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I had always thought highly of my brother, Sanju. We were best friends all through our childhood. He became very protective of me, which bothered me a little, but I thought it was a very sweet gesture. He was interested in what I did, where I went, whom I liked and whom I dated. Once he found me nude fingering myself when he came into my room unannounced. I was on the peak of the pleasure and totally nude lying on my bed like Venus. Me and he, both were shocked and he left the room. Then he started avoiding me and started spending most of his time in his room or outside. Six months later, I moved out of the house and began my post graduation in other city. Usually I call my dear brother every week, and sometimes come home to surprise him. One such day, I returned to my hostel in the campus after a cancelled class, and realized that I had absolutely nothing to do. I almost stayed and studied, but it being a Friday, I decided to take a road trip home. As we are quite rich we all have personal cars at our disposal. So I decided to go by car which normally I don’t take while going back home. I drove around for three hours to my parents’ house, and pulled into the driveway. I was disappointed to see my parents' car gone, but Sanju' was still parked there. “Oh well,” I said to myself, and ran to the front door. The door was locked as usual. So I opened the door using the key I have, hoping to catch my brother by surprise, but it was not to be. The television was off, and Sanju was nowhere to be seen. The house was quiet, and I thought for a second that maybe he went to a friend’s house. I proceeded down the hallway to his room, and stood for a second to listen at his door. I didn't hear anything so I opened the door. There on the bed was my sweet brother, Sanju, cock in hand and head flown back in ecstasy. I was shocked, and a little disturbed seeing my sweet little brother like this. But unexpectedly, I became aroused at the sight of him stroking his hot meat, sweat pouring off him, moaning and groaning with pleasure. I let out a soft, inaudible moan. Well, I thought it was silent, but Sanju sat up in his bed so fast, I thought he might have hurt himself. The papers he was holding in his other hand scattered across the bed, face down. I raised my shoulders in a shrug and said, “ Surprise?” He snatched up his bed covers and wrapped them around his waist, looking embarrassed. Sanju headed for the bathroom door, avoiding eye contact with me. I said on his way out, “Sorry Sanju, I'm really sorry.” But I wasn't. And I'm sure that he knew it. Sanju slammed the bathroom door in the distance, so I knew I was safe for a few minutes. I looked back to the bed and eyed the scattered reading material there on. I got curious, really curious and took a step forward. Looking back toward the door, I felt it was safe to take a quick peek at what Sanju was reading that was so hot. I lifted the first page, and noticed, by surprise, that the story was about brother-sister incest. I began reading, amazed that my sweet little brother was into this stuff. But then again, he didn't look so innocent with his rock hard cock in his hand. I giggled, and read on. After a few minutes, I became aroused. I noticed that I was substituting the brother, Brad, in the story, for the name Sanju, and the sister, Georgetta, for my own name, Shefali. I sighed, surprised at my imagination, and also at my horniness for my baby brother. I looked down to the pages, to grab another. The first I picked up must have uncovered the picture that now was in full view. I raised my hand to my throat as I looked at a picture of myself, which was taken when we had gone to Miami two years back, by the Great Miami beach with a yellow and green string bikini. I was horrified but very turned on at the same time. I could feel my clit pulsating in my jeans, and there was a definite wetness in my panties. In the bathroom, I heard the shower running, a cold shower I'd bet. And I decided to make light of the situation and give my brother a real life fantasy. I locked the door of his room, raised my shirt over my head, and removed the bra exposing my breasts. My hand searched for the button on my tight jeans and they came off in a flash. My panties were soaked with my sweet juices. I peeled those down my legs and tossed them on the bed also. I ran towards the door, in shear excitement, and paused there with my hand on the doorknob. I thought to myself, “Please, don't let him turn me down.” I opened the conveniently unlocked door and glanced through to the frosted glass of the shower. Sanju was still stroking his hard cock feverishly. I could tell he was completely engrossed in his thoughts. This was a good thing, and I decided to take him by surprise yet again. I walked cautiously to the curtain of the shower and stood for a moment, getting hotter and hotter by the second. I looked down and saw the wetness of my pussy slowly running down my legs. I had to get at