she spoke. "ok, you know what lets make a deal you promise to attend the Diwali function at our house and I promise to wear a saree that day:. I readily agreed.

I really wanted to know what Jyothi Aunty thought of me really. Did she think of me as a friend? What was my status in her mind ? Just her son's friend or some thing other. But I was too afraid to ask her direct about it also. What would she think if I asked her this question?. And how odd it would be if she had no feelings towards me. She definitely was behaving very freely towards me. But I really wanted to be sure. Every day the thought as to how would she look naked made me feel really excited. I would masturbate often whenever I had that thought. Was it lust or was it love? Whatever it was I was loving it.

One day I got the chance. We both were alone in the house. She was going to take a bath. I was pretending to read the newspaper. After she had gone in to the bathroom and locked the door I waited for about 5 minutes. Then I made my move. If she found out what I was about to do it would be my end then and there. I looked through the key hole. It was filled with dirt. I couldn't see anything. So I thought of cleaning it. I decided to hold on to my desire for one more day. The next day I made sure the key hole was cleaned before she went for a bath. This time I waited only for two minutes. I had no patience at all. I looked through the key hole and the sight I saw was amazing. I was able to see Jyothi Aunty's butt only and a curve of her left breast. My heart was pounding. I was very excited that day. I started to masturbate with the new images of her in my mind. Her milky white body really amazing. Her husband might be really enjoying her daily. As she got out of bath and came to me, I was a bit scared as to whether she might have suspected as to what I might have done, her smiling at me, gave me the relief. I love it when she wears a maxi. She looks really sexy in it. She looks sexy in everything, her beautiful butt, high profile boobs. But that day I could see her nipples through the maxi even. She had really big breasts. And I longed to see them My penis shot up at the thought of that. While she was bathing I had stolen one of the photos from their photo album. I wanted to see the photo of my lovely aunty in a saree every night. I thought me and she were getting really close now.

All is left to grab at the first opportunity to have sex with her. Wild thoughts entering in mind. But when would that opportunity come was the question all in mind. A few days later her hubby bought her a new mobile. I was thrilled on hearing that. Now I can console myself, that on days when there are no tution I can hear her voice atleast. She and I would talk to each other now everyday. We were like really close friends now. During Fridays, we would talk in the afternoon, as soon as her son and husband would go for a nap. I was her confidant now. Whenever she would get angry at her hubby, her son, the neighbours, she would tell me and I would defend her or oppose her. Soon that started to happen so frequently that, as soon as she would quarrel with anyone she would call me. So oneday I decided to ask the big question. While we were discussing something over the phone, I planted this question,, " I mean who am I to say this, I am just your son's best friend". To which she angrily responded, "If u were just that, I wouldn't say this to you even. You are more than that to me now. You are my best friend." I was jumping in joy. Now I confirm that I have a special place in her heart. She even said, " You know many things that my hubby also doesn't know." To which I jokingly said , "Why don't you marry me". She started to laugh, thinking I said a joke. To which she responded trying to participate in the joke, "You don't want to marry me, You are young and handsome and I am an old married lady". To which I replied, "I don't find you old , I find you irresistible, our body is still like that of a young girl" To which she laughed even more loudly. I quickly changed the topic. But now I was sure I could bring in these topics as a joke even. I even started to touch her, whenever we would be alone. Touching her in the sense, scare her from behind. During those times, I would get really try to control my penis from erecting. I tried to feel her butt against my penis many times. All I wanted to do was to lift her maxi and feel her butt with my penis. She would also take the initiative in touching me some days. Whenever I would not shave she would touch my cheeks and tell me to shave and advice me be neat and clean.
My big moment almost came one day. That day I went an hour early. She was busy watching a movie. She was seriously watching it, and told me not to disturb her, as it was the last part. I thought of disturbing her, by coming in her view. Sitting near her, and blocking her view with my hand. She got annoyed by it. Suddenly I just decided to lay my head on her lap. She seemed not to mind. I decided to make sure and tried again blocking her view with my hand. She took my hand and kept it on my chest and didn't remove her hand. I was in heaven. Here I was in the lap of my dream woman. I tried, to move my head trying to show, that I want to break free but actually I was feeling her wonderful thighs. It was a great feeling. I removed my hand from its fixed place and first tried to feel her palms of her left hand which was placed on my chest. Slowly slowly I went up her hand, and I reached her shoulders. I once again tried to block her view to make this as naïve as possible. And then I started to feel her face. Wow, Here I was, feeling her face. My fingers just caressing her cheeks, touching her ears, hair. I thought, this could be the green signal. This could be the moment, which I had dreamt for the past 4 months.
The movie got over, and I decided, to stop it, other wise she would get suspicious of my intentions. I pretended nothing just happened. And she caught my neck as she was in a playful mood, Jyothi Aunty said "You stupid, didn't allow me to see the movie, " pushing me to the other side of the sofa. Now I was laying down on the sofa and she was almost on me. I separated her hands, pretending she was strong trying to feel her on me. Suddenly she slipped and she fell on top of me. That was a magical feeling. For two seconds she was in a position I could wrap my hands around her. But didn't. She got up. Suddenly her hubby came. I thought she would lie, as to what we were doing, but she told him the truth. She seemed to have to no sexual feeling towards me. After her husband left, I changed the topic and asked about her marriage.

She got married at the age of 18. She was very naïve then, and was not ready to marry even. But then she said something that broke my heart. She said, "But over the years I realised what a wonderful husband I have. I love him very much." I was speechless. All my dreams weren't going to be true. I was about to cry then. I was kinda mood less the rest of the time I was there. She seemed to notice it, and kept on asking what the problem was. But I said it was nothing. She called on my phone, and asked me to meet him downstairs. This was the first time, I actually waited for him to call me, and say it was time to go for our eco tution. She tried to stop me, and demanded the reason of my sulkiness. She asked if I would come the next day, I told her that I couldn't come as I had to study. She then caught my hand and asked me whether it was her fault I was sulky. I told her it wasn't. But kinda got the sense that it was something that she said that made me sulk. She asked me if it was because of what she said of me disturbing her. I said yes to that, so that I could get out of there. She pulled me towards her, held my cheeks by her hands and looked me in the eye and said " For your info, mr moody boy, u didn't disturb me. I was joking yaar, I can't joke with my jaan also?" Now I felt I was not out of the race, and I was back on track when she said the word "my beloved" to me. I know that she didn't actually mean to say this in the literary sense, but however naïve her thoughts might have been, I was feeling very happy. If she didn't have any feelings now for me, I could built it easily, because of the foundation I had built. I was overjoyed that day, of the special relationship we were having.
The next day I was not feeling very well. I was having high temperature. My mom and Dad, were out of city with my cousin sister, and would be coming in the evening only, and I didn't want to stay home. I wanted to see my Prince. So I went to her house. She was surprised to see me kinda tired. When I told her, I was not feeling well, she touched my forehead, and started to worry, as I had fever. She told me to lay on the bed. I refused at first, but she refused to hear me even. She took me to her bedroom, and made me lay in her bed. At first I told her, that I wanted to go home, but she refused, she told "No one is at your home right now , its better u sleep here, I am here atleast to take care of you." She called his son, and told him that I wouldn't be coming for tution, and school even. He even called me and told me, to take rest in his house, and that, he would give his notes to me to copy when he comes back. I was feeling excited. Wow, now I could spend a lot of time with my Prince. She gave me medicine and sat by my side. I dozed off for a while, and woke up when her hubby came by, I pretended to be still asleep. He was kinda worried, when she called him and told him about my fever. He touched my forehead, and agreed with her, that I should be here only, atleast I get better. He even told her, he wouldn't be home for lunch and would come home in the evening. I was so happy. After he had gone, she came, and sat by my side. I was all the time smelling her. I slept for a while and when I woke up, my god, she was lying in the other side of same bed. Lying in bed by her stomach she was watching a movie. I can see very near her butt, maxi was tight, the curve of her panty is visible even though it was under her skirt, and her bra in side of maxi I thought of having fun, I went really close to her side and placed my thighs on her butt, She smiled at me. "How are you feeling?" I told I was feeling better then. I was really feeling better, now I could smell her body,

Whatever be the reason, I was enjoying it. Never in my wildest dreams, would I ever imagine this. I noticed my leg was on her maxi. Instead of touching her leg with mine, I thought of pulling her maxi up, pretending that I was doing it unknowingly. A few turns of my body to my right and left, alas, I was able to lift the back side of her maxi to upper side. She seemed to watch the movie, and in between see how I was feeling. She had no idea, that her maxi little upto her upper thigh only. But the problem was I couldn't see her inner thighs. I even thought of running my hand through her butt and thighs innocently and gently touching her panties. But I knew that was dangerous. But I desperately wanted to see it. I couldn't think of a way. Suddenly someone rang the bell, I pretended to sleep, Jyothi Aunty got up my leg which was on top of a portion of the maxi, kinda pulled her back. I opened my eyes a bit, to see my dream come true. Even if it was just for a second, I saw the her butts and thighs with my body. Now all I needed to think of for a way to get a chance to remove those panties.
It was her neighbour. The moment was gone. Now she wouldn't come in that same position, as she was two minutes before. I lost my chance. But I was excited of the progress I made. After an hour I told her I was feeling better and I wanted to go home. I was excited to go and masturbate thinking of that day's events. She accompanied me to the lift. I decided to do something big. It even took her by surprise. Before entering into the lift, I turned and hugged her just for a second. Before she could say anything I told her "Thank you for looking after me." She smiled and said, " anything for a friend." I was excited by her not getting angry by my hugging her. I didn't go the next day. I infact was the one who told her, it will be kinda risky to have sex, when there are chances of her husband coming into the house at any time since he works in nearby, which is just opposite to their building. We used to talk for hours on the phone. I could now ask frankly as to what she was wearing, what colour is her panties and all. These type of talks always made me feel very erotic. And she enjoyed answering to my queries. She even revealed her inner most secrets, as to how she desparately waited everyday to see me. How attracted she felt to my body features. How young she felt in when she was in my company. And she also told me that she kinda figured that I was attracted to her. I decided to visit her less now, since I wouldn't be able to resist the temptation of tearing off her clothes, and making love to her. I wanted to talk with her 24 hrs a day.

One day our topic of discussion was sex. Once I asked about their lovemaking, about her view of second child, what is the contraceptive applying during love making etc. how many times per week etc. about weakness and hangover after love making etc. She was not so frank in answering to any of my direct questions but responded with hints.

We got into real dirty talking from then onwards. I was waiting for the right time to do it with her. I told her I was getting desparate to do it with her. She maturely said, Now you are not a matured for it " let's wait for the right time. . I don't want to abruptly stop our love making." So one day I just went without the intention of love making with her. She was wearing that sexy sleeveless pink maxi that time. She was talking over the phone at that time. I just sat there and stared at her beautiful eyes and boobs. She couldn't concentrate to what the person was telling her over phone. I thought of playing naughty tricks. Standing just back to her I first started to rub her butt with my front aside little budged due to erected penis. My hands tied her from back and touched her high profile boobs on top of her maxi and bra. I pressed hard her butt crack side with my penis bumped jeans. She felt tingling sensation, she gave me that wicked look. Then I surprised her, when I started slowly lifting her hem of maxi. She tried to resist me. But I refused to stop. She was in talks on phone and my hands now, in full force, ventured into her maxi. She stopped resisting now. She was wearing underskirt, and now I was royally massaging her heavy whitish thighs and inner thighs. She tried not to moan. My fingers, slowly moved upwards. She gave me the look trying to say " no". I pretended not to understand, and continued. My fingers got in touch with her panties. I rubbed her triangle over her panties. I pulled her closer. She suddenly told the person whom she was talking on phone that that she would call later. She cut the phone. Then she came closer to me, and kissed me. Her hands was on my face, and my hands, now my hands got into her panties. But she was standing with tighted thighs, I was now feeling her pubic hair, very thick and curled hair there and played with her pubic hair, then down below, my face on shoulder and ear side, I touched her vagina lips, first I could not understand what this skin piece was. I pulled her pooru lips fingered her pooru canal , but I can't understand the shape of it, continued rubbing and fingering there. She moaned very loudly. "Lets not do it now, He (her husband) will be coming soon. Please.......please !

She said " My husband is planning for a tour along with son then day after tomorrow. I don't want to go, and I will be here. Then we can have the entire afternoon to ourselves." I agreed to stop, but not before give her a long kiss. She noticed I was not happy with this abrupt stop to once again what could have been a hot wild sex. "Wait, before we stop, here's one sample for you what I will do to u on Friday." She got on her knees, unzipped my pants, took out my penis from shuddy for sight of my penis. Her right hand held to bottom of my erect penis, and she started kissing my kunna. I moaned in excitement. She then gave it a big kiss, and then said, "the rest in next" and she guided my penis inside of my shuddy and locked the sib. I smiled at her. I then pulled up my pants.  

I couldn't bear with the wait. The wait was exactly killing me. I wanted her now. I cannot take her out of my mind. The magnificent moment that we had, was in my head, and I would think about the entire incident again and again. I couldn't even sleep in night thinking about it. I was waiting for the next day to come, not to make anyone suspicious. My hand kinda shivered when I rang the bell. It was she who opened the door. Jyothi Aunty gave me that million dollar smile. She was wearing a red tshirt and her husband's jeans. Oh, how close I was that day to see those enormous breasts of hers. Her butt, tightly covered in jeans, when she started to walk I have a view of her tight panty line through her butt ,I thought, now she would really be close to me. But surprisingly she seemed to act normal.

My studies started, and I was back to my daily routine. I was surprised to see her act normal. I wanted to bring up that topic, but I was scared. What if she refuses to continue from where we stopped. Then oneday, I took the courage to bring up that topic during our conversation. My fears were true. She said what happened that evening between us was wrong. "S, I kinda acted stupid that day. I don't know what got over me. But it has to stop. You are my son's friend.." I didn't let her finish, "Don't say that. You even once said you considered me more than that I love you, please don't ditch me like that,," We argued for quite sometime. Atlast I had to agree with her. I was disappointed. But I knew, nothing would convince her of my love. The next few days, I was very reluctant to go to her house even. Somedays, I purposefully didn't go. But she neither called, nor enquired when I would go to their house the next day. I began to believe it was all over. One day when I went their house, I saw playing with a very cute baby. It was her neighbour's baby. The neighbour had gone out for shopping, and she volunteered to take care of the baby. I also got to playing with the babies. After that uncomfortable conversation, this is the first time, we were comfortable with each other. I would take the baby, and make all sorts of funny faces to make it laugh. She would come close to the baby which is in my arms, and sometimes kiss it. I got really erotic at that sight. At one instance, the baby happened to catch her mangal sutra, and refused to leave In an attempt to release the baby's hold, she bend over, and that gave me a chance to see the inside part of her maxi. The baby and me got a glance of her enormous breasts. The baby some times tried to pull her maxi buttons to suck her breast. She sighed. It was a wonderful sight. We had a lot of fun that day. The baby infact was a blessing in disguise for us to get back close to each other.
On another day, I noticed Aunty was sitting and writing some things in her diary. I sat opposite to her and started chatting with her. I thought of playing with her, by disturbing her concentration. She would ask me to stop it, but her smile showed that she was not serious about it and she was enjoying it. Slowly, my toe started to rub her toe. From rubbing her toe, it went to her ankle. She didn't say anything. My toe started its journey in to her maxi feeling her legs. Then she gave me the stare but with the smile, telling me to stop it. I was enjoying it. Then she got up to make coffee. I followed her. I stood right behind her, and started playing with her hips. She was definitely enjoying my silly gestures at her. I would also made sure her butt had the feel of my aroused penis. My hands were feeling her stomach and boobs over her maxi. She stopped making coffee and decided to go to the bedroom, I ran upto her, wrapped my hands around her stomach from behind, lifted her a little, and took her to the bedroom. She started to laugh all the way into the bedroom. We stood infront of the mirror. She took her talcum powder and pretended to ignore me. My hands started exploring under her stomach on top of maxi. I got to her triangle area. Started to pressing and rubbing there. I started to really feel it now. She kept on telling me to stop it, but I couldn't stop it anymore. She turned around, and began to kiss me slowly, we did the French kiss. aaahhhh, it was a magical feeling. I began rubbing her breasts more, and started pinching her nipples through her maxi. Suddenly she stopped. "He will come any minute, we can't do this now." I got really angry. "We can do it tomorrow, I promise." But I was not in the mood for waiting for the next day to come. She began to plead me. "I haven't enjoyed you properly, what if tomorrow u change your mind?" " No, dear" while she was saying this slid her hands into my shuddy, and got hold of my dick.. "I was desperate. Please show me your breasts, and I will agree." " You promise!" she said, and I agreed. She removed her tshirt, and now she was in her bra. I quickly removed her bra hooks at back. Yes, at last I got to see her breasts. Little sagged, It was really huge. Her nipples like grapes were standing erect out. It was damn sexy. She was feeling nervous, standing topless infront of me. I began touching it, and started to kiss it. "No, dear, not today please" I didn't listen to her, I began licking her beasts, kissing, and small bite of her nipple. She moaned simply. She tried hard to push me. But at last I stopped. "Tommorrow, I am not going to take no for an answer, " She looked into my eyes and started to massage my penis as well, shaking my penis with her hand, pulled out my foreskin fully, shaking faster and faster I ejaculated in open, my shuklam (semen) made a long jump. Then she said " Next time, I won't say no. I have begun to love you. I know this is extremely wrong. But lets keep it as top secret strictly between ourselves."
My exams were getting really close, so I thought of not visiting Jyothi Aunty anymore. I was now waiting for the exams to get over. We would talk on the phone. Our talks would last for hours. I would sometimes ask naughtily as to what she was wearing today and she would jokingly say "a bra and shuddy". What is the colour of your shuddy today? Do you wear it in night, Do you sleep nude at night? She responded my every question with Yes or No. answer. My another question to her "Did u done it yesterday with your husband?" I asked! She said `No I am in my period' How may days it will take? I asked. She said 4 to 5 days. I said "that means now your flower is packed in extra cloth isn't it? She said, No, "now a days I am using stayfree pads in place of cloth piece. Then she asked to me What about your yesterday night? Did u masturbated yesterday thinking of me? I said " yes, imagining your pooru". Then she told " Till you didn't see that then how can u imagine it? I said "once I touched your pooru lips and the crack there. Then I smelled my fingers. Still I can feel your pooru smell in my fingers". She laughed and said "u naughty like that smell"? "Yes very much, it felt very erotic" I said in return. "Do you shave your pubic hair?" I asked. She said "some times". You do it daily? she said " 2-3 days per week. "May I help you in shaving your flower" " please" I requested in phone. Do u give me your panties to feel it in my thing. She said " wait" Then I asked her the most embarrassing question to her "How do u feel your hubby's kunna entering in your flower"? She said after some seconds " feel something fitted extra in the abdomen". My kunna started to leak. After completing our talks on phone I had done a speedy masturbation.

