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Landlord’s Sexy Daughter  

Hi friends,  

Few years ago, I lived in a rented house having two small rooms. It was a
portion on the first floor and the rest of the rooms there as well as the ground
floor were occupied by the landlord. The landlord had a hardware business about
15 KM away. He lived in the house with his wife, a noble lady, and an only
daughter aged about 24 years. Debolina, the daughter (not her real name) was an
inquisitive chatterbox. She used to come to my room in the evening hours to
learn and play chess with me. Initially the parents stopped her going to a
bachelor’s place but since over the months they had developed affection for me
built over trust, faith and confidence, they did not mind her coming to me. She
was not a brilliant student in her school/college days and she had just managed
to pass graduation with minimum marks. Naturally, the parents were considering
marry her off and they were looking for a suitable match for some time. They
succeeded in their search finding a handsome son of another
business man. The engagement was to be done after two weeks and the marriage to
be solemnized a couple of months later.  

Here, I would mention a little of my association with Debolina. She was of
average height but heavily built. She was cute but not very beautiful. I did not
have any sins in my mind nor did I ever fantasize about her. The only time she
came to me was for learning and playing chess. Though I was not an expert player
myself, but to teach her of the intelligent moves of chess was a pain in the
neck. The only thing I did not like about her was her dress sense. She wore knee
level minis and deep- low neck tops revealing her fat legs as well as her deep
cleavage. Worse, while playing chess, she folded one leg and kept it on the
thigh of the other, giving scope to show off her inner thighs and panties. Many
times, while thinking about a move in chess, she bent forward, elbows on the
table, resting her head on her palms revealing the deep cleavage and halves of
both her full- blossom breasts. Worse again, she was well aware of her posture
but did not bother to sit properly even on my telling.
Once, on such an occasion she argued that I should not mind how she sat. As I
lost my temper and was about to throw away the chess board, she winked at me and
requested me to keep my cool. I was determined not to nibble at the bait she
dangled under my nose but she had equally decided not to give up. To speak the
truth, my aim was not to get tempted by anything to commit a sin which would
break my trustworthiness with her parents.  

Once, as we laid the chess board and pieces for playing, she said she did not
feel like playing that evening but asked me to teach her on some other subject.
I got a jolt when she wanted me to teach her about sex. As I protested telling a
lie that I have little knowledge in it, she pointed out several scientific books
on marriage and sex on my shelf. I told her to take some books for her reading
to help herself but she insisted me to explain to her as she was poor in English
language. She added as her engagement and marriage was going to be held soon, I
would be doing an injustice if I declined to educate her. So, finally, spread
over two hours, I gave her the elementary knowledge on sex. She showed more
curiosity to know about the lovemaking than to know about human anatomy. I
taught her everything like a master to a student controlling my rising temper.
On her asking, while I described about masturbation, without my asking she said
she had practiced it by inserting her middle
finger into her pussy. I did not answer when she wondered how such a large
penis of a man would go fully inside the vagina of a girl while fucking! When
she went back, I was relieved and I thought it was the last of it, but I was

Around 9.00 in the night a few days later, she came to my room. Her parents had
gone for shopping in the city for some items for the marriage ceremony and would
be back late in the night. She was pressing her stomach with both of her hands.
When I enquired, she told she was having some heavy pain there. She stopped me
as I decided to call for a doctor. She lay on my bed, still holding her hands to
her stomach as if in excruciating pain. She said she would be fine if I helped
her by massaging her stomach for some time.  

As I reached my hands, she raised her top revealing her bare stomach. I started
massaging her nude stomach. She said she felt the pain a little above her
stomach. I moved my hands up a further. Now, she said the pain was still a
little above and she pointed near her left breast. I wondered for a minute if
she was conning me or if she actually had some pain in her heart. While I was
still in my thought, she raised her top further, revealing her both breasts with
the bras on. Now I knew for sure she did not have any pain but had other things
in mind. The burning desire and lust in her eyes could not go unnoticed.  