that throbbing cock!!! I opened the curtain quickly, and Sanju looked towards me with glazed eyes. I was puzzled that he wasn't surprised, but snatched my up in his arms and kissed me passionately. I ground my pussy into his hard cock and he moaned and whispered in my ear, “Ever since I saw you fingering , I've wanted your pussy all the time .” And with that, I kissed down my dear brother's neck. The water pelted us, but the sting was good. I could still feel his bulging cock against my pussy, and decided I wanted a taste of it. My mouth lingered on his chest. I looked up into his eyes that were staring right back into mine. Sanju whispered, “ Suck my cock, Shefali. Suck it and make my fantasies come true. I obliged and took his hard dick in my mouth. He sighed, and moaned, “Yes, sis, yes,” as I twirled my tongue around his cock head. I could taste the salty pre-cum on his head, my mind reeling at the thought of what we were doing. I deep-throated my brother, and his cock quickened, signifying that he was about to shoot his load. I stopped and said seductively, “I wanna taste your cum, Sanju. Give it to me little brother.” I took his cock full in my mouth and swallowed the whole shaft to his balls, which were in my cupped hand. More jerking of his cock as he moaned in ecstasy, “Yes, Shefali, suck it, suck it, swallow my cum.” With that he came, and I swallowed as much as I could. The leftovers ran down the sides of my mouth and chin, to fall on the floor of the shower and solidify. I continued sucking my little brother's dick as he leaned against the wall of the shower, basking in the afterglow. He looked down into my eyes and said, “ I want more.” I stood up, his cock still in my hand, spent but semi-hard, and kissed him full on the lips. I pulled away and muttered, “Let's go.” I took Sanju' hand and we stepped out of the shower, not bothering to grab towels. We walked quickly out of the bathroom , to drop to the bed, and spread my legs for him. He stood frozen by the sight of my wet body and my open pussy lips waiting for him. I saw his cock harden, and I licked my lips. My brother looked at me with anticipation and said, “God, I wanna eat that sweet pussy of yours.” I teased him, and touched the lips of my wet pussy lightly. My finger brushed my clit and I asked, “ This pussy? You want to eat your big sister's pussy?” I brought my finger to my lips and put it in my mouth, seductively, tasting my own sweet nectar. With that, he hopped on the bed with me, brushing aside the scattered incest stories and the picture of me.” I saw the picture of me, and I browsed through the stories you were reading. I drew my own conclusions, and decided to act on them,” I said. “Oh, Shefali, I'm so glad you did,” he answered. His head lowered to the inside of my thigh, where he planted a sweet kiss. My clit was swollen and needed sucked badly. I told him so, but he insisted on making me wait. He blew hot air on my pussy, and I thought I would cum right then. But he stopped just in time, and continued with his kissing. He worked his mouth all over my body. He sucked on my stomach and then took a nipple in his hot mouth. I could take no more of this teasing and told him so. He answered with a light kiss on my clit. Shivers of delight ran their course through my body. My little brother flicked his tongue back and forth on my clit, until I came. There was a renewed wetness as I came, and Sanju noticed. He licked the cum out of my pussy hole until I was hot for his hard cock to be in there. “Fuck me little brother, please fuck my pussy,” I said. He raised himself to kneeling and took his hard cock in his hand, giving it a few strokes in anticipation. He fell atop me and caught himself with his hand. He gave me a loving kiss, and said, “I love you, sis.” He dipped the tip of his cock in my hole and I thought I would scream. Slowly, he worked his hot cock into my wet pussy. I bit my lip when he pushed it to the hilt. I told him how much I loved his cock inside my pussy, and he answered with a pounding pace. He slammed into me, again and again until both of us were moaning and wanting to cum badly. He fucked me harder, when I asked him to. His cock was so thick, it nearly split me open, but it was all good. I raised my hips to meet him, again and again, as he pushed harder and harder. I told him I would cum soon, and he agreed that he would too. My brother expressed his wish to fuck me doggy-style, and I rolled him off of me and stuck my ass in the air. He inserted his hot, hard cock in to my tight pussy, and kept up the pace. “Cum on my ass, Sanju. I want to feel your hot, sticky cum on my ass.” He thrusted harder into my pussy and I came with the force of a freight train. My pussy contracted on his cock, and that was all he needed. He pulled out and shot his load on my ass, stroking his dick with fervor. We collapsed on the bed and held each other for a long time, expressing our wishes to do it again sometime.  

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