I was getting really excited as the exams were slowly one by one getting over. The last day of the exam. That night was crucial for me. I mend many plans how to seduce her and how to work with her body and how to talk to her more erotically in order to build in her crave for full nudity and intercourse. I wanted her to know that I loved her, and how I want to have sex with her. How I wanted to love her passionately. I would imagine myself getting married to her. About our passionate wild sex, she getting pregnant by my penis. Even if none of those dreams get fulfilled, just I wanted to see her naked, and make love to her. I wanted to see her desperately. I was getting really excited. After completing the last paper of my exam I reached her house. There I saw small crowd, I enquired about it tom people standing there what happened. I came to know that her grand father-in law expired at his native place. Her husband and son was leaving for funeral. After they left I thought of leaving her alone, and go home, but she asked me to stay for a while. She explained me the sad demise of her Grand father (in- law).

I couldn't even watch my princes crying. I told her its all right, and hugged her. She placed her head on my shoulders. We were in hugging each other for some minutes. I couldn't control it anymore. I desperately wanted to kiss her, and I knew, since her hubby and son are going on leave, this was my only and best chance for it. I kissed her cheek. At first she thought, I was doing it to console her. But as I began to kiss her again, she slowly started lifting her head, and feel suspicious. "What are you doing?" she asked angrily. "I love you dear. I know this is not right, but I couldn't hold it anymore. Ever since I laid my eyes on you I fell in love with you. Every night I thought of you. I cannot live without you. I know this is not right. But the fact is I am really in love with you, and there hasn't been a day where I would pray to god and ask as to why he is torturing me." she was trying to push me. "No, this is wrong, you are my son's age, you are like a son to me." I was got angry when she said that, "No, but I love you. You can do whatever you want. If you tell me to get out of this house and to never see you again, then fine, I will do as you say. But I just say you that I love you" I didn't complete the sentence and I planted a big kiss on her rosy lips. Suddenly to my reply, she kissed back. big dream was coming into a reality. I was living my fantasy. My tongue began to go inside and explore her mouth. I pushed her, and was kissing her against the wall. She was now passionately kissing. We stopped smooching for a while and began kissing each other's neck ,cheeks, ahhh,,it was a wonderful feeling. We were kissing each other passionately. I began to caress those big breasts of her. At last I got to feel those lovely breasts of hers. I was feeling her nipples. Then my hands slid down and I slowly started pulling her maxi up, with one finger feeling her legs as I was pulling her maxi up. She was starting to slow down realizing as to what I was doing. She stopped kissing. "No, dear please, this is wrong,, pleaseee" She began pushing me away, but I was not ready to quit. Her maxi and underskirt were upto her panties now. I without thinking more slide my hands inside her panties, and in one swift motion felt her hairy pussy. I pulled down her panty, the spot of her panty covering her pooru was dammed.. She resisted at first, but then at last put a kiss on it. She started to moan. She took me to the bed room. She laid herself on the bed. I helped her out of her panty, a big panty having colourful flowers on it. I had a first time view of her pussy and the first sight of a pussy in my life. We kissed for a while. Her black bra was somewhat visible through her maxi. My dick was getting impatient Then she stopped to remove her maxi,,,, then underskirt. Then I came out of my jeans, now I was laying with her in a frenchie shuddy only. She inserted her hand in my shuddy. freed my kunna out of frenchie, she tried to pull out my frenchie but it was so tight that I helped her to through it out.

So at last she got to see my erect penis. She placed her right hand on it. Then she removed her maxi. I pushed her to the bed, as I wanted to take the opportunity of removing her panties and bra. I teasingly went on kissing her legs, thighs. I stopped for a second to watch that wonderful hairy pussy of hers. I quickly then unhooked her bra. Now we were completely naked. We got to kissing. We kissed and kissed more. I was getting all too excited. This was a dream that come true for me. I started to explore her other parts of the body, while I was doing that I decided to finger her pussy, but I was not enough knowledge of pooru parts. I began by licking her neck going down, till I reached those huge breasts of her. I started licking her breasts, nipples. I pretended to be a baby sucking milk from his mom. I then gave her right breast nipple a bite to increase her moaning. I went down, kissing her stomach, her belly button. I stopped fingering. Used my two hands to separate her two legs waited for a second, and then gave her pussy a big kiss and lick. I continued licking it. And she was enjoying it, by running her fingers through my hair pressing my head to her pussy. I waited for a long long time for this. While we kissed, I massaged her big breasts. Then the naughty girl, got on me. She was sitting on my dick. I was enjoying her weight on me. Her hands were feeling my hairless chest. Then she got into the exploring act. She was doing it slowly and in a very hot and sexy way. Kissing, with her tongue slowly coming out and feeling the surface of my chest. Allowing a mature woman exploring our body with her tongue is a special thing to be experienced. Slowly she got to my dick. With one hand holding it upwards, she invited it into her mouth. Starting it all off with the tongue playing with the tip of my kunna she taken fully in her mouth. She then took out a condom from her handbag. She was well prepared. She fixed and rolled down it in my kunna. Then came to the insertion part. I started awkwardly. I don't know where to fit in her flower.I tried here and there. She started to laugh. Then I let Jyothi aunty to guide me. With her hands on my butt cheeks, she was showing me the right motion, just like sitting for pee position the full view of her pooru was an ever remembering experience for me. Pooru mouth opened widely, hair all around it, the inner part of her pooru was in full view to me, the pink clit, She positioned herself in my kunna, holding it with her one hand she guided it in to her pooru then she slowly pressing her pooru on it allowing it to go deep into her pooru, she let me do the motion. Her moaning started getting loud. Her boobs were dancing in accordance with her hip movement. I started to increase the motion. Her moaning was starting to get loud. She was directing the speed of the insertion. I kissed her then to lower her moaning, just incase. We continued with our exploration. Then she whispered in my ear. "lets do it while bathing." Holding hands naked we walked into the bathroom, we continued our kissing. I always fantasized screwing her under the shower. We applied soap over each other's naked body. Her butt caught my attention while I was washing her back side, I went down and bit her butt cheek. She gave me a funny stare as to what I was doing. I was on my knees, and I continued my exploration over the lower part of her body. She parted her thighs for enough space for my mouth in her pooru , I pulled out her pooru lips to sides and started to suck her kanth (clit) more and more, I felt wetness in her pooru, smelled differently, inserted my toungue into her hole, now her hole was more visible, fully pinkish inside of it , as she pressed my face more and more to her pooru, she got on four legs like dog and cow, now I can see her big butt and cracks, and her black little as hole. I kneeled down back of her positioned my kunna into her pooru with a big thrust, she started to move back and forth against my thrust, at that time I was rubbing with my finger her ass hole mouth but she didn't care what I was doing with her ass. At last my movement increased, speeded my thrust, her breasts were hanging and swinging like that of a church bell. At last I started to spit my shuklam in her pooru but in condom. She was breathing heavily, she move forward to release my kunna from her pooru, my kunna was freed from her pooru, but still in condom, started to hang down, she turned around, catch my kunna rolled the condom and freed kunna from condom, she started to shake it, took some time to re-charge it, then she guided my kunna to her mouth, started to suck it, her mouth move back and forth she was standing on her kneels, cupped my balls, and little hair all over there, when it got hardness she laid herself back opened her thighs and knees high in the air, now her pooru is more opened condition, then she used her fingers to widen her pooru lips to sides, her swollen clit (kanth) was more erect condition, reddish in colour, her pooru hole is more visible and can see the inner side of her pooru hole, she invited me to insert my kunna into her pooru, by kneeling in between her thighs and she placed her thighs in my shoulders and tighted her pooru muscles, and ordered me to thrust harder and faster.I started to thrust, fully pulled back my penis and re-enter fully with hard thrust to pleasure her. She guided my hands into her boobs started to press my hand on her boobs with her hands along with my movement of kunna in her pooru. Within seconds she climaxed, One big aaaaah sound from her along with heavy breathing happened to hear from her. But I continued it upto my second orgasm and finished fastly ejaculated in her pooru, but this time directly without condom support. Laying on top of her body my face in between her boobs waited to return back to normal breathing of both then I open the shover and helped each other to wash every area of our body with the help of soap and water, I felt some grinning pain in my kunna when she soaped in the ring portion, she also said about some slight pain in her kanth, I quickly wiped myself with towel, ran out of bath room and selected her maxi, shuddy and bra from her fresh cloth line and positioned her shuddy to enter her legs into it then I pulled it up - a hard job- heavy thighs, fitted her pooru in it neatly and rightly, fixed the elastic band of her buttock v shape line clearly, then helped her to accommodate her boob in bra cups, so hard to lock it in. Then I placed a loving kiss in to her check and said many thanks. This was the wonderful sex adventure and thereby the experiences cultivated by hardship and cleverness, ended in a pleasantest first time sex experience also the ever remembering one.
Jolly Memma: My Sex Teacher  