I sat on the bed by her side, keeping my left hand on the bed for my body
support and placed the right hand on her left breast near the heart. Suddenly
she heaved and released a soft moan. In the same action, she kicked my
supporting hand on the bed sending my face falling on her breasts. Immediately
she held my head with her hands tightly pressed to her bosom. As I looked at
her, she winked at me and asked how about giving her a practical demonstration
of what I had taught her about lovemaking a few days ago. My arguments and
advices about the need of morality, decency and ethics found no way inside her
ears. Instead she pulled my head close to her and planted a hot kiss on my lips.
As I opened my mouth to protest, she made me speechless by inserting her tongue
into my mouth and searching inside. She rolled me to mount on her body and kept
my hands on her large breasts. It was at this time, the thin thread of my own
morality got broken. My temper cooled down the way a red- hot iron
rod was plunged into ice-cold water. My angry look faded as quickly as a
lightening would last. After all, I was a human being made of flesh, bone and
blood and the desire for sex was a basic instinct in me too.  

As I smiled at her, she said now I behaved like a good boy. She quickly removed
her top and skirt. The black bras did no justice to her big breasts to hold
them. They seemed suffocating inside eager to be freed. As I went to remove
them, she unhooked it herself. Oh, what a revelation it made! As I reached to
cup them, I found the size of my palms was not enough to hold them fully. I
thought her breasts were being squeezed for the first time as they were very
hard. While I squeezed them a little hard, she moaned softly. Then I moved to
suck them. But she got up and wanted to feed me the way a mother milks her baby.
She made me lay on her folded lap, took my head close to her breast and inserted
its nipple into my mouth holding her breasts with her fingers. I found her
nipple was soft and not erect. As I sucked, it slowly became hard and erect. She
observed my sucking curiously, yet sometimes she closed her eyes moaning softly
in pleasure. After a few minutes, she thrust her other
breast into my mouth for sucking.  

Next, she removed her black panty. As I eyed at her large pussy and fat thighs
and legs, she winked at me. Her legs looked like big tree-trunks and I thought I
would be crushed under if even one leg was placed on my body. Though she looked
a little fat with her clothes on, I could not imagine she would be such buxom in

She got up from my bed, came and sat on a chair leisurely in a curved sinking
way keeping her buttock at the edge of the seat. I sat on the floor in front of
her. I separated her legs and thighs and observed her pussy. I thought her
would-be husband would have a tough time to satisfy her as it occurred to me a
big wrestler would be an ideal match for her. She interrupted my thought by
jerking my head to place on her pussy. As I mouthed her pussy, she started
releasing soft moans. She separated her pussy with her fingers for my benefit of
licking and sucking. In utmost pleasure, she held my head firmly with her thighs
causing me suffocation.  

From the body twisting and head- swaying she exhibited, I thought she would
climax with mere sucking of her pussy. But she did not, with my sucking
continued for over ten minutes. As I had difficulty in forcing my tongue into
her pussy, she inserted two fingers into it stretching her pussy wall wide and
asked me to shoot my tongue along with her fingers into her hole. The burning
lust had made her mad so much so that she occasionally inserted her finger into
her vagina and took it out to insert it into my mouth for licking her oily

A few minutes later, she became aware that I was still with my clothes on when
she was fully nude. Then she stood up and removed my clothes. She looked at my
now hot erect cock for a long minute with wide eyes. Though my cock was of
average size, she wondered how it would go inside her. I smiled with my own
thought that even a gigantic cock would be insufficient for her pussy.  

She made me change place. I sat on the chair while she sat on the floor. She
held my cock with one of her hands and thrust its head inside her mouth. While
she sucked it, she played with my balls (testicles) with her other hand. It was
my turn to moan softly with pleasure as her sucking became hard and intense. I
wondered if she wanted to take out all the parts inside my body to her mouth
through the cock. Both of us were enjoying very much.  

As her sucking continued for more than five minutes, I could not withhold any
longer and I pumped out my thick, warm milk into her mouth. She recoiled
immediately taking my cock out of her mouth as the milk splashed on to her face
and breasts. As she stared at the drops frowningly, I knew she forgot my
teachings to her a few days earlier. I refreshed her memory and knowledge
telling how a man could produce milk which is in fact, seminal fluid. She
regretted for wasting my milk but soon took my cock again into her mouth. She
sucked and swallowed whatever fluid was left in my cock.  