Subin Trichur

My name is Subin and I am from Kerala and this happened in 2000, November when I was 18. I got my first sexual experience in form of gift from aunty also my Teacher . Her name was Jolly. I was very good at studies but little back in Mathematics. Jolly, my Memma(AUNT) was from Kanjany, a place in Trichur and she got married to my uncle who was employed as a Sales Executive.
She was B.Sc Graduate & very brilliant in Maths. I had very good impression on her as a student. But I was very much impressed by her body especially by her boobs. They were perfectly round shaped and resembled the statue of Ajantha. She was 29,then and had well shaped buttocks and a beautiful deep navel. I didn't have bad eyes over her when I started tuition because she was my Memma. I used to go to Tharavadu for tuition, because she was there alone, only with her daughter. Her husband, my uncle was working and was traveling for almost 20 days all over Kerala and nobody else was there except her one year old daughter, Nimmy. We used to sit opposite near a table. Once while teaching she gave me a problem to solve. I could do about half of it and then I got a bit confused so I asked her what to do further. She came near me and when she bend towards me to explain ,She was not wearing bra so I saw her big and well- shaped boobs. I could not see them fully. Even I could not see her nipples but I saw the big and deep valley created by her two beautiful pairs.
It was really big because still she was breast feeding . She had all her attention in that work and I had mine in her valley. This was the day, which made me eager about her. Now on every day I kept trying to watch either her boobs or her thighs or her beautiful navel. She had a perfect pair of buttocks and it made me really mad when she used to wear MAXI. And since she was wearing sari just below the navel I used to get beautiful glimpse of that deep navel. Though I had not been lucky enough to watch her nipples or her panties. But I kept trying to see it. She had taken total hold of my dreams. I used to fantasies of getting seduced by her and used to masturbate of thinking about her. I fucked her every night in my dreams. Once I could not go to tuition and when I reached there next day she was cleaning her home. She was surprised to see me. But then she reminded of my absence on previous day. She was in her off- white sleeveless maxi. First time I saw her shoulder.
She had tucked the bottom of her maxi up into her panties so that she could walk freely. It was that much up that I was able to watch lower part of her thighs. I asked her, can I help you Memma? she replied, "No, I will do it. Don't worry." I said, I don't have any work to do. I would be happy to help you.' She said ok. She told me to go with her to bring a table from the store room. While we were going, due to lack of attention, she stroked with a wall and first two button of her dress broke due to the nail on the wall but she didn't notice that. When we went to the table she bend to lift the table and there her treasure was in front of me. Suddenly her leg stroked with table and she moaned with pain and she started massaging her leg by bending. I went to her and asked her whether it was painful. As I bent in front of her I saw almost her full boobs because she didn't have bra inside. They were amazing and my dick got straight up being hard rock. After some time she felt okay and we lifted the table and whenever she bended I kept watching her deep valley. After putting the table in that room she said me to bring a stool. She climbed up the stool and told me to hold its one leg. I set down and hold the leg and as I watched up I saw her Pink panty and her beautiful thunderous thighs and my dick was increasing with full speed. As the stool got a bit imbalance she smiled at me and told to hold it properly. I replied her with smile. Suddenly she fell down from the stool and I tried to hold her but in doing so I also fell down with her. During this whole process her breasts touched me so many times and once my hands pressed it also and the feeling sent a terrific feeling through out my body. When we both fell down I was up on her and we both were laughing. In this position my head was resting between her breasts but she didn't notice, as she was busy laughing. After some moments she realized my weight on her and with a bit moaning and in sexy tone she told me, "Subi, get up please. Your weight is crushing me." I still could not gather enough courage to proceed further, as she was not a woman who will easily get ready for this and moreover she was my Memma.
After heaving a tea I had to leave. Now I started thinking how to get her. I had a chapter in Science for Pre Degree first year and it was about human body's sexual organs. She further told me that it was very important chapter not only for exams but also for life. One day my family members went out for a wedding for 4 days & they told me go to Tharavadu to stay. I was very happy because, I can watch my fantasy woman for all time since it was vacation time. When I reached there she was packing a bag and I became sad thinking that she might be going out to her home for few days. She told me to sit for a while. I waited for a while and then her husband, my uncle came outside and told me that I have to accompany her to her place since he has to attend a Business conference at Madras for one week. Now I was very happy. Her husband left at about 8.30. Then she sit besides me and relaxing a bit said to me, "Sorry Subin, I have wasted your time but I was not knowing about this tour in the morning. I informed her that everybody had gone out and no one was at home. So she advised me to stay there for the night and I at once accepted it. Then she asked me to have dinner and we went to dinning table. She was in sari that time. While she served my plate her sari slipped from her shoulder and I saw her deep valley between her breasts. She seemed to be smoother from inside, with milky breasts. After dinner at about 9.00 she took me to her bedroom and started teaching me.
First of all she said me"Subi, you have to be frank along with me while teaching this lesson because this chapter is fully about sex so don't be shy at all. You can ask me anything without hesitation." then she asked me what I knew about sex. I didn't answer anything showing that I don't know anything. She asked me what are the sexual organs of man and woman. With a bit hesitation I told her that I dont know particular words for them. She told me to say whatever words I know. Showing a bit hesitation I said man has cock and woman has vagina. She saw me with a sexy and naughty smile. I also replied with a smile. Then she told the words penis, breasts and vagina. Further she asked me whether I have seen breast and vagina and again told me to be frank. I told her that I have seen breasts in some magazines and movies but not uncovered. She told me that means you have not seen a woman naked in photos also. I said no. She got impressed by me and appreciated me. I asked her could I ask you something. She said, "Of course, you can." I asked her, "Memma, how a baby born?" She said, During the fucking process man's semen enters woman's vagina and thats how the process of baby begins." I acted such that I am surprised and asked, What is semen, Memma?" She, with surprise, said " you idiot don't you know semen! That means you don't know masturbating." I said, Memma, my knowledge is very poor and I continued my acting that I dont know anything about sex. [But I was mistaken at that time of her willingness to explain regarding sex to me because after our first lovemaking when I was resting in her naked beautiful breasts she told me that she was already decided to seduce me so she has taken that subject purposely]. She explained me that semen is a thick liquid that comes out from penis and also told me that a liquid is produced in woman's vagina also.
I acted as I do not understand anything and I said, " Memma, I am very much confused." She again explained me and I responded the same. I further asked how these liquids come out and she said that it comes out due to excitement. I again said that I can't understand and said, "Memma, I have not seen Vagina and shape of the vagina as I haven't seen it." I said how a woman will get excitement" She said, " A woman can get excited by kissing her lips, her breasts and other parts of a body." When she was telling this I was dreaming me doing all these with her. I still kept showing confusion on my face and she was 100ure about my ignorance and innocence in this field. She got tired explaining me theoretically. Then she told me leave all things to me I will show it you practically. She told me fingering herself that, See, I am a woman and I can get excited even if you slowly kiss me on my lips or neck or any where on my face. She asked me if I would like to try. I went near her and she stood up and then I kissed her on her cheek. She smiled and that encouraged me. I started kissing her neck taking her in my hug. In the beginning I kissed her slowly as she said me but then I became a bit faster. I pressed her in my hug and she was still smiling with a sexy smile. Now I looked in her eyes and slowly began to go nearer to her face and slowly put my lips on her luscious lips and began to suck them. I kissed her for about 2 minutes and during that I didn't touch her breasts by hand because I didn't want to let her know my intention.
As I was taking my lips from her she slowly covered my face with her hands and taken my lips fully to her mouth and sucked it as if taking juice out of a ripe mango and that feeling was incredible. As we finished kissing she went a bit far from me and again that smile came on her face. She asked, Have you felt excitement?" I said yes and asked her whether she got pleasure. Then she told yes little. She said, yes I also got little excited." I said, not full excitement Memma." She said, the excitement can increase still more." I asked, can I also get more excited? And if yes then how?" She said, by breasts or vagina-by touching and sucking them." Then she asked shyly, Would you like to touch my breasts?" When I replied positively she said, " then for what you are waiting for! Come on." I went nearer to her and again hugged her. I slipped her sari from her shoulder and touched her breasts from outside and they were fully stood vigorously in her chest. My dick was getting rock hard and with her permission I slowly slid my hand inside the blouse. Since no bra were inside I felt that precious twins in my hand. While feeling that twins she told me unbutton it and watch and watch and feel l it fully.
Slowly I unbuttoned the blouse and a perfect pairs of breasts revealed in front of a 17 year old boy. It was his first experience and the feeling was incredible. I slowly started squeezing her breasts and I took her nipple in my fingers and started pressing them. She started moaning now. I brought my lips down to her boobs took her nipples in my mouth now she had her fingers in my hairs and her eyes were closed. I gathered bit courage and started sucking both breasts one by one. And since she was breastfeeding her daughter, milk was flowing to my mouth. I started sucking her breasts mercilessly and she was moaning with great pleasure and her hands were pressing my head to the breast very hard. The flow of milk from her breast made really me mad and I continued it till both of them become empty. Now the situation changed and she forgotten the entire moral side and become very hot and decided to seduce me even though I am her cousin and aged only 17.
She had taken my face in her hands and slowly very slowly started to take my lips in to her mouth and sucked it very hard and bitten it mercilessly. I was losing my control. She noticed my situation. She pulled my head closer to hers and slipped her tongue into my mouth again. Her tongue probed my mouth wildly plunging it in and out. I met her exploring tongue with mine. It seemed like a contest on who could stick the tongue into the other mouth the furthest. Then she finished the burning kiss softly licking my lips. Outside heavy rain started pouring in and she slowly laid me in her double cot bed and removed my shirt. Her wet lips started traveling all over my face then to my ears, neck and then to chest. She slowly took, my erected nipples to her mouth and slowly bite them. I was trembling like a fish in land. Slowly very slowly her lips traveled to abdomen and she removed the trouser. I was without underwear and her hand circled the fully erected cock. She was watching it with full of anxiety and wonder because she never expected such a big cock for a guy like me.That was rigid like an Iron rod and length is near 7 and really fat and was pulsating in her hand like a hot iron rod [this not a lie but later she measured it with a scale in one of our wildest love making occasion and she told me that her husbands cock is only 3.5 in erected position and she was not getting full satisfaction when he was entering her].
While keeping it in her hand her wet mouth was traveling inside my thighs and down and the pleasure from that was immense. She was playing with my erected cock by biting it nibbling it and slowly she has taken it to her mouth and started to suck it as if there is no tomorrow. A boy aged 17 was getting his first sexual experience from his Aunt, that too his fantasy lady. She slowly started to make move faster and wetness of her mouth and saliva really made me mad. A feeling that I cannot describe was passing through my whole body and nerves. She also enjoyed this since she was seducing a boy, which was in her dream for a long time. Later while resting my head on her breasts after the first experience she told me that I was in her dreams from the very beginning so she provoked by showing her terrific body. Her movements become faster and faster and I was in seventh heaven. Jolly Memma, hold my face in her hands and she told me "Subi", take me and do what you like. I am ready for you and explore each and every corner of my body, as you like. Slowly I got up. The round shaped breasts were very perfect and not drooped a little, perfect ness resembled the naked statue of Ajantha and beautiful golden hairline parted her abdomen into two and was going to the perfect navel. Her face was red with passion and I kissed her slowly and then taken those voluptuous lips fully to mouth and her hands circled my back. Slowly I licked ear lobe then licked her neck and then slowly my mouth reached that perfect round- shaped breasts. Those big nipples erected and stood vigorously in the brown areolas. My mouth circled that nipples and while taking it my mouth she was trembling in ecstasy and her nails were making marks on my back.
My hands were crushing that twins and she was hissing like a snake. I made dental and nail bruises on that twins and slowly my lips traveled down to that deep navel. It was big enough to carry a small cup Ice cream and later I tried it so many times with honey and ice cream. In my dream I always licked it and now it is fully in front of me do what I like. Then I reached that triangle and brown panty was covering it. Slowly I removed that panty and the love triangle was covered with beautiful hair and I parted it discover to see vagina. I buried my face there. Woman's smell made me mad and my tongue and mouth started exploring that triangle which contains honey. My tongue was trying to go deep while my lips swallowed the outer lips. Her hands were pressing my head very hard and I nibbled, bitten that and sucked love mount very hard. And she was crying in happiness and wetness of her honey spot become more and more and I tasted that saltiest cum with great pleasure and her body was moving very fast and her hands were pulling my hair in ecstasy and at the end she had a fantastic orgasm. I sat on that bed and was watching her terrific naked body, which was full of sweat drops and I licked all the drops from that. And I was enjoying each and every inch of that body with much happiness.
This time I concentrated mainly to her thighs. It was a perfect pair of thunderous thighs While I started making dental bruises inside thigh she was moaning with pleasure and I was also happy because a beautiful naked body was in front of young boy and he was enjoying each and every inch of that body with much pleasure. My lips traveled to down and she had a clean and beautiful toe. When I taken her small finger to my mouth she lost control. Slowly I again came to back to the abdomen and then to those twins and to her face. She kissed me very hard and told Subi, enter me little prince I am waiting for you. She pulled my head closer to hers and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue probed my mouth wildly plunging it in and out. I met her exploring tongue with mine. It seemed like a contest on who could stick the tongue into the other mouth the furthest.
Then she finished the burning kiss softly licking my lips. I puckered up my lips and kissed the fatty flesh of her tit lightly. Then she grasps my penis with her hand and showered passionate kisses on that and I became tingling again with the orgasmic sensation. She started jacking me off, as I continued to suck and lick her big nipples. She gasped deeply as I sucked on her nipple. She immediately started pumping my penis more seductively. This only made me suck her nipple even very hard my hot saliva was dripping down her breasts along with the milk and she moaned " OH GOD THIS FEELS GOOD!!! Oh baby, yes, you're making me feel so warm and tingling inside." She made herself free from me, still holding my dick. She opened her lips again and slid my penis down her throat. This time warm rush of feeling the slippery saliva drip down my balls sent every muscle in my body into ecstasy. She moved her head perfectly down my penis and took it in her mouth.
I could feel her warm moist tongue then lapping my balls. After that, I cummed. Memma, had my penis totally in her mouth. Her upper lip was pressed tightly against my stomach. Her lower lip was open and she was lapping my balls into her mouth. My balls slid in and she closed her lower lip on the underside of my ball sack. Memma, then rolled my balls in her mouth gently. My Cum was starting to pump up from inside my testicles. She could feel the spasms of my cum pumping muscles. She could feel the fluid with her tongue as it was draining through the tube of my body. The pulsing of the muscle contractions that was forcing up the cum and bulged Memma's cheek. I heard my dream girl moan with pleasure because she knew that in the next few seconds she was going to taste her young lover's cum. I felt like my balls were going to explode with each pump. It was almost violent the way my body was reacting to pump the cum into Memma's mouth. And she started to swallow.
While I was pumping my cum into her mouth, it felt like it would never end. But, it only lasted a few seconds as Memma's throat gulped the virgin cum down to her stomach. We stopped for a few minutes. Then I started to massage her thighs from the waist to the knee. I went harder each time. We both looked at each other and kissed. My lips touched her lips and she put her tongue in my mouth and I was sucking it hard and hard. I moved slowly towards her neck while she stretched it out for me. I kissed her through the neck to her right shoulder to her bust. I grabbed them and pressed them hard with my hands. I then put my arms around her back and sucked her nipples. Then I sucked her belly button with all my force and my tongue tried to enter her deepness while my lips sucked the outer lips of cunt. When I tired to swallow the entire cunt to my mouth she moaned and cried. "Yes, " she sighed. "Yes!" "it is beautiful!" I cried. "Eat me, Subi.Take all the juices out." she whispered. I grabbed her by the butt and pulled her closer.
She opened her legs to welcome my tongue, and finally I tasted what I'd waited for all of my life. She spread her pussy lips for me. Memma's pussy was sweet tasting and soft, the juices were running down my face! She moaned and pulled my head in jerking motion as if she were facing my face. I buried my face in her pussy and tried to crawl inside. I licked, nibbled, kissed and bit every delicious fold, crevice and crack of her hot wet sticky pussy. Then I cum inside her aching clitoris. It was huge, begging to be attacked; to have its lust satisfied. I stood up on my knees and used my stiff prick to rub Memma's pussy. I rubbed and rubbed till her breathing was rapid and her moans became screams, then I buried my face in her hot pussy again and I teased her swollen clit unmercifully, tiny, fluttery sweeps of my tongue taken slowly to the climax she desperately needed. I slowly licked her pink slit until she couldn't take it anymore.
My Mouth and tongue traveled to the inner softest areas of her hot pussy and taken all the juice to my mouth. I was enjoying it with all happiness and her hands were pressing my head very hard to her hot pussy and she roaring like a tigress. I was fulfilling my fantasy dreams with much happiness and was sucking that love pot mercilessly as if there is no tomorrow. At last at a fine moment she reached the ecstasy and then twinkled in pleasure and instantly had one, two, or maybe even three or more orgasms. I slowly sat in that big bed. She was lying in that bed soaked full in sweat and eyes were closed due to the terrific climax she had from me. I have seen sweat drops flowing from the valley of her perfect twins through the belly hair to her deep navel. While licking that from that navel she was caressing my hairs. I shifted my position and climbed on top of my beautiful darling's hot, willing body. I jabbed my tongue into her ear and she moaned with pleasure. Then I covered my darling's mouth with my own, thrusting my rigid tongue between her lips. Memma opened her mouth wide and pressed her tongue against mine. She sucked loudly and wetly on my hot tongue, pressing her sensuous lips harder and harder against my mouth. I felt her huge tits pressed against my chest and my cock grew even harder when I thought of the pleasure awaiting me. "Ohhhh, yesssss, do it! Fuck me! Memma cried wildly. She felt my large cockhead pressing against her and she spread her legs even wider, as wide as she could, as she wriggled her hips impatiently.
She just couldn't wait for my cock to ram its way up her hot, wet cunt. Slowly and teasingly I fit my huge prick snugly into the wet slit of her tight cunt. I rubbed my cock to her cunt hole at the same time I ran my fingers over her perfect buttocks. Then, I gave a hard, deep thrust, which sent my large prick- shaft shooting all the way into my darling's sucking pussy. "Yessssss!" she moaned. Memma thrust her butt high in the air and drove her tight, wet pussy-hole all the way down the full length of my throbbing cock. My rigid cock was moving in her hot pussy like a piston moving in side an engine. It was full in her hot inner areas without giving even little space and it was touching the bottom of her pussy on each thrust and it was also rubbing her clit. She was enjoying the perfect and terrific pleasure from her younger lover and she was becoming hot and hot and crying in happiness. This was new to her. She ground her pelvic bone against my body, feeling my balls mashing against the lower part of her cunt. As I began to slowly grind my hips, moving my ass in lewd circles above her, Memma began to pump her cunt up and down on my huge cock, clenching and unclenching her tight cunt-walls as tightly as she could around my thick, hard prick.
I could feel my darling's huge tits pressing against my chest and it turned me on even more as I continued to pump my cock deeply into her hot, grasping pussy. I tried to slow my fucking movements because I still wanted to fuck her slowly so she would enjoy it all more. But she wanted none of that. The way she was pumping her cunt up and down on my rigidly fucking cock- pole, I had no choice but to keep pace with her. Again and again, I stabbed my prick into her cunt, matching the fucking rhythm of Memma's grinding pussy. It was as though the horny lady was fucking even raping her young lover and I loved the lewd sensation. With a groan of lust, Memma pulled my head down to her bursting tits and I sucked her tits again and again as my cock continued to pound its way in and out of her wildly humping pussy. Her ass shook under the impact of my prick. Her cunt-walls burned and tightened with the hot wet pleasure she felt from my driving prick. I was ramming it in and out, in and out, deeper and harder with each forceful thrust into her pussy-hole. "Ohhhhh, I'm commmmmiiinnngg!&quo t; Memma suddenly squealed, grabbing me tightly and pressing my hard body against her soft one.
She moaned and tossed her self back and forth, almost making her lover's prick slip out of her coming cunt. But I held onto her, scooping my hands under her shaking ass and jerking her hips up toward my prick. I rammed her deeper and harder as she continued to come, clenching and unclenching her powerful cunt- muscles around my steel-hard, pleasure- giving cock-rod. "Ohhhhh, God, it feels soooooo ' gooooood! she cried, thrusting her hips up even higher, shuddering violently, and gasping desperately for air as her climax smashed through her again and again. "Ohhhh I am commmmiiinnngg! she moaned loud and long. Her hot body thrust and humped upward, driving higher and higher. Her tightly clenching cunt-walls sucked at my cock, trying desperately to milk it of my hot, thick jizz. She pumped her ass off, feeling her gigantic tits shaking and bouncing with her every lewd move. Her cunt-walls spasmed and gushed out her hot pussy- juice, filling her cunt and trickling down her firm thighs and splashing onto the bed between her legs. "Oh, Honey, fuck me, fuck meeeee! she yelled. It was the most exciting orgasm of her life, long, hard, and immensely powerful. Her long, sharp fingernails clawed her young lover's shoulders and back as she came and came, grinding her pulsating clit up and down along the thick shaft of my hard prick. I felt my orgasm approaching. I jammed my cock into her cunt, pumping her full of my thick, creamy cum. Burning jets of hot jism blasted into her pussy.
She gasped aloud when she felt the hard, hot spurts of cum shooting into her from my cock- head. The creamy spunk burned deeply into her cunt-hole and on into her churning guts. Her cunt walls spasmed violently as her pussy sucked my cum from my jerking prick. She grunted hard as I pounded into her cunt, pumping her full of my hot cum. She slammed her legs flat against the couch, her body flattening under the lewd assault of her young virgin lover's hammering prick. "Ahhhh, yeses, yessss! Fill me full of your cum! I love it! I can feel it! More! I want more! she yelled happily, tears of pleasure streaming down her lovely face. As the last of my cum-load shot into Memma's pussy, I dropped my head to her tits and once more sucked her nipples with my thirsty mouth and breast milk poured to my mouth like rain and again I emptied both breasts. She was enjoying each and every moment and me also. Both us were enjoying the lovemaking for the first time. I was also happy to know that she is enjoying lovemaking with a boy aged 17 and that boy was taking her to extreme pleasure. After few minutes we both reached the extreme climax at the same and a boy aged 17 cum inside a beautiful lady aged 29, that too his Memma and this experience was a rare one to both of us and it was my first experience and I lost my virginity to my Jolly Memma.
For her this experience was terrific since she never had such a pleasure before from her husband. Her husband was interested in his pleasure only and immediately after ejaculation he used to sleep with out giving her care. But a boy aged 18 has taken her to exotic and intoxicating pleasures of sex.
Eventhough this was my first experience and I was seduced by Memma. More than me she was enjoying this since in her life she got fantastic and beautiful orgasm from me. While we were lying soaked in sweat she taken me to her lap and cuddled like a child and given me that breasts again to mouth and said Subin, drink my boy. Empty this again it is all for you only.
While I was drinking those breasts mercilessly she was caressing my face and her face was full of happiness and it was her first experience where she got the extreme pleasure from lovemaking for the first time. After that, I had meet her many times for the purpose of sex & have been successful. And she also enjoyed it. Now , she is a mother of two, but, her need for sex continues.
I have seen her being fucked by a merchant navy officer, who stays near the Tharavadu, while I had gone there one day. Also, one Uncle(my neighbour, an shop keeper) asked me, about herself. Just recently, only he came to my house, while JOLLY Memma , was there in my house. I was alone at that time, so we had a fuck session together. First, he had sex with her, in front of me & I had sex with her, in front of him. Then, he went away. Then, I asked about her sexual needs, then only I came to know, that my uncle is not giving her enough satisfication, that I gave her & some others gave her. I asked, who the others where ? So, she said, that, she had meet several other guys, around her place & the uncle who had, just gone. And, she had meet him at his house & enjoyed him. (So, I came to know, why had he asked me about my memma). She, also told me that, she had sex with Nandhu Uncle (Navy officer) & his friends, on her visit to Kochi. Now, she has, became a sex-maniac & invites, guys with similar experiences & experienced/ married men or youths, to share & write their experiences with her.
Her email id is, m!.
If there is a possible opening, then she would love to meet u & have sex with u.
Readers, can send ur comments/suggestions to the following email address, m with subject line: Erotica.
If, u know, aunties with similar experiences, please do recommend my name to them. I'm 21, now & raring to go & I have some other experiences, one with a lady- doctor & other with my sis-in-law, my computer faculty, etc. Till now, I have met, 8 different women, with different styles, but still , I don't have one, girl friend, that's my problem. So, i'm planning to date with married women, & till now, I'm sucessful in that and i'm happy.
I am Waiting for my ninth, Who will be it ? If u r a female reader, it can be u also.
So, how u all readers, like my life story ?
If u think its nice then mail my aunt, with the subject line : SUBIN.

School Vacation  

Naveen Trichur

I am a regular reader of Kerala erotica. The stories here has inspired me to write my own experience as well. I am Naveen from Trichur, 31years old.
This is a TRUE incident. Since my young age, i have seen many romantic scences of my Maman & Ammayi (Uncle & Aunty). I was so amused to see all these acts and tried to watch it secretly. This gave me some special feelings towards my Ammayi (Aunty). She was around 28years then. She is fair and just average in her beauty. But she got a very nice and soft skin and attractive figure. She always maintained her figure, never got overweight. She was very free and easy lady, with not much caring of her outlook. The way she walks freely is really very sexy. And for me its appealing. I still get " on" even if I start thinking about her.
When she got married to my uncle, I was only 11 years. At that time itself, i got chance to sleep with her in the day time, by hugging her. No one felt anything wrong in this. But I was having some pleasure. I pretended to sleep beside her. But never slept. These were the things which attracted towards her. I liked her smell and loved it.
This incident happened when I was 18. I had little grown up by now with some hair in my legs and my chest. My sound was also changing. I tried to shave everyday to have good mustache. I too tried to shave in my private parts, where it was more hairy compared to other parts. These all are the things which most of the guys do, on seeing the changes in their body at this age.
She was now 32 years. My uncle was working overseas and came once in a year. It was during the big school vacation . I went to my Uncle's house as usual for a long stay..
Overthere my grandmother, aunty, uncle's small kids and a mail only stayed. In the night, my Aunty arranged bed for all of us to sleep on the floor (except grandmother). I was asked to sleep near her. I had no intentions at all to do anything. But I was happy that i can sleep very near to her and can have her sexy smell.
She always take bath before sleep. And she applies some nice oil in her hair. I just love that smell. It was so sexy, even no other foreign perfumes will come near to that. She makes her fresh always before sleep. Put on fresh clothes and that freshness is the more attraction towards her. I still can feel her wonderful sexy smell.
We normally sleep at 9pm. Without any other thoughts, I felt asleep and was in my world. During my sleep, i felt something and got up. I saw her bare legs on my body. This sight made my thing to get hard. I was having a pleasant feeling. She was now very near to me and I can even feel the warmth of her breath. Without any hesitation i hugged her in a very normal way, as if I was doing it in my sleep. And we were soo close now. Her face was only millimeters away from me. This was giving me a nice feeling.
At this age, i dont know how to initiate to have sex or to be frank, i dont know how to fuck also. The knowledge about sex was very limited for me. I have only seen some scenes from Malayalam movies and that too was nothing. And some informations from friends also. But it was not much to make a courageous move.
I used to masturbate from the age of 14years itself. And I used to do it on every day since I learned how to masturbate. As usual She was my Goddess of love to make me ejaculate during my masturbation. I have fantasised her always but during fatasising also, i haven't fantasised of having sex with her. I do not remember exactly what i dreamt about her that time, but, she was my Lady of Sex from that days. And she made me cum during my own pleasure making sessions.
After lying in that position for somemore time, she just turned and slept straight. I moved more closer and put my hands and leg on her body with more closer hug. There was no signs of rejection or anything from her side. This give me more courage.
I wanted to see her thighs now. And for this, tried to pull the saree up with my legs. I move my leg slowly and slowly. She was not moving at all. By doing this I tried to move her saree till I can see her panties. She was wearing a black color panty. My knees were now resting or her small mountain. I could feel the softness of her vagina through my knees. I slowly pressed there with my knees. But she did not respond. Then i moved the saree little more up. I can now see her whole bottom. Her milky white thighs, soft and smooth. The triangular portion. Her beautiful feet. I rubbed my legs on her thighs. It was very cold and soft. I wanted to touch her thighs with my hands, but I was afraid to do that.
My thing was at its full size and i had the big urge to make it cum. But her silence and no response, made me to take more advanced steps. Now, I put my hand on her boobs and slowly tried to press from top of the jacket. Still I took much patience and tried to do all these as if I was doing it in my sleep. I keep on pressing slowly both of her Mula's one by one and with my knees I was also rubbing her vagina slowly. I felt something wet in her panties. I thought she was peeing in her sleep. But it was only slight wetness and gluey type fluid.
She was just laying straight without moving or not even responding to my activities. I moved closer to her now and kept my face so close, that my lips can touch her neck. She gave a deep breath on this. But I still thought that she didn't know my intensions.
Now I was trying to move my hands inside her jacket, to touch her mulas. It was little bit tight jacket and it was not easy to get my hands into it. I still tried with my all patience to get into it slowly. My little master could not wait for my slow actions and really it wanted to explode. She was now breathing fast. I could feel all these, since my face was very close to her. It was a big silence over there. I can hear my heart beating faster now. Those days, there was no electricity in that area, and there were no sound of fan or other things. The only light came in that room was from the moon and from the kerosene lamp, which was lit to have a small light in that room.
All of the other members were in deep sleep, only I was awake with my body and soul urging hard to feel my aunty. Since this was very adventurous, my body was very hot by now.
Suddenly, I saw her hand moving towards my hand, which was pressing her breasts. I never expected this. I thought that I am caught and going to loose my face. All my courage was draining out now. She caught my hand. And...
She hold my hand. I was in a terrible shock by knowing that I am caught. I had all my courage drained out. But I didn't pull back my hand or anything, I still pretended as sleeping. She opened her eyes and looked at me, i was seeing this thru my half closed eyes. She had a naughty smile in her face and came closer to my ears and asked me "are you afraid?". I didn't answer. She kissed on my cheeks and told "come on Naveen, do not be afraid". Now I opened my eyes and looked at her. She took my face in her hand and in a very passionate way, kissed on my lips. My lips got wet, since she pulled my lower lips into her.
I felt the taste of her saliva. I was feeling nice by doing that. I too tried to suck her lips into my mouth. She was breathing hard at this time. And as you all know, my heart was pounding very hard as if I am doing something big wrong. But the feeling of kissing was taking me to another world. Her lips were very soft and tender. She then tried to put her tongue into my mouth, I accepted it and sucked it. It was having a very nice taste. I was enjoying those moments very much. She started to hug me now and started to pull me more closer. I came to know that she was getting wild now. Her sleeping desires were on now and wanted something...somethin g from me.
I never expected such a approach from her. I too tried to insert my tongue into her mouth and she was sucking it as if to take some juice from that. We were now eating, sucking and chewing eachothers lips, tongue and saliva. My little master was in full erection inside my lungi and was poking her thighs. I was feeling shame, whether she may feel bad of that. But I couldn't control all these. I tried to press him more hard in her body. This was giving me nice pleasure.
All others in the room were in deep sleep. Me and my aunty were now in a different world of ours. We had forgot that some one else were sleeping nearby also. She moved closer to me and was trying to hug me more tight. I can hear the sound of our heavy breaths and the sound of kissing and sucking only. I could feel my nevers getting tight all over my body and some special feeling, which I cannot describe in me. It was very wonderful. All these days I was just fantasising about her and masturbating. But the pleasure which I was getting now was tottaly different from that.
After this looong kiss. I really wanted to jerk off my thing and cum out. But if I do that now, then all the mood will go. She was looking terrible in that dim light, with all her hair spoiled and I could feel her desire in her face. She was breathing fast now with a plesant smile on her face. She asked me in a whispering tone "have you ever done this before?". I said "No, its my first time". "Naveen, do you like me?" She whispered again. "Yes, i like you very much, I always wanted to be with you". "Naveen, there is nothing wrong in this". She tried to console me. "Do not be afraid. I will not tell this to anyone". This give me more courage now. She kissed me again.
She was looking gorgeous in this night with the soft whispering talk and the sexy smile on her face.
I had only dreamt of having this kind of relation ship with her. But I never expected that this will come true. The woman of my dreams is in front of me and encouraing me to do all these things. I was now in a different world. All this this she was holding me tight and I too started to pull her towards me. And tried to press all of my body into her. My little master was now in between her thighs and enjoying those moments, which he was longing for. It was a full moon day and the bright moon light was coming into the room throught the open window. I can also hear the sound of leaves due to the breeze and it was little cold also. But I started sweating since both of us were now too hot and the hug was too tight that there was no gap to pass any air to cool down our body.
Suddenly we heard a noise in grandmother's room and we parted immediately.
She wishpered in my ears again " Hey....dont worry..its not over yet.....dont sleep now....." she smiled in a sexy way..
{ to be continued.... }
Readers, I again request you all to give me your comments and suggestions to improve my next part. I request ladies again to mail me, it inspires me a lot to write more. My grandmother wake up and she went to the bathroom. My aunty was holding my and tight and turned towards me with a naughty & sexy smile on her face. My little master was upset now due to this break and he lost erection and became soft. I kept my eyes closed but little afraid, I was worried whether my grandmother had heard some sound of kissing. My heart was beating fast now. I was very new to this kind of incident and too much excited to have a relation with my dream lady.
I was feeling very happy with her positive response and the encouragement to me to explore her more. Now we both were waiting for grandmother to go back to bed. She released the grip in my hand then slowly started to move her hand in my body. When her hand moved throught my body, i get getting some sort of electric waves in my body. She keep on moving it from face, then came to my lips then down to neck and in my chest. She was now playing with my soft hair in my chest and then she moved her hands towards my nipples. Then started to play with my nipples.
The feeeling was terrible, no one have ever touched those areas in my body. Even I haven't tried that way. She was doing magic in my body now. As usual, my little master woke up and built his tent in my lungi. He was now in a great mood to be pumped and vomit. I was shy to hold my thing with my hand now, but I really wanted to comfort him. Her hand now started moving down.....I was now very anxious and excited...she was a master in this...and the woman of dreams was taking to me this new world of Sex. She was facing towards me with her eyes half open, I could feel something from her looks. She had that thirst and a great desire for Sex. She wanted me badly now. I was her destiny now.
My grandmother went back to her bed now. The room became silent again, with two eager souls waiting to mate. For me it was my first night and the thrill to mate my Aunty was uring, the dream lady, my sexy aunt is waiting to mate with me. Cool breeze was flowing in through the window. It gave me some sort of comfort to cool my body and to get relieved from my tension.
I was now waiting to make the move. I moved closer to her and started to hug her. She stopped me say "naveen, wait....She may not be slept, have patience" she whishpered it. Her sound itself was very sexy now. My tool was ready now and he wanted to touch her very badly. For my surprise, her hand moved down towards him...and she now caught him from top of my lungi....I can see her naughty smile in her face. I got a electric shock like feeling when she touched my tool. "He is not young like you...." she whispered...She pressed him through my lungi...He really wanted to explode now..
She now inserted her hand into my lungi..."Its good that you dont wear underwear at night" she laughed quietly. Now she started to play with him with her hand. I was booming towards my pleasure and I was now loosing my control of my tool. She touched the tip of him with her thumb and started to move her grip up and down, slowly. I was having a great pleasure now, my dream lady playing with my tool, am i dreaming??? I wanted to make some sound to show my ecstasy, i was breathing faster now. Sometimes she touched my balls while massaging my tool also, I could control all these. Without her permission, I hugged her and pulled her closer to me. I kissed her the way she kissed me before...She too responded me with her soft lips and tongue.
Her hand was still busy massaging my tool but she didn't make a fast movement on the massage to make him shoot out. She was doing magic in me. I came to know, that she was just waiting for my initaition to do this. I kissed down towards her neck and her ears. She was moaning lightly..." Naveen....moone....I love you...." My lips moved down towards her breast...and wanted to suck her nipples.....
But she stopped me....." Naveen...wait...I will give u all my dear...Its all for you....But I want to make love with you this whole night and I want you to enjoy each and every moment slowly. Do not be in a hurry now.....I was loosing my patience... Her hands were still playing with my tool.
It was a new experience for me, when I started writing about my experience, but now I feel that I too can write to make others happy and enjoy my experiences. Thanks for kerala erotica for publishing my sequential submission of stories. This site have opened up chances for us to tell our deep secrets, which could have been buried inside our mind long time and urging to come out to tell someone.
Due to our present society setup, guys like me are too shy to tell anyone about the true erotic experiences to others. Especially if it involves with some relatives, it may cause other major problems like blackmailing and others, if we tell this to some non- trusty friends. I am grateful to kerala erotica for giving us this great opportunity.
Many mails which came to me are saying that they had similar experiences with their close relatives. Female friends have also wrote to me that they had such crush with their relatives. Why don't you write your experiences to this site and get it published? I think its not a bad idea. I am feeling very happy to see my creation published to this cyber world.
Now, lets move to that romantic night where that teenager naveen and his erotic aunty is making love.
I was now loosing my patience, since she was massaging my tool with her bare hand. The touch of her soft hand to my hard tool was giving me a great pleasure. She had some special skills to make my tool more strong, she used to press my balls at times as well and moved her and in between my thighs as well. Once she move it and touched my asshole as well. She was driving me crazy now. I told her " Ammayi, i have no more patience, i am feeling something now". She asked me very straight "do you feel to masturbate now " ...I dont know how she read my mind, that was the urge now. I wanted my tool to burst out. He was now going to his peak. "Naveen, i will do it for you, in a very special way, which you haven't ever experienced".
She, my lady of dreams was giving me more surprises and taking to the world of love and romance, which was very new to me. She whispered to me "lets go to the upstairs bedroom". I was very happy to hear that. We slowly stepped out from here and went upstairs. All the way to that room we were hugging and kissing. I didn't wanted to loose the mood which i had reached now.
On reaching the room, she asked me " have you seen a nude woman before" I said "no". "come on undress me now" she asked me to remove her clothes. I started removing her saree. The light in the room was only from the outside moon light. I lighted a candle to see my woman of dreams in more bright light. She was just waiting for me to remove her clothes.
Meanwhile she was kissing me on my ears and lips and now started slightly moaning. It was giving more pleasure. The sound of her moans where more filled with her deep breaths. She removed my lungi in this time. since I had no top wear I was full nude now and She caught hold of my tool without any delay.
The way she plays with my tool, still i can remember it. She got that special skill to make me hot and wild. Till now I have watched many blue films, but all of these haven't see a sexy lady like this with the skill to make a man hot like this. Her hands were doing magic in my body.
Now the left over in her body after removing the saree was her petticoat (pavada) and blouse and the underwears. She helped me to remove the petticoat and jacket. I thought she will remove the underwear as well and i was waiting for that. "You have to remove this for you will feel how differnent it will be when you remove it for me" she whisperd with a naughty smile. I had no patience now. I took off her bra and panty in a hurry "slowly..... naveen... I am for you this whole night... do not be in a hurry". I touched her boobs, it was so soft and big, i could not hold it in my hand. I pressed it hard and she moaned little loudly. "hey naveen....its paining...". "be soft towards a not get wild". "now come on suck it naveen". She took the boobs in her hand and pointed it towards my mouth.
Now I understood, that, i too have to be soft towards her, eventhough the desire is there to eat her up. I slowly put her boobs in my mouth and started sucking it. It was very soft and tasty. I could see from her face now that she was getting a pleasure from me now. This made me more hot and wanted to make her more hot. I hugged her with both of my hands and started sucking her boobs one by one. She was pressing my head towards her breasts and she closed her eyes biting her lower lips. She was moaning slighly now... Her fingers were combing in through my hair and pulling to press her breasts more hard. " naveen....uuuuuhhhhh hhhh"
She was pressing my head towards her breasts as I was sucking it one by one. Whole of her chest was very wet with my saliva. Her boobs were now soft and wet and slippery due to my saliva. The feeling of sucking that was very good and I was having great pleasure. I could see her enjoying those moments by closing her eyes and making soft moans. That sight gave me more pleasure and I sucked her boobs hard. She didn't complain, instead she was enjoying it more and pressing my head and running her fingers through my hair. I hugged her on her waist and I too pressed her closer towards me.
I pressed her ass which were very soft and smooth. My hands started to move all over her body, while sucking her boobs. I was sitting on the bed now and she was standing near to me, with no dress at all. My dream lady was standing in front of me, full nude and wanted me badly to love her. I was in my great mood now. My tool wanted to burst out anytime. I tried to press him in her thighs while sucking and hugging her. She understood the urge of him and whispered to me, "don't be impatient.. naveen, I will give him a big treat now".
Saying that she knee down on floor. I was still sitting on the bed. She took my tool with one hand and with the other hand she hugged me and pulled me more closer to her. She now asked me to kiss her by requesting me through her lips, pointing towards me with her eyes closed. I was feeling too much love towards her. I grabbed her head with my both hands and pulled her hair violently and kissed her hard with sucking and licking and chewing her lips and tongue. The co-operation in her sex activity was wonderful.
With a naughty smile she winked her eyes. From this gesture I understood that, now she is going to show something new for me. I was thrilled all the time and this gave me more. She was playing with my tool now with her soft and smooth hand. And to my surprise she took my tool in her mouth and started sucking it. It was a very new experience for me. I have only heard about it from my friends but haven't ever experienced till that time.
She moved her mouth up and down my tool and some times with her tongue, played with the tip of my tool. I was in a great pleasure. I was not sure whether I could control my explosion. But at times she stopped and requested me to kiss her. This way she was holding my explosion of my semen. I think she was sensing all those from my breath and actions. She was a master any way. The mouth work of her wonderful. Some times she suck my balls and run her lips and tongue all over my tool. She was playing with my tool more than I have seen in foreign adult movies.
The sound of sucking and her slight moans and deep breaths was there in the room. We were now confident that no one will hear the sound, since we are in the upstair bedroom. The speed of her sucking my tool increased and I was coming to my peak. But I didn't want to stop that coming out and don't want the rhythm of her sucking to stop. Finally I came out to her mouth. I thought that she might scold me for not telling her. But to my surprise, she just drank it in a gulp. Some of my semen were dripping through the side of her lips. She was licking that by her tongue as if, she was licking some Ice cream gone out of her mouth. She pressed and squeezed out all of my juice with her hand from my tool. It was giving me a great pleasure and she cleaned my tool with her tongue and I can see her still hungry to have more.
I got exhausted by this time. She drained out all of my juice. I can see her sexy hungry look in her face. I know that she wanted me more and wanted to teach me something more in this romantic night. She looked at my face with her naughty smile. "hey naveen..are you tired now....??" I nodded my head. "Come on is only for some time, I will not let you sleep now" This was boosting me now. She was still playing with my tool in her hands.
Enjoying Neena (Kerala Lesbian Story)  