Next, she wanted the fucking soon as we might not get much time before her
parents returned. It was at this time I realized my mistake as I had left her
still hot. I was determined not to deflower and spoil her virginity as otherwise
I would possibly be doing a sin. She protested vehemently when I said so.
Initially she thought I was kidding and looked like a child from whose hand an
ice-cream bar had been hit away when he was about to eat it eagerly. As she knew
I was serious, she became a little furious and insisted me to fuck her soon.
Though I was aware but I was amazed to see in reality that a seduced and hot
girl/woman not getting the real thing might look as dangerous as a cobra hit on
its hood with a stick.  

Without waiting for my answer, she lay on the bed, on her back, spreading her
legs and thighs. Rather than an asking, she ordered me to do it to her pronto.
It suddenly occurred to me that if I declined, she might scream at the top of
her voice causing trouble. I knew it was for my safety that I walked towards her
like a lamb to the slaughter. I was afraid if I tried to thrust my cock into her
vagina to penetrate, it may cause the hymen to break and bleed.  

She found my cock withdrawn and sagging after the first ejaculation, she allowed
me to rest for sometime. Later, she took my penis into her mouth and started
sucking it softly obviously to erect it again. It was at this time I became
aware that she made me a fool. I wondered how come she knew these art and
technique I had not taught her unless she knew and experienced them beforehand!
It was my turn to threaten and order her to spill the beans. Like a tutored
parrot, she said she had sex two times, about two years back, with a male
servant younger to her age and later she got him removed by her father on some
ground so that he did not cause any trouble afterwards. Suddenly my qualm and
compunction evaporated like a line drawn on water.  

I placed myself between her thighs, put the head of my cock on her pussy hole
and started making thrusts. Then I began to increase the force of my thrusts. I
knew it was paining her as my cock found its way inside her inch by inch. Yeah,
her pussy was tight, alright. Once fully inside, I lay on her body, length to
length and my legs on hers. I kept her hands fully stretched at 90 degree angle
to her body while I placed my hands on hers clasping her palms with mine. It
would have given an illusion to an onlooker that it was one body and not two
lying on the bed. As I started fucking her vigorously, she moaned and made wild
shrills. To arrest these sounds, I covered her mouth with mine and kissing her
hard. Slowly I became aware of my getting increased pleasure of fucking a buxom
girl. While I fucked her rapidly I felt as if lying on another thick rubber
mattress on the bed.  

At this stage she wanted to see with her own eyes how my cock went fully inside
her in quick succession. I did not have a big mirror in my room. So, the only
way possible was to take another posture for fucking. I did not suggest her to
sit on my body and do the fucking so that she can see for herself how my cock
went inside her, as I feared I would nearly die crushing under her weight. So, I
made her sit on the edge of the bed keeping her right leg hanging. Standing
myself on the floor in front of her, I caught her left leg and slowly raised it
separating her thighs. She kept her back supported by the side-railing of the
bed for balance. As I could not raise her left leg enough due to her feeling
pain, I asked her to separate her vagina with her fingers. As she did so, I
slowly inserted my cock inside her. With a few pull and push, it went almost
fully inside.  

Now I started making vigorous thrusts sending my cock inside her and taking out
in rapid succession. She watched the process and seemed to enjoy immensely. It
did not take much time for her to reach climax as after about four minutes or
so, she made a loud moan, swayed her head sideways and suddenly went motionless.
I thought for a minute if I should pump my milk into her. As her marriage was
settled for soon, I found no trouble in doing so. Within another couple of
minutes, I too climaxed pumping my entire milk into her tunnel. As she was in an
almost sitting position with a slight slant, my milk oozed out of her vagina.  

But soon a second thought came into my mind. I considered why I should risk her
peaceful married life if she became pregnant and delivered a baby earlier than
the required time. I took her to my bathroom and gave a douche with spray of
water directly into her vagina cleaning all my cum.  

She went collapsed on to the bed like a fallen tree-trunk cut at its bottom. I
allowed her to remain in her slumber for a few minutes. I had difficulty to wake
her up and dress. She left to her house downstairs thanking me for the wonderful
lovemaking. She planted a hot kiss on my lips. Thankfully, that was the last she
came to my place.

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