Mridula Menon
My name is Mridula Menon. I am 5 foot 10 inches tall, I have long black hair, and hazel eyes. My measurements are 42-26-36, and I am 27 years old. I am married, but have no children, and I love to eat pussy. We live in the Kottayam town in an area heavily populated area. This story is just one of my many adventures.
It was saturday morning, and I was standing in the kitchen, as I do every saturday, to watch Neena, the next door neighbor girl, go for her morning jog. Neena would begin by doing her warm up exercises. When she would bend over to stretch her legs, I could see the outline of her firm young ass, and her panty lines, under her skin tight jogging shorts. I watched as she ran by, her young breasts, looked to be very large for a girl only eighteen years old. I was just dying to get my hands on those young tits, and my mouth on that sweet pussy, but most of all, I hoped that I would get a chance to fuck her.
Later that day I put my plan into action. I called the house, Neena answered the telephone, I said, Hi Neena, This is Mrs. Menon, My husband Lal, is going out of town this weekend, and wont be back until late sunday afternoon. I was wondering if you would mind spending the night with me? I really dont like to be alone in the house, for that long of a time. Neena said, that she would love to spend the night. I told her that I would rent a movie, and for her to come over about nine oclock. She said she would see me then.
That afternoon, I went to the department store. I bought a short black silk nightgown that I new would show off Neenas full ripe tits, and would barely cover her slim hips. I also purchased a pair of black lace bikini panties, that would do justice to that sweet young ass of hers. I had already changed into my silk nightgown, and was putting my robe on, when I heard the door bell ring. I looked at the clock on the dresser, nine oclock right on time. I opened the door, I think Neena was a little surprised to see me standing there in my nightgown and bathrobe. I closed the front door. I told Neena that she could put her overnight bag in the bedroom. I lead her to the bedroom. When we entered the room, I explained to her, that for being such a nice person, to spend the night with me, that I bought her a present. I pointed to the dresser, where I had laid out her silk nightgown and panties. Neena walked over to the dresser and picked up the nightgown. She held it up in front of her. I said, I hope that its the right size. Neena looked at me and said, Oh! thank you Mrs. Menon, I think it will fit fine. I said, I am sure you will look very sexy in it. Neenas face got a little red by my complement.
I told Neena that I was going to get the movie ready, and she was to join me in the den when she was finished changing. Neena said, Ok Mrs. Menon. I turned, and closed the bedroom door behind me. I went into the kitchen and got a bottle of wine, and two glasses, then I proceeded to the den to wait for Neena. I was busy getting the movie ready when Neena entered the den. She walked over to the couch and sat down, she acted like she didnt know what to do next. I finished with the movie, and walked over to the couch, and sat down beside Neena. I asked her if she would like a glass of wine, she kind of hesitated I said, Dont worry, no one will find out. I poured her a glass, and one for myself. After Neena and I had finished two glasses of wine, she started to loosen up a little.
We talked about school, boys, and other girl stuff. We finished the first bottle of wine, so I went to the kitchen and got another bottle. When I returned, Neena was watching the movie, it started out with a young girl about Neenas age, sucking an older mans cock, while she was being eaten by a woman. I sat down on the couch next to Neena, and poured each of us a glass of wine. I asked Neena if she had ever seen an XXX- rated movie before, she nodded her head yes, her eyes were glued to the screen. We continued to watch the movie, and drink wine. I knew that it was the time to make my move. I poured another glass of wine for us, and moved closer to Neena, I put my arm around her shoulder and began to stroke her long black hair. Neena turned her head and looked directly into my eyes, I leaned forward, and put my wet full lips over hers, as we kissed, I felt Neena tighten, but then relax, I spread her lips with my tongue. As my hot tongue entered Neenas sweet lushes mouth, I pulled her close to me. I could tell that the wine and the fuck movie had her turned on. I could feel that her body was on fire with passion. I continued to kiss Neena deeply, our tongues thrusting in and out of each others mouths.
I slipped my hand inside of Neenas silk night gown and cupped one of her heavenly young breasts. I grasped her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, I rubbed it until it was so hard, I thought it would burst. I gave her other young tit the same treatment, until both of Neenas nipples were hard and erect. I was the first one to break our kiss. I continued to caress Neenas tits, I kissed her on the cheek and ear. I softly whispered in her ear, Have you ever made love with a woman before? She said no, but that she would like to make love with me, but I would have to teach her what to do. I stood up, taking Neenas hand in mine, I lead her into the bedroom and closed the door.
The night light that I left on, gave out just enough light for what I had planned. I turned to face Neena, I undid her robe and let it fall to the floor, I pulled her to me, again I covered her young lips with my mine. As we kissed I undid the tie to her black silk nightgown, I pushed the gown from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor with her robe. I stepped back to get a good look at Neena. Her young teenage body was more beautiful than I had imagined. I took Neenas hand and lead her to the bed. Neena sat on the edge of the bed, I stood directly in front of her and loosened my robe and let it fall to the floor, next was my nightgown. I undid the tie and let the gown fall to the floor at my feet. We were both naked now except for our panties.
I could feel Neenas eyes on my near naked body, as she took in the full length of it in the dim light. I looked down at her and said, Well what do you think? Neena looked up at me and said, Oh, Mrs. Menon you are so beautiful. With that I took Neena by the hand and we slipped into bed. I rolled Neena over onto her stomach, as I kissed my way down her back, I moved my hand under her panties, and caressed her firm ass. With both hands I slid Neenas panties down to her knees and off. Neenas sweet little ass and cunt where now in full view. I spread Neenas and I slipped my hand down to her pussy, I slowly pushed two fingers between her juicy cunt lips and began to rub her erect clit. I could feel her pussy juices starting to flow heavily now over my fingers, I inserted one more finger into her vagina. I new, that Neena was about to climax at any second, and couldnt take much more finger fucking. I removed my fingers from her pussy. I rolled Neena over onto her back, and spread her legs. I lowered my head to Neenas crotch, and covered her young pussy with my mouth. I parted her swelled cunt lips with my tongue, and began to lick her erect clitoris. I gently sucked her clit into my mouth, as I nibbled on her clit,
Neena began to buck her hips against my hungry mouth. Neena cried out, Oh Mrs. Menon that feels so good. Suck my cunt, Please dont stop. Well I wasnt about to stop, I continued to lap at her sopping pussy. Neenas hands were on the back of my head now, pulling my face closer to her cunt, Neena cried out, Oh God! Iam cumming. As her flood gates burst, Neena filled my mouth with a river of hot girl cum. There was nothing for me to do now but to suck her pussy dry, which I did, swallowing every mouthful of cum that she gave me. I felt Neenas body go limp. I finished lapping up every precious drop of her love juices.
I moved up to lie beside her, I took her face in my hands, and covered her mouth with mine. Our lips parted, and our tongues met, I knew that Neena was getting a good taste of her own cum, which was mixed with my saliva. Neena sucked my cum coated tongue into her mouth, again and again, until it was clean. As our lips parted, we lay back, and I held Neena in my arms like a small child. Many moments passed, Neena turned her head, looking at me she said, May I make love to you now, Mrs. Menon ? I looked at Neena and said, Yes Neena you can. Neena said, I want to make love to you all the way, just like you did to me. I said, My body is yours, you can do what ever you want to with it. Where shall I start Mrs. Menon? Wherever you want to Neena, I replied, May I start with you breasts first, I want to suck them real bad. I said, Yes you can, if thats what you want to do.
Neena climbed on top of me, lowering her head to my 42 inch chest, she began to kiss, and lick, each one of my tits in turn. I told her to suck my nipples, she took my right nipple in her mouth, and began to suck it like a child sucking on its mothers breast. Neena moved her mouth from one nipple to the other, sucking each one in turn with a hungery passion. Bite my nipples Neena, I said, I want you to chew on them with your teeth, Bite them Neena. Neena didnt need to be told twice, she began to nip at my hard nipples, gently at first and then harder and harder. I was in heaven as Neena sucked and chewed on my nipples in turn. Neena moved her mouth from my breasts, and started to kiss her way down to my stomach, when she found my navel she stuck her tongue in it and began to lick it like a miniature pussy.
I knew that she was well on her way to making love to a woman for the first time. Neena left my navel, she slipped my panties down to my knees and off, I spread my legs as far as I could, so that she could get a good look at my swollen cunt. Neena stopped her tongue loving for a moment, I said, Whats the matter baby? She said, I have never seen or been this close to womans cunt before. I said, Well what do you think of my pussy, Neena? OH I think your cunt is beautiful, Mrs. Menon. May I suck it now and make you cum like you did to me? At that, I put my hands behind her head and guided Neenas sweet young mouth to my cunt. Neena covered my twat with her mouth, her tongue parted my cunt lips and moved deep into my love canal. Neenas tongue moved in circles over my swollen clitoris. I could feel my cunt juices running down into the crack of my ass, as Neena lapped away at my pussy. I said, Thats it baby, eat my pussy. Well that was all I needed, my body burst. Waves of cum flowed out of my vagina and into the waiting young mouth of Neena. She gulped down mouthful after mouthful of my hot juices, trying not to miss a drop. Neena continued lapping my pussy until my body went limp. Censeing that my orgasm was over, Neena removed her mouth from my pussy.
She moved up to lie next to me.I took her cum covered face in my hands and began to clean it with my tongue. I licked her face, scooping up all of my juices, and holding them in my mouth. After I finished cleaning Neenas face, I covered her mouth with mine. As our lips parted, and our tongues met, I released my mouthful of juices into Neenas mouth. Neena hungerly drank down the cum and saliva mixture. We continued to kiss for many moments, Neena used her tongue to clean my mouth of her own cum. Our lips parted, Neena looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes and said, Mrs. Menon, I love you. I just laid there holding Neena in my arms in total disbelief at what I had just heard. This was to good to be true. Not only had I been able to get this beautiful young girl into my bed and make love to her, now she is telling me that she loves me. I didnt answer Neena, I just cradled her in my arms.
Many moments passed, it seemed like hours to me. I new that this was my chance, if I was going to fuck Neena, it was going to be now. I moved my mouth to Neenas ear and began kissing it, as I did this I moved my hand over her cunt. Slipping two fingers into her vagina, I found her clitoris and began to rub it and finger fuck her at the same time. Neena said, Are you going to suck my pussy again Mrs.Menon, and make me cum? I am going to do more than that, I whispered in her ear. I am going to fuck that tight young pussy of yours, and you are going to love it. Before she could say anything, I moved my mouth from Neenas ear to her firm full breasts. I took one of her nipples into my mouth, and began to suck on it. I pulled at her nipple with my lips, and nipped at it with my teeth. Neena cried.Oh Mrs.Menon thats it, suck my tits, bite my nipples. I continued sucking Neenas breasts, and finger fucking her sopping pussy until I felt that she was getting close to an orgasm.
At that point, I removed my hungry mouth from her breasts and said, You said you loved me didnt you Neena? Neena said, Oh yes, I do love you Mrs. Menon, I said, Thats good, because now I am going to fuck you Neena. Not knowing what she was in for Neena said, Oh yes fuck me, Do whatever you want to, just please make me cum. I removed my fingers from Neenas pussy and slide out of bed. Neena said, Where are you going? I said, Dont worry baby, Ill be right back. I picked up my robe and walked across the room to my dresser.
I opened the bottom drawer and withdrew the device I was looking for, and put it on. I looked in the mirror. My reflection was wearing a black leather harness which fit around my waist and crotch. To the harness was attached a huge dildo. It was just over eight inches long and two and one-half inches thick. I draped my robe around me, walked back across the room, and stepped up to the bed. I dropped my robe. Neenas eyes went wide at the sight of the dildo. I looked down at Neena and said, Put one of thoughs pillows under your ass Neena, I want to be able to fuck you real good. Neena did as I asked, I said, Now spread your legs for me honey. Neena spread her leges as far as she could, I guided the head of my dildo to the lips of her vagina. As I pushed its slick head into Neenas cunt she cried Oh Mrs. Menon please stop, Its to big, I cant take it.
I looked down at Neena and said, Sure you can baby, and pushed the dildo half way into Neenas tight teenage pussy. I leaned forward, two more inches went up her cunt. Please Mrs. Menon, stop, I cant take any more. With one last thrust, I buried the remainder of the eight inch latex cock up Neenas twat. God, I said to myself, this was more than I could have hoped for. Here I was fucking this sweet young girl and enjoying the hell out of it. Neena was beginning to enjoy it to, she put her arms around my neck and pulled me to her, in the same motion she rapped her slim legs around my back. Neena begin to buck her hips wildly at the dildo, taking every inch of it into her sopping vagina. I said to Neena How dose that feel baby?
Ill bet none of your little boyfriends have ever fucked your cunt like this before have they? Oh no, Mrs. Menon. I have never been fucked like this before by anyone. Please dont stop, It feels wonderful, Iam going to cum any minute now. Well, Neena wasnt the only one who was ready to cum. I could feel my own orgasm building, as I continued to slam my artificial cock up Neenas sopping pussy, deep into her belly. I new that I was getting close to, but there was one more thing that I needed. I said to Neena, If you want me to make you cum, you are going to have to beg for it honey, do you understand? Yes Mrs. Menon, I understand, Anything you want, just make me cum. Then beg me baby, Tell me how much you love the way I fuck you, and how much you want me to make you cum, Beg me Neena, I said. Oh yes Mrs. Menon, I love the way you fuck me,
Please dont stop, Please make me cum. I am begging you, Please dont stop fucking me, Fuck me harder, make it hurt, make me cum. Well that was all I needed to push me over the edge, and take Neena with me. We reached our orgasms together. We lay there motionless for many moments, our bodies spent, our breathing heavy. I removed my dildo inch, by inch from Neenas cunt, just as I had put it in. I moved up next to Neena. I removed the dildo from my waist, unsnapping the shaft from the harness, I took it in my hand, and put it to Neenas lips, Lick it I said, And dont swallow any of your juices, I want to suck them from your mouth. Neena did as I asked, she licked up and down the latex shaft scooping up all of her cunt juices, until she had a mouthful. I pulled Neena on top of me. Her young breasts pressed against mine. I put my hand behind Neenas head and pulled her mouth to mine. As our lips parted, and our tongues met, Neena let her mouthful of cum juices flow from her mouth into mine. I didnt swallow her cum, I just let it flow down my throat, and into my belly. I removed my mouth from Neenas.
Kissing her cheeks and forehead, I cradled her in my arms like a child. I pulled the covers over us, and we drifted off into a deep sleep. The next morning we showered an dressed. Setting in the kitchen drinking coffee we talked about the night before, and how wonderful it was for each of us. Neena looked at me to said, Last night when I told you that I was in love with you, Well I really meant it. I said, that I was happy that she felt that way about me, because there was still a lot more for me to teach her. We finished our coffee. I walked Neena to the front door. Neena turned to me and asked, When will I see you again Mrs. Menon? I replied, Real soon honey, real soon. I opened the door, as Neena turned to leave, I kissed her forehead and gave her firm young ass a pat, she smiled up at me. I closed the door behind her.

Mail to : devidevidevi@rediffm
I'm an Indian. I'm not a good writer and also weak in english. But I'd like to share my experiences with you, because I can't discuss all these matters with anybody even my husband. I'm a housewife in gulf and our marriage was on this AUG. I'm 22 year old and start living with my husband here in UAE from sept 3rd. I'm writing these details because I'm sure my hus never come to these sites. Here we have a computer in our flat and I started using computers from here only. And now I can use the computer for internet purposes and one of my friend from B'lore told me how to erase the location bars addresses because I don't like to show my husband all the site I used to visit. He never told me about any sex sites, he only said all sites are banned in UAE. The above friend told me about the adultkerala group in yahoo clubs and this Kerala Erotica site.

Here I got the stories and I'm very happy with all these. Now I want to tell you about my experiences and mind it, these all are top secrets and never gone outside we two persons till this second. And I'm not ready to air my identity, but like mails and I'll write reply if I like you.

We are three kids. The eldest is chechi, then me and younger is brother. My first experiences about sex is from my chechi. Never think this is a fantasy story. We never discussed about these after my tenth standard. Chechi is three years older than me. When she was in 9th standard and I was in 6th, came my first exp. We kids were sleeping in one cot. Our grand mother was sleeping on the floor just below the cot. My brother had a habit of falling down from the cot, but he wanted to sleep on the end side (not the wall side). So everyday grandma took him down after he was falling asleep.

One day I was in good sleep, I felt that my hand was going through a hairy part. When I open my eyes I realized chechi took my hands and put it inside her panties and rubbing it on her pussy. All my wonder is why there is hair? I pulled out my hand. Then chechi thought I was not in sleeping and for ten minutes there was no response. I don't know why my heart beats very fastly. Though I had no sexual knowldege or anything I was very tensed then. After sometimes chechi again took my hands and did the same job. Our faces were very close and she thought I was in sleep. I felt her feelings very well. She swallowed her saliva and it made a sound like she is drinking a mouthful water.

I again pulled my hands but she didn't freed my hand. Then she pinching on my thigh with her other hand, I realized that she was checking whether I was on sleep or not. But I didn't know yet why I started enjoying it on my 11th age. She keep rubbing her pussy with my hand and after sometime I was doing it without her hand's guidance. I had no sexual feeling then but I like to put my hands through that hairy pussy and I can feel the small slot between her thighs. I kept massaging as I was in half sleep. But dear friends I was actually in half sleep. Otherwise I couldn't do these things with my chechi. Then chechi took my hand and put my finger to her hole slowly. It was very tight but she put my finger roughly into that hole. I was afraid because half of my fingure had gone inside and I thought it will effect her urine flow tommorrow.

So I took out my hands and I turned to the otherside with some murmoring which expressed my unlikeness to all these things. Then chechi stopped using me and I could feel her heavy breathing and I felt very sad about my chechi and I embraced her tightly and give my face near to hers only to show my love and affection to her. And I fell into deep sleep.
Next morning I was almost forgot about all these and chechi also. We spoke, eat, play as regularly. Nextday night also chechi put her hands on my stomach and took my hands to her pussy. I massage her without any hesitation and put my fingur to her hole and I don't know my breathing came with a big sound and I knew these things made me some changes.

Mind you I was not menstured girl then. But I'm sure there is something in our body which reacts well on these occasions before mensturation. Chechi put her hand on my stomach and she slowly put it into the panties. Oh...I can't explain that feeling. It was a pain like pulsed jumpings from deep inside of my bottom stomach. really. I was waiting for chechi's further playings. She pouched very smoothly all over my pussy and tried to find my hole. It was a small urine hole and she failed to made a way for her fingure there. I adjusted my legs for her convineance but there was no use. Please believe me we both were acting as we are in asleep. And what she did is put her fingure to my ass-hole and touched on there smoothly, slowly. She felt very uncomfortable through the front side of my panties and she pushed me so I can lay as my back to top and front side fully on bed. she took out my skirt from back and pulled down my panties. Now she sat on the bed and put her small finger inside my ass hole (dear driends, I took half an hour to write these lines, I know what we did is not a good thing and I'm very very hesitate to tell you about asshole. but when you read all these you may give pardon to me). She spread my legs and use her small fingure. After a time she got her fingure inside me but only one cm. And she played it and I enjoyed it very much.

Next morning when I was taking bath I checked it myself. After but my asshole was very tight and I couldn't able to put my own little fingure inside it. But next day I tried it after my shit and then it found little bit loose. I put my whole fingure inside and it was very nice (and for two years it was my masturbate. ) And I used to put our small bathroom mirror down on the floor and lay infront of it with my asshole just front of the mirror and I was very thrilled to saw the expansion of ass hole. But my pussy has no hairings and pussy hole is very small.

Let me come to my story again. I was doing mastburation with my ass hole for two years. Here mastburation means not the actual one what you think. I got some relief and something special feeling which I can't explain when I playing on my asshole. thats it. On that time also I was unaware about the intercoursing or any sexual knowledge.Chechi kept using me on nights. not every nights but it happened regularly and I was enjoying it very much. I automatically put my hands into her panties on nights, but I'm sure I never did it before I got sleeping and all these happened in half sleep. All my wonder is that why chechi had hair there. I decided to ask her. One day I asked chechi to show me that place where I massage her on nights. She said it is not good to ask such things etc. and never tell these things to parents or friends because this is a great sin etc. I repeated my request some more times and she never allow me. It seemed she was happy to show me her pussy. But in my house father is a govt. employee and mother is a house wife. And grandmother also there. So it is not easy to get a free time, means somebody was there all times. But we got a day on the parliment elections 1989. My father was a polling officer and he went for duty the day before the elections. My mother and grandmother with brother went to Guruvayoor temple because that election day all buses are almost empty and in temple also there was no rush. They casted there vote at 7 am and had gone to the temple directly. It was almost 90KM from our litlle town. It was their long time planed programme. chechi's request to join them was rejected because she had to look after our two cows and to supply milk to two three neighbours. So I was appointed as a guard to chechi.
When we were alone in the house and servant went to her house and she would come back only at 1pm for milking the cow.
We used to take our bath with fully medicated oil once in a week. Our grandma was the in-charge of that ayurvedic task. She prepared a special oil which contains some medical leaves and flowers and coconut oil. She massaged it all over my body and I had to stand for that only with my panties. It was a painful massaging also. Now I realized it influenced in the shaping of our body. Chechi was doing it alone, because she was very shy to allow Grandma to massage her body. What I am telling is chechi decided to take an oiled bath that day. So I also wanted to take the bath. When I entered to the bathroom,(in the bath room we had a stone which fixed with cement and its pupose was to wash the clothes. It had the height of our stool (chair).) which now she using as a chair or stool and puting oil to her legs and hands. I said her I also wanted to take bath now. She then went to the kitchen and closed our back side door. The front door was closed already. And she told me to undressed and put oil allover my body. We had to wait half an hour with that oil in our body and I sat on the washing stone. Then chechi put her leg on the stone and massaged her thigh with oil.Then suddenly I remembered my wish to see the hair of chechi's.I asked chechi to show me the place. I know it was a very bad or worst request among sisters but you please believe if I was two years older that that time I never ask this to my chechi. I didn't know the seriousness of this question. I used to bath, or change dress in front of her fully naked that days, so I thought there was nothing to see her naked body. She asked me to check whatever I want to know. She weared her school uniform (an old one, then used as her casual dress in home). I put her shirt up and I saw her belly, it was very very white (my chechi is very beautyful then and now) I unhooked her skirt. It fell down and I saw her blue panties and I wonder that her front portion of the panties was buldging to front side ,but mine was very flat. I pulled down her panties and there saw the hairy pussy. It was not thick hair but I was very much shocked or what word I should use here, yes excited to see it. Chechi throw away her shirt and her breasts were shown. I put my fingurs to that hairy pussy and (not in a sexual mood, only the curiosity) I asked her why I didn't have hair there and show my hairless flat pussy to her. She put her fingurs to my pussy face and said I had to wait two three years. And I asked about her hole which my fingure goes smoothly on nights and complainted I didn't have it, she said I also got it after my menstruation. And she put her fingure in my asshole and she sat on the washing stone. I felt little excited to saw all these things and she put me into her laps as we sat face to face. I could feel her hot breaths and she was very hot then. She kissed me ( I got embarassed for one minute)on my mouth and we played with our tounge to tounge. It lasted for ten minutes. You must believe dear friends I also got something happened on my pussy. She told me to kiss on her tits and I pretended as drinking milk from her breasts.
Then she sit on her knees on the floor and what she did next was put me into heaven.
She directly put her tounge into my flat hairless pussy and sucked there and wiped all oil which I applied for bathing. I really found the otherworld and I ready to bet there is some sexual wanes in our body from our childhood. She put her tounge tip to my small pussy hole and I could experience a electric shock there. I pushed her head down with my full strength and I felt very itching pain there and hoped chechi's tounge to become a sandpaper. But the worst thing was yet to come. Chechi asked me to stand up and she sat on the washing stone and put my legs back through her shoulders. Now I was hanging my heads down and my face was directly touched her pussy and my pussy and ass hole was just below her nose. She lay back and now it was like a 69 position and she asked me to suck her pussy and spread her legs 180 degree. I was not hesitated because I was very hot and my pussy itching forcrd me to do that. I felt a oily water spreading on chechis pussy and its taste was somewhat interesting. I sucked and sucked as per chechi's direction. The mean time chechi sucked on my pussy and chechi's tounge came up and it touched on my ass hole. HO!!! I can't explain friends. Was chechi knows my sensitive point? I don't know. chechi sucked on my ass hole area and her tounge trying to find a path inside. But it was impossible to enter there. I expanded my ass hole with my force from stomach. chechi was making some groaning noise and I felt her stomach and waist was coming up and down. I got her cunt inside the pussy and with some effort I get it in my mouth (as per her direction)and she was in a horrible mood as I thought she was going to die. And last I got a good collection of oily water from there and first I thought it was her urine. And she fell down with me on her top and said to lay like that for some time. After ten minutes only she came to normal and put me on her laps and kissed me. I had so many doubts to ask her.
Dear friends... What a sisters? right? But I want to tell you this. This is not a preplaned or like that and I was a kid then. just kid. I feel no guilty then because I was a kid. And only thing I felt is that I also enjoying it and it was something which would never go outside between we two.
I'll continue this. tell me if you bored.
Fire - My Erotic moments with Pooja  

Maya Varma
Hi I am Maya Varma. This happened during our stay in one of the Bangalore. Few years before we came here from Palakkad. It was a very hot evening in May. I was alone, doing household chores leisurely at home expecting the arrival of my hubby.We had plans to go for shopping and a late night dinner in a cozy restaurant. I had almost finished everything and proceeded to the bathroom for a refreshing bath. Had a nice bath and dabbed perfume to entice my hubby & expecting to have a quickie before going out & (he usually falls into the trap). I pulled out a transparent nightgown and changed into it. I was humming a popular song of Vayalar when I heard the doorbell.
When I peeped through the peephole, I saw my neighbour's daughter, a Punjabi Girl, a 19-year-old, college student, standing there with some books. I opened the door to let her in. The girl, a very friendly one at that, used to address me 'sister' (may be, because of the age difference) and my hubby as 'uncle'. A pretty, buxom girl, with sharp features and curves, in fact. She used to come to my house quite frequently in some context or other. She used to taste the dishes, especially the South Indian, and compliment me; in exchange, she brought, many times, the delicious items prepared by her mom. She used to compliment me on my appearance and had told my hubby that he is very lucky to have me as his wife.
Expecting some sort of such an encounter with her, I let her in and asked what she wanted. Entering in, immediately she let out a hissing sound and inhaled heavily the perfume lingering in the air and said with a wink, 'Wow! Sister & You look so gorgeous in this nightgown. Is Uncle in? Have I disturbed u both? If I had, I'm sorry and I'll come after some time &" .
Hearing this, I blushed and held her hands and pinched her cheeks and said, "You naughty girl & your uncle is not yet home. We have planned to go out shopping and for dinner &I am dressing up for the event." She looked a bit disappointed. She told me that she knew that I would be available for the evening and as she had to prepare for her examination and needed my help in that context, she wanted to sneak in for a while &but as we are supposed to go out, she was about to return to her home.. I apologised to her about my non- availability and asked her if she would like to have some coffee as I planned to have a cup then, she said she would join me for a cup of nice hot coffee.
She added that even the coffee that I prepared tasted something extraordinary & I went to the kitchen to make coffee, more than that to hide my embarrassment because of her praise &she followed to me to the kitchen without stopping even for a while praising me about my looks, my walking style, the way my hips sway when I walk, the firmness of my butts, etc &
Taking the cups of coffee, we proceeded to the living room and sat down on the couch. She was wearing a short skirt and a loose tops which revealed that she was not wearing anything underneath her low cut tops. Her tits were well formed and the nipples, sharp and thick, are quite visible through her tops. Sipping the coffee, I asked her if the lessons to be completed can wait till the next morning, so that I could help her the next day. She told me that the exams are around the corner and she had already prepared well for it; only a few topics that are somewhat difficult needed my assistance. When I was about to give her a reply, the telephone rang. I knew it was from my hubby &I picked up the receiver and I immediately blushed because it was from my hubby. He immediately kissed me over the telephone and first apologised for not keeping up the appointment and told me that as he had to meet a client from abroad who had just turned in and because of the meeting which may extend for about more than three hours, he, said that we could go for shopping the next evening. He suggested me that I need not wait for him for dinner. I sounded, too disappointed but told him that's alright with me and returned the kiss and replaced the receiver on the cradle.
When I returned to the couch, the girl (her name is Pooja) seemed to be very happy. She told that she happened to overhear the conversation (only the replies given by me) and since the appointment has been cancelled, she asked me whether it would be possible for me to help her out. I told her since my hubby is expected around 11.00 p.m. it will not be a problem for me and I gave a positive response. I invited her to have the dinner with me. She went out to tell her mom that she would be with me for a while preparing for her exams and she would have dinner at my place. By the time she came back within fifteen minutes, I had made some sandwiches and kept in the freeze the milkshake for dessert.
She came in and sat by the table. When I left the couch to reach the wardrobe to change into a jeans and a t- shirt, she asked me to remain the nightgown and said with an evil grin that she wanted to see me in that attire. She told me that I need not feel embarrassed and again told in a husky tone that my hubby is quite lucky to feast on such an angel. I told to stop the crap and went to the table to assist her in her lessons. She moved by my side and drooled down to point out the lessons in which she had some trouble. When she stooped down, I got a clear view of her bouncing tits with the pointed nips and the titillating cleavage. The valley and the mountains did excite me and an urge to touch it started erupting and my heartbeat and pulse rate went rapid. Because of such nervousness, I dropped her book and pen on the floor. She saw me and tried to retrieve the book.. In order to hide my feelings, I bent down to floor to pick up the book and the pen &I got a nice view of her nice legs and well shaped thighs & and to my shock, she wore no panties, and her bushy pussy was clearly visible. I was lost in some deep dense forest. She was telling something about her lesson which I could not grasp & my mind was somewhere else. I wanted to experience it with this girl. But, I was a bit apprehensive & being my neighbour, it may even spoil my reputation if she felt offended. Pooja shook me by my shoulders and asked me where I was & She told me that she could smell something wrong with me and asked me what the matter was.
I hid all my feelings and told her nothing &but my hands were shaking and I was a bit nervous. Pooja somehow discovered my nervousness and the palpitation. She indeed told me that she had discovered my state of nervousness and asked me to just relax. She held my hands for a while, coming too close to me.. I felt her tits brush against my cheeks and could not control myself.. I closed my eyes and bit my lips to gain some inner strength to clear all the thought &but, to my utter surprise, she started caressing my cheeks and neck & tracing her fingers to my lips &when I started to stop any further advances from her side, she told me that she had been waiting for such a nice opportunity for quite long & and only then she had been showered by the Almighty a blessing so that she could gain an access with my inner self & went on blabbering sweet nothings about my physical specialties. I lost my self- control and extended my hands to her to hold &she came very close and gently pecked a kiss on my cheeks and traced her tender fingers on my sweet lips. I did not resist much &and I was also in a fire of passion &I responded to her gentle kiss on my lips and returned the kiss. She thanked me for being so responsive and hugged me close to her..
The clocked chimed &the time was 8.00 p.m. She held me too close and was hugging me with more strength. Her hands were moving freely behind my back tracing their way from the nape to the hips &travelling all over my back. she whispered in my ears to be nice to her and love her & her long pending dreams to come true &I was becoming bolder & I too, having become so hot and horny, started caressing her cheeks and shoulders &my hands started roaming here and there all over her body &feeling the curves and mounds &
Pooja told me that she had been waiting all along to have such an 'encounter' with me, from the day 1 she met me &only that day her wish was fulfilled &we started passionately kissing each other on the lips, cheeks, neck, bossom & Pooja suggested that we should get rid of our clothes and we did &I did not gather enough courage at first &but after shedding her clothes, she came forward to remove the nightie from my person & we both were stark naked &eyes feasting on other's body
Generally, when I and my hubby have sex, invariably, I would be the aggressive one and my hubby used to relax a lot & being a passive lover. But, with Pooja, I let her to be the active one and I remained very much passive. She laid me on the bed and let her tongue travel from my neck to my bossom leaving a trail of saliva &I wanted her to kiss me and to taste her sweet mouth... I pulled her above me and kissed her vigorously on her mouth, pushing my tongue deep in her mouth, licking and biting her lips & savouring her sweet lips & she pushed her tongue into mine, entangling and kissed me hard on my mouth.
I somehow gathered enough courage and let my hands freely wander all over her body, sliding down her back to clutch her butts & feeling the soft, warm. fleshy mounds, caressing her thighs, all the while kissing and licking her lips and whole face &while Pooja was caressing my fleshy breasts and pinching my pointed nips. Our hips ground against each other trying to smash the other and occasionally, the clits came into contact, making the pussies wet and slippery. I pushed her down and straddled her, started kissing her breasts &took one nipple at a time, started munching and biting &her hands now groped between my thighs and rested on my pussy &caressing my clean strip & (U know, I and my hubby always liked it that way) rolling my clit between two fingers and sending electric sparks fly all over my body. I start hissing, moaning and making all sounds & unable to control any further, I take a full turn, licking all over the body from neck, to breasts, stomach, wetting the navel pit with my tongue, leaving a trail of saliva, to her snatch &while my pussy is just right above her mouth & Pooja pulled me down to her mouth, grinding my hips on her face, while I let my tongue slip over the length of her cunt, upto her bunghole &
Her pussylips are vibrating &her hole became so wet, the fluids just started flowing.. Both the heads were bobbing up and down on their respective feasts, feasting on the overflowing fluids, occasionally stopping to catch breath and to let out ecstatic moans &all the while the hands caressing each other's limbs, butts, what not & I was in a frenzy of lust and passion & cumming in gushes &sending out streams of sweet creamy cum & Pooja's face was covered with my sweet cum &Pooja too came in like a well flowing river &giving me more than what I wanted to drink &
We laid side by side having exhausted from the fun we had & I could not see her face.. I felt so shy and weak to face her.But, she was so jubilant and slowly winked at me, letting out a satisfying smile &I too smiled, albeit so weakly, at her &
She asked me about the experience and whether I liked it &I told her that I did &She asked my permission to let her use the loo & I too wanted to urinate &She invited me to the loo for some watersports & which I readily accepted &we went to the bathroom, urinated on each other with gusto, playing with amber liquid on our bodies, had a little fun there. We then washed ourselves with soap and freshened with dabbing some perfume & Hugging tightly and holding each other, we moved in to the bedroom once again for some more play which I initiated. Her tongue in my cunt was not enough for me &I went to the fridge and removed a fresh, green, long cucumber (it was almost one foot long and 4- 5" inches thick..) washed and wiped it clean & brought it to her and told her that we would fuck each other with the help of the cucumber and we did & inserting one end into her, the other end was in my snatch, deep enough & our clits came into contact &we started humping and pumping &all the while brushing our tits and lips & kissing on the lips, caressing the nips, butts, fingering the navel, massaging the firm butts, exploring all sorts of fantasies & and we CAME again violently & We slowly got up and had our dinner (of course, without dressing up ourselves) & had the milk shake for our dessert, kissed the other's lips having some milkshake in the mouth, transferring the contents to the other &and played with the tits & I told Pooja that its high time to get dressed and get ready to receive my hubby as the time was nearing 10.30 p.m. I went to the living room to retrieve my nightie and she followed suit. She just started wearing her skirt and t-shirt when I heard the screeching of the main gate &when I peeped out of the window lifting the screen, I was shocked to see my hubby entering in the portico & I was scared &I motioned Pooja to an utter silence... and directed her to the table & My dear, Pooja rightly got the message and went to the table and she did something which I never expected & I waited for a few seconds to hear the doorbell ring &I deliberately delayed to open the door (if I am asleep, naturally, the delay is justified) and went to the door as if I was walking in sleep. I opened the door to let my hubby in. Immediately on entering the room, he hugged me, kissed me softly on my lips, and told that he was so sorry for cancelling the appointment and promised that he would make up the lapse the next day. He continued to tell something and he noticed Pooja, sleeping on the table on her book kept wide open. He raised his brows and turned towards me &I replied him, "oh, poor girl & her exams are around the corner and she requested me to assist her in her lessons &I helped her to solve some of her problems and she arrived at excellent solutions for very difficult problems & I let her continue with her studies and I had my dinner. I was reading some book and gradually fell asleep &Ok, darling, let me wake her up and send her home &" My hubby told me not to disturb her, but Pooja woke up from sleep as if because of a nightmare & She smiled at me and my hubby and apologised for falling asleep & My God &what a show it was & I could not believe my eyes &she was a talented artist, I must say &She thanked me and my husband, bade good night and went out of my house &I walked with her to the gate to see her off. On the gate, she told me to wait for the next occasion (which, eventually, never came.)

First Experience  


I belong to a middle class family in Kerala. I was 22 years old at that time and was doing my first year PG course. I am the youngest in my family (eight child in my family) & i am of the same age of my eldest sisters daughter and I have been staying with my elder sister to go to school and later to the college. My sister had a son of 16 years age. He was staying in a boarding school and it was only during the holidays that he used to come home. Being the only boy in the family, everybody liked him a lot. We became very close later & he disclosed his fantasy he had to me.
I was shocked when i heard this. I am narrating the incident in his own words, which he had published in some other site.
"I had never thought sexually about my aunt until I was in the high school, when I really began to "notice" her. She was not a classic beauty, but did have a sexy attractiveness. While at home during my holidays, I have seen her undress in her room (but never beyond her bras and panties except on a couple of occasions when I had a brief view of her breasts and buttocks while she was pulling on her bra and panties after her bath.) and probably she never thought much about me as I was her "kid nephew". She might have not noticed that I was growing into a man.
Though she was my aunt, my first sexual fantasies revolved around her as she was the first women I had seen at least partially nude. While coming home for the holidays, she used to hug me tight and cover me with kisses...and unknowingly I used to hold her tight, pressing her body against mine. Gradually I began waiting for a hug from her. At times, during my afternoon nap, she used to come and lie down beside me with her arms across me and I was having difficulty hiding my erection. During nights, I used to dream about her.... undressing her in my mind and covering her with kisses...licking her up all over... Whenever I had the chance, I used to sneak into her room, searching through her laundry for her soiled bras and panties so that I could enjoy her smell and her taste. I used to hold them against my nose and then lick them. Years flew by and I was in my college and my aunt had gone back to her home after completing her education to join a hospital in Madras as a lab-technician.
During my second year degree course, I was suddenly called home one day as my grandmother, who was staying with us, was very ill and was in hospital. A number of relatives came to visit her and amongst them was my aunt. She was 28 at that time and I was 20. She already had her marriage fixed and it was to take place after two months (as the proposed boy was in the gulf and was due on holiday after two months). I was really delighted to see my aunt and my fantasies started creeping up my mind. I had been staying in the hospital during the day as my parents had gone home to rest. I was in the hospital beside my grandmother with only my aunt for a company. We spend the day there talking about each other and about all what we had been doing in the past few years. We were seeing each other after three years. In the evening, my parents returned back to the hospital and my mom asked me to go home taking my aunt (her sister) with me.
I was only glad to be going home and was really excited at the thought of being home all alone with my aunt. On the way home, we sat beside each other in the back seat of the taxi and she was holding my hand while talking, just as she used to hold my hand while I was a kid. At home, I went to my room to change and my aunt went to my sister's room, which was adjacent to mine. The door to her room was half-open and she probably did not notice it. My heart was throbbing while I watched her strip. Her sari was already off and she was there in her red blouse and underskirt. I could see the outline of her black bra under her blouse and while she bend down to pick up the sari from the floor, I saw the outline of her panties tight against her beautiful buttocks. I was longing to kiss and lick those buttocks. She slowly removed her blouse to reveal her breasts tight in her black bra and her armpits bountiful with jet- black silky hair. I had a fetish for hairy pits and I was seeing a hairy underarm for the first time in my life (yes..I have had glimpses of my classmate's armpits.. but all of them were clean shaven).
I had an urge to rush up to my aunt and kiss and lick those taste her sweat.. but I held on for fear of not knowing how she would react. I waited in anticipation to see her skirt go down. But she disappointed me by pulling a nightgown over her. I could not control myself and I rushed to the bathroom to relieve my self. As night fell, she cooked me dinner and I went to bed, reading a book. I could not concentrate as the image of my aunt kept creeping in my mind. I had never in my life seen a naked lady and was dying to hold my aunt, who was the first lady in my dreams. I really hoped that my aunt would come to my room and hug me, just as she used to do when I was in school and I just couldn't believe myself when she did actually came into my room and lay down beside me just as she used to do while I was a kid. Just having her beside me began to arouse me and my penis was stiffening in my underwear. My aunt threw her arms across me and planted a gentle kiss on my cheek. Careful not to give her any suspicion, I held her close, but could not help my arms from roaming over her back. Was she responding back? I could feel her arms on my back, pressing me tight against her and her legs were pinning me down.
I could feel her breasts pressing on my chest. I held her tight and kissed her back...first on her cheeks and slowly moved on to her lips. Meantime, her arms ware roving over my chest, under my T- shirt and I was amazed when she gently pinched my nipples. I knew this was my opportunity and this was going to be my first sexual experience. Teasingly, I told her that if she continued to pinch my nipples, I would do the same to her. She just gave me a big smile and a tight kiss and I took that as an invitation. My fears were subsiding and I moved my hands over to her breasts, fondling them over her nightdress. Instantly she moved her arms over mine, pressing them hard against her breasts. I was for the first time feeling the softness of a lady's breast.
I lay her flat on her back and while my arm was exploring her breasts, my mouth moved on to her lips. I kissed her first gently and them slowly slid my tongue between her lips. She responded back by opening her mouth to me and I was kissing her deep inside her mouth, licking her lips and enjoying the sweet taste of her saliva. She held my face glued to her mouth, while I licked and sucked on her tongue. My aunt too was getting excited. We lay there kissing each other in the mouth for a long time and I slowly moved my mouth down on to her neck. By then I was bold enough and I told her that I wanted to see her in full. She hesitated a bit and then confessed that it was her first time as well and though she was feeling shy she too wanted to see me.
Pacifying her with more kisses, I slowly undid the hooks of her nightgown, again revealing her breast in the tight black bra. My arms moved down and holding the hem of her nightgown slowly lifted it up and she by reflex lifted her buttocks and top to help me slide the dress over her head. As soon as the dress was off, she grabbed me and pulled me over her, moving her arms under my T- shirt and then moving it down to squeeze my buttocks. I removed my T-shirt for her and was in my pyjamas. Knowing that she was shy, I gently took her arm and placed it over the fly of my pyjamas so that she could feel my stiff penis inside it. She hesitated a bit at first but then pressed her arms strong against my penis feeling the stiffness. I kissed her on her neck and slowly lifting her arms while moving my mouth to her armpits. The sweet smell of her sweat was driving me crazy and I was soon licking her armpits, brushing her thick armpit hair with my tongue. I was enjoying the sweet salty taste of her pits and the light pungent smell that emancipated from there.
My arms in the meantime was still fondling here breasts, squeezing them gently. I kissed and licked her breasts through her light cotton bra and I could feel her nipples stiffening under her bra. Turning her over, I unhooked her bra and I was feasting my eyes on her wheatish brown breasts with jet-black areola. I moved my mouth over her breast, licking them and then sucking after the other. My aunt was holding my head down strong against her breasts and was moaning in pleasure. I spend a long time sucking those breast and my arms slowly moved down under her skirt to cover her vagina. She held her thighs tight together in shyness but I had little difficulty in squeezing my hand between her thighs to explore her vagina over her panties. I was dying to see that secret place. I could feel the wetness in her crotch. To make it easy for her, I removed my pyjamas and was only in my white underwear with my penis erect inside it. I slowly moved my mouth down from her breasts, trailing a wet line over her soft stomach with my tongue. I was literally licking her up! I kissed her strong on her belly button, my tongue darting in and out of it. She tried to stop me when I moved my face down to kiss her crotch over her red underskirt. Ignoring her, I moved down to her toes, kissing them and licking her toes on by one. Lifting her skirt up, I slowly inched my mouth up her legs and reached her thighs, squeezing them with arms and licking them. Looking up, I could see my aunt cover her face with her arms in shyness. By now, I had her skirt rolled up above her waste and I was devouring the sight of her crotch in her tight, light rose panties.
I could very well see the wetness seeping trough the panties. I kissed her over her panties. It was my dream come true...all what I had fancied in my dreams was coming true before me and I was enjoying every bit of it. How much had I desired to press my face against a girl's crotch! My aunt slowly eased her thighs, giving me a full view of her crotch and I moved my bead in between burying my nose on her panties. The smell was great ..the feminine smell of her vaginal juices and her urine. I licked her through her panties and then gently pulled it down, exposing her hairy vagina. I was amazed why she had not shaved her armpits and vagina, but frankly I loved the hair and was only glad to see them natural. Having removed her panties, I brought them to my face, devouring the sweet salty smell. Instantly she grabbed her panties from my hands and I had a tussle with her to get it back. I was not ready to give up. I told her that I was enjoying the smell and wanted to have more of it and with hesitation she agreed. I was sniffing and licking the wet patch on her panties and then the patch where her panties rubbed against her anus.
I have always had a fancy for women's undergarments, though the only chance I ever had was of my aunt. From her panties, I moved my attention back to her hairy vagina, where the hair was glistening from the juices. I could not control myself and I pressed my face against those silky hairs, licking them and moving my tongue deep into her vagina. Again, I was enjoying the sweet taste, of which I had only dreamt till then. I was running my tongue all along her vagina and I could feel my aunt getting excited. Her legs parted more giving me a better access to her vagina with my tongue. I was virtually nibbling the folds of her vagina I heard her moan in pleasure when my tongue touched her clitoris. My aunt grabbed my head pressing and rubbing it strong against her vagina. I was glad that she too was enjoying this. She was now begging me not to stop and I felt her come and her juices where flooding into my mouth. I drank every drop of it, lapping it up from her vagina. It still was not over for me and I turned her around giving me a full view of her soft brown buttocks. I squeezed them gently and then licked and bit them.
My fingers parted her buttocks and moved to her anus, probing it gently. I wanted to lick her anus. Parting the cheeks of her buttocks gently, I licked her across the crack. I licked her dark, tight anus gently till my aunt eased up and her anus opened up a little to let my tongue in. I was really enjoying every bit and burying my face between her buttocks licked her anus dry. It was my aunts' turn now. Grabbing me up on to the bed again, she started kissing me all over.. first in my mouth where she kissed me for a long time, dunning her tongue deep into my mouth, and them her arms were moving all over me.. on my chest, stomach and my breasts, twiddling with my nipples. She licked my chest and my nipples and then moved down. Removing my underwear, she grabbed my stiff penis in her hands and massaged it gently. Reluctantly she was kissing it and then felt the excitement when she took it into her mouth. I had never expected her to be doing it and was really thrilled by the sensation. She really seemed to enjoy it as much as I had enjoyed licking her vagina and anus. She was sucking at my penis and moving it in and out of her mouth. Before I could notify her, I came right in her mouth.
She seemed to have expected this and greedily licked the semen of my penis. I could not wait any longer and I grabbed her by her waist and placed her vagina over my face again licking her once again. We were in the 69 position. Finally I decided that it was time for the final act and I told her of my desire to have intercourse. But she stopped me saying that she did not want to go to that extend. Though with disappointment I agreed. At least she had given me the first taste of a women and I did not want to disappoint her more by going against her wishes. We spend the next couple of hours holding each other tight, and going through the same procedures of licking each other up. We later had our baths together, both of us taking turns to wash each other. I did not miss the chance to experiment all the sexual fantasies I ever had.. In the bathroom, lying flat on the floor, I made her sit over my face, with her anus exposed over my mouth, giving me a good view of her dark hole and a chance to lick it till my tongue was aching.
I had her squat over my face so that I could lick her while she urinated over my face and into my mouth. It was a delight to rub my face against her vagina while her urine gushed out."
Now i am married and I am now at my native place. My hubby is working in Sharjah.
Await to hear comments from readers. mail me on reshmi_s60@hotmail.c om

Nandini Teacher  

Miss Hari
"All right class, since college's out in three minutes, you can use this time to chat. The assignment is to read pages 52 to 63 and write a response to it." That was me, Miss Nandini Hari; English teacher and ordinary nice person. I am 23 years old and have been teaching since I graduated from college was about three years ago. I have black hair that goes down to the small of my back. I'm about 5'7" and a little bit under weight. I don't think I'm very pretty, but that's not what other people say.
The bell rang and everybody jumped up from their seats. Neena Menon, a very attractive young woman of 18 came up to me. Now, I am not the kind of person who cares about rumors very much, but I had heard from other people that Neena was a very loose girl. That doesn't particularly strike me as funny, but I always giggle like mad whenever I think about it. I tried to keep a straight face as I asked her what she needed.
"Miss Hari?"
"Could I, stay after college today and work with you. I mean, you know how my grades are pretty bad and everything... "She trailed off and looked at me hopefully with her baby browns. Now that was only half true. While she had a 'C-' if she didn't turn in this project that we were working on, her grade drop to a very definite 'F.'
"Of course Neena. What do you want to work on?"
The door clicked shut as the last person left the room. Neena was wearing a tight cream salwaar kharta embroidered with gold strands and white dupatta. She had a v-neck on the kharta that exposed abit of cleavage at the top when she leant forward. Her black hair was pulled back into a simple ponytail. If you looked more closely at the v- neck, you could see her black bra poking out over her generous breasts.
We sat down at two of the desks and got to work. She was a smart girl and seemed to pick up stuff pretty well. When I asked her what she was doing for our class project however, she blushed and said that she hadn't started on it yet. After about half an hour of work, she winded up standing over me on my left side with her right arm around my shoulder. I turned to say something to her and got a generous look down her salwaar. I moved, or tried to, but I was already pushed back against the backrest of the seat. She moved quickly and I found myself with her sitting directly in my lap. Each of her legs were straddling my lap and she had her hands around the back of my neck. She leaned forward and whispered into my ear with the sexiest voice I have ever heard.
"Miss Hari, is there any other way I can get an 'A' in your class?"
With that, she leaned back and took off her salwaar. I got my second look at her bra. It was fairly lacy with about three fourths coverage. I could see her nipples underneath the black fabric. They were an erotic dark chocolate color. She let go of her salwaar and it wafted gently to the floor. She grasped the back of my head and pushed it to her chest.
"Miss Hari?" She queried, "If I make love to you, will you give me an 'A' in your class?"
I tried to say something but my throat was so dry that I could only manage a feeble nod. I could smell the perfume on her chest and could hear her heart thumping away. The smells and sounds were really turning me on. It was amazing how such little things gave such extreme responses.She climbed off me and tugged on the straps of her bra. Her fleshy breasts jiggled in a wonderful little dance. She told me to go and sit in my chair with my legs parted. I went as she commanded, feeling my nipples become stiff with apprehension. She set me down and started to unravel my saree. She kissed her way closer to my waistline. When she got to where the saree was tucked into my petticoat she grasped it in her hands and pulled it out completely.
Now my saree was hanging open and I was completely exposed save for my bra and below my waist.She pushed my petticoat up so it was all around my belly button. I felt suprised to see myself slightly wet. Neena grasped my filmy bikini underwear and tugged at it. It slid easily over my legs and down to my ankles. She told me to hold her tits. I was trembling since I have never had an experience like this before. I slid my hands down her shoulders and cupped her breasts in my hands. I was amazed to see how erect her nipples were and the wonderful feeling it was to have another woman's private parts in my hands. It appeared she was enjoying this more than I was. Now, I don't have a whole lot of pubic hair. I keep it trimmed very short in a little diamond shape. This seemed only to please my student even more. She looked up at me and gave out a very evil grin. She stuck her tongue out tenderly and licked the top of my pussy just above the hair line. Oh god what a feeling, I made a light moan and grabbed her breasts without control. She entered me and lightly probed around. It appeared she had done this before. It was an amazing feeling. I could feel this tensing muscle inside me, probing. Sometimes it would harden, and sometimes it would just lick. There was a slight tingle inside my womb as I could feel the beginning of an orgasm but it was about a good five minutes away. I wanted her so badly and I moaned, willing for her to continue.
"Suck me, " I said. "Take my clit and rub it."
Silently she obeyed. She hadn't left my pussy since she had first entered it. I was very close to coming now. Just a few more strokes with the tongue and I would be over the edge. Past the point of no desirable return. I told her that I was about to come and she just went faster. Faster. Oh my how dare she go faster? It was not fair that a person of such youth should be able to make women come so powerfully. Yes, and powerful it was, for when I came, I thrust my hips upward so as to force every bit of her mouth inside me. She made a little giggle as my sweet juices rained down on her. I have tasted my juices before for other men but have never had another woman taste them.
"Do- do they taste good?" I moaned. My clit was still hard and I wanted to come again.
"Yes, "she whispered. "They are delicious. But you are all wet, I must clean you."
With that she dove into me again. I don't think that I will ever get over that feeling of complete and total ecstasy that I felt when she pushed her wet tongue into my crack. Unthinkingly, I took my left hand and placed it on her nipple. I remember being so suprised because it was the hardest thing I have ever felt except for maybe a rock. That single nipple was such a turn on itself. I took that solitary nipple with my forefinger and thumb and pressed it. She gasped inside me, letting the air in her lungs out in a big whoosh. I felt that hot air go inside me and just marveled at the fullness of it. I wanted that again so I took my other hand and did the same thing with her other nipple. Now I had two bits of erotic stone captured between my fingers. I took those pieces of rock, and I yanked on them.
Inside me, Neena screamed. I tugged on those two nipples, pulling her forward into my pussy. She came forward eagerly and gummed into my clit. I mean this literally. She pulled her lips over her teeth and bit. Then, when it was firm between her lips she licked the tip of it that was in her mouth. Oh that brought me over the edge so fast. I came, practically ripping her nipples off her chest. Over and over the feeling of unrelenting pleasure flew throughout my body. I could taste the sweat running down my face and into my mouth. I could feel my ass gliding over the seat from the juices and sweat mixing to form a wonderful lubricant. Oh my yes, and I could feel her moaning. Moaning inside me, begging for me to keep pulling her nipples. I took those nipples, and I pulled them up to my mouth. There was a tiny protest from Neena that she was supposed to be pleasuring me, but that quickly stopped when I closed my mouth over her puckering nipple. Protests turned to whimpers, whimpers to gasps, and gasps to screams as I forced her orgasm without even touching her pussy. Now you might ask, where were her fingers while I pleasured her left breast? Well, my dear, those wonderful fingers were inside me probing and forcing me to keep licking her tit. Pleasure her I did, for I didn't stop licking her for an instant.We slipped and slided over my chair, and winded up on the floor, kissing each other so passionately. Our pussy hair rubbed against each other's and we pressed them together willing the exchange of juices to take place.
I wanted to come again. I told her to make me come or I won't give her an 'A'. She moaned back to me that she didn't even care about the grade anymore, she just wanted to fuck me. She laid down on her back and opened her mouth. Her tongue, glistening with my spit and juices more than her own saliva, was licking her lips suggestively. I got on all fours and lowered myself into her. Facing her pussy, I desired to watch what happened to her as she orally fucked another woman.
From the sight of it, her pussy enjoyed it as much as I did. It was hard to keep my eyes open with the pleasure I was receiving. She moved her legs around, letting her juices flow out of her and soak my carpet. Soon, I couldn't take the sight anymore. I leaned forward and put my mouth over her soaking slit. As I kissed her wonderful sex for the first time, I heard her scream and felt her arch her back. I saw her clitoris practically fly out of her slit to greet me.
"Suck me!" screamed her clitoris, "suck me now!!!"
I was almost too happy to oblige. I sent my mouth downward, and entered her. As I stuck my tongue into her pussy, I felt a wonderful swelling and soon my mouth was full of sticky sweet juices. I had made a girl come! Oh god that was more a turn on than anyone can possibly imagine. I didn't stop there however, while I was impossibly close to coming myself, I wanted her to have mutual satisfaction. We must achieve orgasm at the same time. I know it is so, it is written in the books. So plunge into her I did. Relishing our sixty- nine and making it work. A while later, it could have been thirty seconds it could have been three minutes, both of us were bucking wildly forcing our tongues farther and farther into each others pussy. We came so hard that I was suprised someone in the college didn't hear. She got an 'A ' on her report card.

Kathreena Chechi and Me
Arun Nair
Hello every body. First of all let me express my thanks to the Keralaerotica crew. This portal is just simply outstanding. I am an 25 year old guy working in dubai. The story I'am going to tell is a true story with 0xaggeration and cent percent reality. It is a reflection of the average malayalee social living and relation ships with human emotions and harsh reality above all the shackles...!
When we moved to the new township from the village five years back Dennis uncle was the only immediate neighbor we had almost next to our house. Kathreena chechi (not real name), his wife and two children was his family. Basically being a central kerala catholic Christian family they were business men by profession and dennis uncle had business in the town. Happy content family - one can describe them in just that sentence. Kathreena chechi was a total family woman and was a clear-cut ideal 'Achayathi' in all aspects. Her physical and behavioral nature underlined it. Her pure white skin and fleshy body curves spoke of her typical Christian eating habits. As in any orthodox Christian family she had a non-vegetarian diet rich in pork, chicken and beef. Cooking was her main pass time and she enjoyed what she did. She was short but not under heighten and had a smiling face with fleshy lips that gaped wide when she laughed flashing her slight yellowish disciplined teeth.
Every emotion had its own color and texture on her face. Whether it is happiness, sorrow and lust. She was a brisk walker and that made her greatest asset, her Ass ( kundi) giggle at any one who looked on it. Her 'chanthi' was as if two globes fitted together and disobeyed whatever dress she wore. I had frequent masturbation sessions thinking of her 'chanthi'. What aroma will her anus have?. I have always wondered. She was in her thirties and being the mother of two children her breasts were some what sagging and she had developed tires round her waste which were beautiful when she sweated. That is all about her body anatomy. But what made her more attractive was her behavior. She was a master in socializing. She had excellent relationship with whom ever she met with. She talked a lot and with her thrissur slang and she had an excellent talent in shifting topic to topic.
Being from a rich well to do family she could have been a little reserved,,, but she was least. She spoke to any one she met with and that was the keyhole in building a relation ship. She became my fantasy woman soon and I began to build a relationship but it took a long time, very long - long time , 4 years she took to trust me and that too for a single day with her.
As I said earlier we talked a lot whenever we got chance. No...whenever I got the chance. I was always wondering what picture she has portrayed of mine in her mind. Whenever we talked I looked straight into her eyes, tried to read her mind. But nevertheless she slipped every time from my scrutiny. She was a perfect helpful and nice next to door neighbor. Talks became deep but she kept boundaries and I never tried to violate. I wanted to be in her good books. But I gave her hints of my admiration. I spoke of her character her home keeping talents and some times her dress sense and at last her figure.
Days passed, years passed nothing happened but her trust in me was the result. It was 4 years since we had been neighbors. I changed my ways I began deliberate peep in's when ever we talked. I searched for her cleavage, I looked as if I will hug her and taste her mouth.. I displayed my whole hunger with out any embarrassment. She was disturbed and began retreating to herself. And one day it happened.. I went to her house she was not that comfortable with me. I clutched her fleshy ass (chanthi) from behind when she was in the kitchen. And she slapped me hard on the face...! And if you all think it is the climax. you all are absolutely wrong... It was the beginning! she shouted at me and asked me to get out immediately or else she will yell and gather people.  

I left her and the hatred I saw on her face was unable to describe. I was panicked as any one would be and expected her husbands or relatives hot retaliation. I expected the worse and saw in my dreams slaps on my face. I was prepared for the worse. The next morning I saw Dennis uncle but nothing happened and he smiled at me as he was leaving for the shop. My courage was building up and kathreena chechi- his wife was adding fire on it. I Rang her and tried to talk but she refused. I rang several times till she disconnected the line. I went boldly to her house the next day and said I want to talk. She tried to slam the door but I got in . I said am prepared to face any consequence if some body comes in if she make a showoff there. I revealed my admiration to her. I assured my confidentiality. She spoke nothing but listened. I said I wont do anything without her consent. As it was time for her kids to get back from school I left. But before leaving I hugged her by force and tried to kiss her lips.
She rebelled and the tussle ended in the sofa with me on top of her and she trying to push me off. I got her lips and her mature taste ran through my tongue. I kissed her mouth and tried to open it fully to insert my tongue but was unsuccessful. I kissed her till her resistance became weak and bit her lips in revenge to make a big dot of blood clot on her lower lips.
The school vans horn was heard and I stood up to leave and she was still lying on the sofa with her hair untied and eyes closed in anguish. I was sure that she wont tell this to any body. But I never thought she will succumb to my desire since I came to know her through all these years and all these incidents. Days passed and I began to concentrate on my new job after the PG and I was also trying to pass this matter. Regret was in my mind regarding all these. And I was in the pursuit of searching a job abroad. I had little time to spend at home and kathreena chechi was out of my mind for the time being. It was six months since that incident occurred and I was planning to quit the job since I got a job in Dubai for which I may have to depart in a month. Meetings with kathreena chechi were confined to accidental glances across the compound wall or whenever she walked to the church on Sundays before my house. She exchanged a formal smile and I too was less bothered since my mind was pre- occupied with my relocation to Dubai.
One day I got a surprise call and that familiar voice resounded in my ears, "Aruniney enikku onnu kananannam.Naaley palliyil varamo..?. Instantly I agreed but I had doubts in my mind. Has she revealed it to some one? My heart began to pound with anxiety. On that fateful Sunday I met her in the church she was waiting for me under the olive tree her kids running around the tree. Her daughter Janie yelled on seeing me " mummy arun chettan.." she was a six year old damsel with all her mothers glory and ran to me. "makkalu poyi kalicho.." kathreena chechi said to her and moved towards me. She smiled I smiled back too. " entha oru paribramam, njan aarodum paranjittonnumilla.. Arunum aarodum onnum parayillengil njan veetilekku vilikkam...pakshey orey oru hum njan pattiya divasm varumbol ariyikkam..Arun poyal namukku orupakshey piney orikkalumm..." She stopped she told that she was not at all positive about what she is doing. She said that a battle was going in her mind with our relation and the harsh reality. But she could not over come her wish. She said that only I was in her mind since the day I kissed her and she has never enjoyed sex with her husband with satisfaction since then. We parted for the day and I eagerly waited for the call. It was a Friday and she called me day before that day. Her husband will be off to Mangalore and be back only on Saturday.
Friday morning I saw her making her kids ready for school and sending them to the bus stop. Her hus had already left. My parents were at home so I had to slip away from them by some means. I got ready and left home saying that I will be back only in the morning next day since I had a friends marriage. Getting to her house through proper entrance was risky since any body can see it. So I had a plan the house next to her was vacant and jumped the compound wall with out no body watching and again jumped the compound wall of hers to reach the back side of her house. She had left the kitchen door open so that I could get in. My heart was pounding until I got in and I closed the door.
She was in the kitchen in a dark blue churidhar which clung very much to her fleshy body. She was nervous too and asked if some one had noticed? I assured her and moved to the kitchen . I had never been there and the site of my mistress standing in that homely attire made me pinch myself. She had locked the gate and pulled the curtains before closing and was fully prepared. I moved towards her and hugged her. The feeling of hugging a large matured woman was totally different. I felt as if She was not fully under my captive hands. Her white skinned fleshy arms and forearms replied with a reciprocating tight hug. Her head was just below my chin. And the smell of her hair tied in cup shape above the head was a combined smell of her sweat and pure coconut oil she used. Her arms had two three small burn bruises which showed how much time she spend cooking. Her fingers cupping my face were fleshy and her wedding ring showed the wear and tear of 11 years married life. I had to bend a little to kiss her lips and neck since she was short. Her hair and face were applied with oil since she was about take bath in the morning before I came. Her hair tied up revealed her bare neck with hair curls. Kissing her lips was different this time. She was opening her mouth ful to let me explore her mouths inner taste and saliva. Sound of our teeth rattling and lips slipping in her sweet saliva together with her moans made my cock rock hard. Her taste was delicious and we hugging each other moved to the bed room. She was guiding me to the bedroom where she had slept with her husband for 11 years. I saw the bed neatly made up. she made me sit in the bed. I sat and watched around.
The bedroom was spacious and warm. She locked the bolt and moved to the table. There I saw her family photo with Dennis uncle and kids together with her. She took it and put it in the drawer. Guiltiness flashed on her face for a moment but it lasted little as I opened my pants zip to take my cock outside. Soon she was kneeling on the floor and sucking my cock as I was busy removing the last button of my shirt. The site of her fleshy lips circling my dark brown rod was ravishing. It was as if she was eating a big banana. I was not that hasty in removing her dress. I waited till she was content with the taste and mass of my cock. As she took it from her mouth saliva and my precum which greased the whole lengthy sucking formed as water threads bonding my cock and her lips drooped and flowed along her cheeks. She removed my pants fully and began to remove the top of her churidhar. I saw her fleshy white waist layers and drooping breasts inside the bra. Her curvy waist which was being engulfed with thick layers of flesh around the waste reminded how curvy she might have been in her teens. Her stomach was slightly or some what sagging to her naval which added to her 'Achayathi' beauty. But few stretch marks were there and the deep well like naval was just exotic.
She turned and started to remove her churidhar pants showing her ass oh my goodness.....kathree na chechiyudey chanthi.... The most powerful asset she had , her chanthi was before me in seconds. The site was speechless. ' bhoogolam poley urundu kozhuthu velutha kathreena chechiyudey chanthi' was before me. It seemed as if she ate only to maintain her 'chanthi' in such a enormous shape. Her 'thadichu urunda' thighs were in perfect chemistry with her 'chanthi'. Her red panties was tucked inside her 'chanthiyidukku'. I lost my nerves and saying 'enntey kathreeneychi' I kneeled and hugged her from the back burying my face deep into her anal valley. I tore her panties away and spread her ass cheeks to see her Achayathi anus which was a dark brown star in the white fleshy anal valley. I buried my lips and nose to taste and smell her asshole which was even important for me than her 'yoni'. I rubbed my nose on her asshole and licked it clean .Enjoyed and seduced by her achayathi musky smell I murmured ' kathreeneychi I'am your slave , sex slave'. She gave her asshole to my lips and tongue to adore.
What a moment it was! She was leaning forward and extending her 'chanti' to my face making sure that my mouth and nose is in perfect contact with her asshole. For about 10 minutes I licked and ate her asshole till my tongue and nose were tired licking and sniffing. The mirror on the cupboard reflected our position...what a position it was kathreeneychi leaning forward extending her 'Achayathi chanthi' and I kneeling down sniffing her asshole. Her anal valley was drenched with my saliva and my mouth and nose were also shining by her anal valleys moisture. I sat on the bed relishing the taste and smell of her anus while she was preparing for the vaginal assault. She lied on the bed spreading her white fleshy thighs and I could see her bushy yoni which was almost watery with her cunt juices. Her 'yoni' was really like a 'neyyappam' with a long cut in the center and very dark brown in color. Her clitoris and cunt lips were smashed and curled out of 11 years married life. My mouth watered for the next feast and I buried my head between her white fleshy thighs. Eating her 'yoni' was like eating a half cut water melon. I sucked her butter from her tasty 'neyyappam'. I bit her cunt lips and pulled it further as if its expansion is not enough. I tickled her clitoris with my lips. I measured her cunt depth with my tongue and licked it full like a dog. I raised my eyes to see her facial _expression.
She was in heaven with her eyes tightly shut and her lips were held in such a fashion that she was in pain. She pressed my head deeper inside her thighs as if she wanted my head inside her cunt. My erection was making me impatient and took my head out side her thighs and instantly moved between her thighs to guide my cock into her cunt which was delivering honey out of licking and sucking. Entering a woman who has delivered two kids was a real experience. How relaxed and loose her cunt was I knew only after my marriage when I fucked my virgin wife. Kathreenechi's 'yoni' was really large and relaxed and she tried her best to cup my cock with her elastic cunt lips. We were in the missionary position with me on the top and I stroked her slowly extending my cock to all dimensions of her 'yoni'. Fucking a woman for the first time I had my own inexperience and difficulties but she guided me all the way. The main problem was my cock getting out of her when I tried to fuck her hard. And in that missionary position I climaxed with in five minutes. But my erection was still on and I hugged her in that missionary position kissing her mouth with my cock still in her yoni. I started once more and this time it was better and I climaxed taking much more time. Still she was only half way on her orgasm. Fucking fleshy 'achayathi' kathreena chechi was really tiresome. She finally climaxed when i did deep fingering. Both of us fell on the bed and relaxed for a while. She went to the bath room and I could see her peeing out of relaxation.
While she was in the bathroom I was thinking of the porn films I had seen. Sex was much different from what I thought. The rest of the day we fucked several times in many positions which were practicable. But the most I liked was the doggy style she kneeling down before me and I shoving from behind. That position gave me her body actions and view and I could see her chanthi swaying and moving as I fucked her. I beated her chanthi red while I fucked her hard and we had anal sex for once. That was really pain ful for her and more enjoyable to me. We fucked six times till 3oclock in the evening till her kids came back from school. She made me go to a room in upstairs and locked the door from outside. I slept for along time and once a while she came to upstairs while her children were studying. At nine she came to the room with food and we ate together. She made her kids sleep early and locked the room from outside. Once again she made bed for me and we fucked 2 times that night. Sex was too much that day and both of us were tired. Mean while we had talked all the day and she opened her mind to an extend and avoided talking about her husband and family. She sensed guiltiness whenever I asked how he fucked her. She only said now they were not frequent in sex and business and family matters ruled their heads. On my frequent questioning whether somebody else had fucked her she kept silent. But it was 6 years back later that night she told me but never told who it was or what he is.
The only hint she gave was he was from their joint family itself and is as much twice her age. After our fuck sessions that night i spend most of the time doing oral sex for her and licking her chanthi. she teased me for my craze towards her 'achayathi chanthi'. Before morning break I left her house and from that day she never showed any interest on me more than that to a good neighbor. The incident disturbed my mind & I wanted her again but she neglected me like any thing. One month from that incident I was forced to re locate to Dubai for my job and there too I didn't get peace of mind for some months since our sexual relation has bloomed love for her in my mind. I always thought of marrying her which was the wildest dream to happen. All my emotional problems were out of the fact that she was the first woman in my life and I began to realize the harsh reality that she was the property of another man and my infatuations has no place in real life. I began to concentrate on my work and 2 years has passed since that DAY. I am now happily married and I saw kathreena chechi when I was on leave for my marriage and we behaved liked perfect neighbors. She was even more fatter and Not even a speck of that day's emotion was on her face and looks. Now I realize the importance and peace of mind living cofined to a single woman though kathreena chechi always comes in my 'kuliru korunna' dreams every night !!!
Nishkalanga kamam (Innocent Love)
Manoj T
I am going to reveal the most sexciting first experience of my life, which I never shared with any one before. I am 25 years. The story, which I am going to tell you, was few years before (plzz ignore the mistakes made by me during the narration)
I had my first sex at my teens. I was living in a village at that age I had one senior friend and her name was Sheena. She was my neighbour and also my local guardian during holidays We were nice friends She was a pretty nice girl with cute innocent face and had a nice body structure which attracted every men irrespective of their ages. Her complexion was wheatish and had a slim figure with normal assets. She was doing her PDC when I was schooling. One day when I was playing alone in our surroundings I saw an interesting scene A dog was fucking another one I was seeing that for the 1st time When I was watching that some one touched my shoulder that was Sheena she asked, "Enthuvada nee kanunnathu?" (what are u seeing) I told her a lie I said "Naykkal thammil kadipidi" (the fighting between the dogs) "Oho athu kadipidiyaanalle!!!? " ( oho was it a fight???!!!! ) she asked
I said "athe aa karutha naya jayichu" (ya the black one won the fight) I said
Vada veettil pokam (comon we will go home) we two went to our home
That day evening we both went to the near bye temple in the evening she was wearing a blue skirt and blouse That was a nice evening in my life We both went to the temple
Every one at temple watched sheena chechi On the way to our home THERE WAS A RUBBER estate thru which we had to GO even at 12 noon its dark over there we chatted a lot meanwhile She asked "Enthayirunneda aa naykkal cheythathu" (what were the dogs doing???) I answered fighting Eda Mandoose avar vere paripadi cheyyuvaayirunnu (U fool They were doing another thing.) "vere paripaadiyo?" (Another thing!!!!?) she said avar valare rasakaramaya oru pani cheyyuvaayirunnu (they were doing another thing thru which they can enjoy a lot) How? I asked "Come on" (Nee vaa) she said "Jnanoru kaaryam paranjaal kuttan athu aarodenkilum parayumo?"(I will tell u one thing, will u say it to any body?) I said NO "Sathyam ??"(Promise) "athe sathyam" (Yes Promise) I said she then looked around No one was there she said "Avar oru kali kalikkuvaayirunnu nammal manushyarum athu pole cheyyum monoonu ariyumo?" (They were playing a game, we Human beings also play like that, do u know?) " Illa" ( No) I said "Ithu upayogichu" (USING this) saying that she caught on my penis Ayye enthaa ithu chechee (hey wat r u doing) I asked Plzzz vidoo (leave it plzz) Bahalam vaykkatheda korangaa (shut up u monkey) then she began to caress it with my trousers "Checheede ponnalle aarodum parayalle da kutta ( You are my dear plz don't say this to any one) It became hard
She asked " Moonoo, ithenthinanennu ariyyo ninakku?" (do u know for wat this is used). I answered Moothramozhikkan (To Piss) Enkil pinnentha jnangal pennungalkkillathath u jnangalum pedukkarundallo (Then why we girls dont have this? we also do piss, no?)
Nee nokkikke (U look) Saying this she brought my hands to her crotch, " Jnangalkku oru vidavu mathramalle ulloo?" (we only have a hole there) monu thodano checheedathil (u want to feel mine?)
hmmmm venam (Yes I want) She took my hands through the slit of her skirt I could feel her shaddy (Panties) she was shivering then, her breath was short and hot she was panting high She guided my hands inside her shaddy I felt some hairs there and also a hot wet hole " mathiyeda kalla" (Ok enough u naughty) saying this she took back my hands and placed a kiss on my cheek
and then ran to her home
That night I was not able to sleep properly. My mind was full of "The rubber estate incident" I had heard that there is a type of relationship between men and women . Once I happened to see Geetha chechi( Sheena cheechi's elder sister) and her husband Ravi chettan doing that wen I went there home. They two were in the bedroom geetha chechi and ravi chettan were half nude kissing each other I saw it through the window, which was partially open I ran back to my home. That day my tool was very hard and I couldn't recognize why it was hard.
Why sheena chechi behaved like that ? I knew that she liked me very much. It was my usual practice to go with her wen she come back from her college. She didn't mind me at all while changing her dress Once she was changing to nighty from churidaar she asked me to scratch her back because she was itching there she was in churidaar bottom and bra then I noticed that she had hairs on her armpits then she asked " Enthuvaada nokkunnathu" entha palu venam ennu thonnunnundo? (wat are u looking for ? Do u want my milk?) pointing her breast towards my face she asked. She had big breasts and often she buried my face in between those mounts. Another day I saw sheena chechi naked . One day I saw sheena chechi coming bak from college I was helping Gomathy aunty (sheena chechees mom) I ran to sheena chechees room to make her fool and stayed behind the dress stand She came in and closed the door threw her shawl to the bed and with a humming song of a latest malayalam film she undid the hooks of her salwar then the knot of her bottom then her white bra and then her pink shaddy. She then stood before the dressing mirror enjoyed the naked beauty herself. She moved her hands to her beautiful breasts and then moved to her crotch. She had " romam" (hairs) over there. She then went inside the bathroom. And I ran out. That day also I dreamt her laying nude besides me and I was playing with her pubic hairs. And now the dream came true.
Next day I didn't see her I was feeling very shy about Yesterdays incident.
But why sheena chechi behaved so? I went there she was in the upstairs reading some thing seriously " Vaada korangaa" (Come in u monkey) "Entha ninnu kalanjathu" (Why u stayed there) "Amma poyoda kadayil" (did mom go to shop). Her father had a provisional store Gomathy aunty usually go to the shop in the afternoon with lunch for Manoharan Uncle. I said " Yes" "Nee vaa jnanoru koottam kanikkam" ( I will show u one thing) " What?" I asked "Vaada" (Come on) "Nee ithu kando ? Enthanennu ariyaamo?" (Do u see this? Do u know wat is this?) I knew it was a NIRODH's pack still I said " Ariyilla" (No) Geethecheede muriyil ninnu kittiyatha (I got it from geetha chechi's room) " avar upayogichatha" (They used it) she showed me the back side of the cover There was a pictorial representation of "How to use" " Kandoda ithu ittaal pedikkenda" (see this it is safe ) "Mon matte karyam aarodenkilum paranjo?" (Did u say that incident to anybody) " Illa" I said "Monoo chechikku kanichu tharuvo montathu"? (Will u show me yours?) "Po chechee" (U naughty) " Jnanum kanikkam" (I will also show u) OK I said first u. Agreed she said . Chechi parayana pole cheythu tharuvo mon (Will u do wat I say) I said yes "Ennal vaa ente kutta chechiye kettippidikku" (Come on hug me tight) She hugged me tight I could feel her hot flesh on my chest It was hard and soft also and also too hot She kissed me all over my face especially cheeks and Lips "Chappi kudikkeda ponne" (Suck it my dear) I began t o suck her lips She placed her hands on the soft mounts " Jnerikkeda kutta chechikku vayya" (Press it hard my dear I cant control myself)she began to caress my junior It was hard she was trying to take it out. "Ithu kollalloda" (Its fine da) she lifted her T-Shirt and she had nothing inside the T-Shirt "Chappeda mone nannayi" (Suck it well) I began to suck that She was pushing her breast to my mouth almost 3/4th of her breast was inside my mouth now. She guided my hands to her other breast I began to squeeze that alsoshe took her T shirt off then asked me to lay on the bed. She kissed me from tip to toe and gave a small bite on my penis. And took it inside her mouth and gave a good suck. Then lifted her mouth from it wen I said"Chechee enikkentho pole thonnunnu. (I feel some thing chechee) she then asked me to kiss her all over. I began to kiss on her belly navel and she began to push my head towards her pussy I kissed her milky fleshy thighs and forwarded to her crotch but I hesitated to kiss there. "Plz da chakkarakutta onnu umma vaykkeda" (Plz kiss there my dear) I said " checheedathinu moothrathinte manam: (It smells urine) "Ok da Jnan kazhukiyittu varam" (I will clean it and come back) she went to Bathroom and came back. She removed her shaddy by then. She took my penis and began to rub in her juicy wet lower lips And asked me to lick her pussy. I began to do her that. She was moaning. "Ente kutta angine............ha i..... nee ente muthalleda ....... Enne kolleda haiiii......" (My dear like that.........hai.... ..... u r my sweet ........ kill me da....)she was caressing my tool also. It was too hard then she asked me to put it inside. But it was too tight. She was also afraid then "Vendada valla kuzhappavum aayalo" (we will stop If some thing happen then...) she again sat squatted on my face asked me to lick . I was holding her water melon sized butts fleshy and soft like butter. I licked and at the same time squeezed her buttocks. She tightened her thighs and a shiver ran along her body and she got up from my face Then she began to play with my penis. She began to move the fore skin of my penis very fast atlast I was about to cumm. The first orgasm in my life I said " Nirthu chechee enikku kannu kanunnilla" (stop chechee I cannot see any thing) she didn't stop atlast I cummed in her hand and she kissed me hugging very tight
And there are more experiences for me and I am also ready to share with u girls and ladies plzz contact me on my mail address Expecting girls and ladies from Kerala who knows Malayalam well (preferred). . Secrecy is guaranteed.

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